Science and Technology College of NCHU

Science and Technology College of NCHU


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Introduction to Science and Technology College of NCHU

Science and Technology College of NCHU (南昌航空大学科技学院, website) is an undergraduate university of applied technology based on the disciplines of engineering management, engineering, management, liberal arts, science, economics, and art. The college was approved by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education and Jiangxi Provincial Planning and Development Commission for trial operation in July 2001. It is the first batch of independent colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Since the establishment of Science and Technology College of NCHU, it has conscientiously implemented the party’s education policy, adhering to the fine traditions and style of Nanchang Aviation University for more than 60 years of rigorous schooling, serving the aviation industry of the motherland and the development of local society and economy, and firmly establishing “educating people Based on the education concept of “based on quality, first”, follow the school motto of “honest learning, self-reliance and self-reliance”, pay close attention to the construction of school style and study style, and actively cultivate and practice the college ’s value of “be brave and stop to be good” Social demand-oriented, showing the quality and characteristics of school running in the combination of production and education “, is committed to training the frontline of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor comprehensive development, solid foundation, excellent quality, innovative spirit and practical ability Senior technical application talents.

The college is located in the middle of Changjiu Economic Belt, the southern foot of Lushan Mountain, and the shore of Poyang Lake. It is a science and education city of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The total construction investment of the college is nearly 700 million yuan, covering an area of ??more than 1,000 acres, and the building area of ??the school is 200,000 square meters. Based on the concept of intelligent campus management, the college actively builds a modern campus with beautiful ecology, first-class service facilities, and advanced teaching equipment.

Science and Technology College of NCHU currently has 6 teaching departments including the Department of Mechanical Materials, the Department of Information Electronics, the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Arts, the Department of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Aviation. The college currently has 375 full-time teachers, of which 78% are teachers with a postgraduate degree or above, and 34% are teachers with senior titles.

After more than ten years of school accumulation, the college relies on Nanchang Hangkong University’s strong advantages in teaching resources, the teaching strength is growing, the teaching facilities are complete, the aviation characteristics are distinct, and the engineering specialty has obvious advantages. The college attaches great importance to cooperation with industry and enterprises, and has established close cooperative relations with 27 companies including China Aviation Industry Corporation and its subsidiaries. The college has strengthened international exchanges and cooperation, signed friendly cooperation agreements with universities in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries, and established exchange student exchange mechanisms with universities in Taiwan, China.

Science and Technology College of NCHU’s excellent school conditions and rigorous school style provide a solid guarantee for the quality of talent training. In the past five years, the college has participated in the National College Students Mathematical Modeling Contest, Challenge Cup, China International Aircraft Design Challenge, National College Students Engineering Comprehensive Competitiveness Competition, National College Students Nondestructive Testing (Ultrasonic) Skills Competition, National College Students English Competition, National College Student Electronic Design In competitions and other competitions, it has won more than 300 national first, second and third prizes and outstanding organization awards. The college’s graduate entrance examination rate and employment rate have consistently ranked among the top universities in the province. Since the school started, nearly 1,400 graduates have been admitted to the City University of Hong Kong, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Jinan University, Shanghai University, China University of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum, Nanjing Information Engineering University, Civil Aviation University of China and other universities are pursuing postgraduates. In 2014, the college entered the top 100 of Wushu together with the freshmen’s innovative ability ranking of college freshmen. Students’ practical ability and innovative spirit have been widely recognized by society and employers.

The college will keep up with the times, seize development opportunities, and deeply integrate into the industrial and regional socio-economic development. At a higher starting point, it will work towards the goal of building an application-technical college with obvious advantages in engineering and distinctive school characteristics.



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