Shaanxi College of Communication Technology

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology

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Introduction to Shaanxi College of Communication Technology

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology (陕西交通职业技术学院, website) is a public higher vocational college hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. It aims to train high-quality transportation and technical talents, and is a national training base for technically indispensable technical and technical talents. The cradle of talent. ”

The college was formerly a training course for cadres of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government’s Communications Department, which was established in 1952. It was renamed Shaanxi Communications School in 1956. In 2001, it was upgraded to a higher vocational college and named Shaanxi Communications Vocational and Technical College. To the Provincial Department of Education management, implement the joint construction mechanism of the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Transportation. Since its establishment 68 years ago, the school has adhered to the school motto of “Morality and cultivation, blending talents, uniting knowledge and action, and access to the world”, and adhered to the school management strategy of “rule by law, quality school, talent development, and strong school”. Dedicated to work, pursuit of excellence, rigorous and responsible, striving for first-class “Shanxi Jiaotongyuan Spirit”, cultivated the “paving stone spirit” of hard work, dedicated work, silent dedication, and strong innovation, and cumulatively cultivated transportation technology skills More than 70,000 talents.

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology is located in the ancient capital of Xi’an, one of the world’s four major historical and cultural cities. It currently has three campuses of Wenjing, Ziqiang and Taibai. The construction of a new campus covering 1,000 acres is underway. At present, the school has a total construction area of 476,100 square meters and a total asset value of 1,224 million yuan. The library has more than 700,000 printed books and 250,000 electronic books. The Wenjing Campus was put into operation in 2000 and is currently the main campus of the school; Ziqiang Campus has more than 60 years of school history and is currently mainly responsible for tasks such as education and management; Taibai Campus was opened in 2009 and is currently mainly responsible for student training and teaching task.

The college now has the School of Highway and Railway Engineering, the School of Architecture and Surveying Engineering, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Rail Transit, the School of Transportation Information, the College of Continuing Education and International Exchange, the Department of Basic Disciplines, the Ministry of Ideology, and the Ministry of Sports There are 10 teaching units with 39 full-time vocational majors and 21 adult education majors. Among the full-time majors, there are 3 national key majors, 1 demonstrative major of the Ministry of Education, 11 major provincial majors, 6 pilot provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, and 8 “first-class majors” in Shaanxi Province. As a “first-class college, first-class professional” construction unit in Shaanxi Province and an excellent model college in Shaanxi Province, the school currently has three national productive training bases, one school-enterprise collaborative technology innovation center, and central financial support for the construction of training bases3 , 5 provincial training bases, 1 provincial off-campus practice teaching base, 3 virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 125 experimental training rooms, and 183 off-campus training bases. The school is a pilot institution for the diagnosis and improvement of teaching work in higher vocational colleges across the country, and the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units of the Ministry of Education, and has taken the lead to pass the review and acceptance by the Ministry of Education.

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology currently has 449 full-time teachers, 47 senior professional titles (including 3 third-level professors), 182 associate senior professional titles, 20 PhDs, and 340 masters. The proportion of “double teachers” in key majors is 100%. Now has one national teaching team, five provincial teaching teams, 10 provincial and ministerial teaching teachers. In the past five years, faculty members have presided over and undertaken 30 provincial and ministerial-level projects, 123 municipal-level projects, 4 horizontal projects, and 208 school-level projects. Preside over 1 national professional teaching resource bank, participate in the construction of 5 national professional teaching resource banks, 8 national and provincial excellent courses, and 5 national planning teaching materials. He has won 2 National Teaching Achievement Awards, 3 Special Teaching Achievement Awards, 3 First Prizes, and 6 Second Prizes. Teachers won 2 special prizes, 4 first prizes, 3 second prizes, and 3 third prizes in national teaching competitions and other activities, and won 8 first prizes and 2 second prizes in provincial teaching competitions and other activities. 18 prizes and 32 third prizes.

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology currently has 13,586 full-time students (including international students) and 1,382 continuing and distance education students. In the past five years, students participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and won 20 national first prizes, etc., participated in the Industry Skills Competition and won 42 national first prizes, and participated in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won 8 national first prizes. The school enrolls students in 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) nationwide. It is the vice chairman unit of China Communications Vocational Education Group and the chairman unit of Shaanxi Transportation Logistics Vocational Education Group. It has 362 close school-enterprise cooperation units and has a continuous employment rate of graduates. It has maintained above 97% for many years. It is an advanced collective for employment of college graduates in Shaanxi Province, and a model employment and entrepreneurship guidance service institution for graduates of Shaanxi Province.

The college’s social service ability ranks among the top in the province’s higher vocational colleges. It now has Shaanxi Transportation Training Center, Shaanxi Shuntong Highway Supervision Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Road and Bridge Survey and Design Institute, Shaanxi Jiaotong Vocational College Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jiaotongyuan Automobile Driving Training School, Shaanxi Tongfu Real Estate Company, Beijing Jiaotong University Modern Distance Education Center, Chongqing University Network Education Learning Center, Beijing Institute of Technology Modern Distance Education Learning Center and other educational training and service institutions. More than 20,000 person-times.

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology currently has international students in Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries. It is an excellent pilot college for Sino-German vocational education automotive mechanical and electrical cooperation projects, and a Sino-Korean high-tech talent training cooperation college. It has successively cooperated with the United States, Britain, France, Schools and companies in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries and Taiwan, China have established friendly cooperative exchanges.

In recent years, the college has been named the National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction by the Central Civilization Committee, the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government as the Shaanxi Civilized Campus, and the Shaanxi Garden-style Unit. Advanced collectives, outstanding institutions for assessing the level of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, advanced units of ideological and political work in national transportation vocational colleges, “Top 50 Service Contributions” in national vocational colleges, Huang Yanpei Award for Outstanding Vocational Education, Shaanxi Province Outstanding exemplary higher vocational colleges, Shaanxi Ping’an Campus, Shaanxi Provincial College Leadership Assessment Excellent Unit, Shaanxi Advanced Grassroots Party Committee, Shaanxi Vocational Education Advanced Unit, Shaanxi Province College Counselor Building Advanced Collective, Shaanxi College Communist Youth League Work Excellent unit title.

Shaanxi College of Communication Technology is taking the opportunity of the construction of “first-class colleges and first-class specialties” in Shaanxi Province to comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation, scientific research, social service capabilities, cultural heritage innovation capabilities, and international communication and cooperation. Strive for the goal of running high-level vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics.


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