Qujing Medical College

Qujing Medical College

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Introduction to Qujing Medical College

Qujing Medical College (曲靖医学高等专科学校, website) was founded in 1958, and was independently upgraded to a medical college in February 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It has a 60-year history.
In 2010, the school successfully passed the talent training evaluation of national higher vocational colleges with excellent results, and was successively identified as a cooperative unit of the International Nurse Practitioner Examination Project, a national pilot reform program of “Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program”, and higher vocational colleges and universities. The second batch of pilot units of modern apprenticeships for eye-vision majors, the first batch of key backbone higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province, the “Six T” management qualified schools in Yunnan Province, the comprehensive public training base for medical and health in Northeast Yunnan, Yunnan Province Vocational college medical teacher training base, Yunnan socialist core values construction demonstration colleges, “Lancangjiang-Mekong Vocational Education Alliance” colleges, Yunnan talented people and labor export bases, and nursing professional certification and evaluation five-star school. In 2018, he was successfully selected as the “Top 15 Demonstration Schools of Vocational School Management in Yunnan Province’s Action Plan for the Improvement of Management Level in Yunnan Province” and the “Top 15 Schools in Yunnan Province for Teaching Management and Student Management Top 15 Cases for Recommended Universities”.

Qujing Medical College has two teaching areas with a total area of 367 acres and a building area of 111,400 square meters. At present, the new Malong campus covering an area of more than 1,500 acres is under construction. The school has 9 secondary teaching departments, including the School of Clinical Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Marxism, School of Continuing Education, Department of Health and Health Management, Department of Medical Technology, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Public Courses, Department of Basic Medicine, and a total of 21 majors, including clinical The 7 majors such as medicine, nursing, and optometry are provincial high-level backbone majors. The school recruits students from 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. There are currently more than 8,400 full-time students, more than 9,000 continuing education students, and more than 360 faculty and staff. In 2015, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school began to formally recruit students in rehabilitation technology with Royester College in Canada. Approved by the Provincial Department of Education in 2018, schools can recruit international students and have substantially launched Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. The school has won the first prize of the responsibility assessment for the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates in Yunnan Province for 6 consecutive years. The annual employment rate of graduates has reached 98%.

Qujing Medical College adheres to the development orientation of “based on Qujing, facing the whole province, heading towards the whole country, and radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia”, and steadily promotes the construction of the new Malong campus and the promotion of the university. Adhering to the school motto of “Teaching, Teaching, and Moral Essence” as the school motto, “Quality establishes a school, educates people, realizes characteristics, and serves the society”, keeps in mind the “health department, life support”, and adheres to quality Establishing schools, educating people, taking employment as the direction, following the road of integration of production and education, school-industry (enterprise) cooperation, connotation construction and characteristic development, continuously innovating education models to improve the quality of talent training, and strive to provide medical care for Yunnan Province and Qujing City The development of health undertakings and the promotion of local socio-economic development have made new and greater contributions.


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