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Introduction to Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College (曲阜远东职业技术学院, website) is an ordinary university invested and established by Taiwan educator and entrepreneur Mr. Wang Naichang in July 1998. In June 1999, the Far East Business School of Foreign Languages was established in cooperation with Shandong Agricultural University with the approval of the provincial government. In October 2000, Qufu Far East Vocational and Technical College was established with the approval of the provincial government and the record of the Ministry of Education. In July 2016, the college set up a branch campus in Zengcheng Vocational Education Park, the hometown of Mencius, covering an area of more than 400 acres. In August 2019, it plans to open the Qufu high-speed rail campus.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College now has 6 departments, 2 departments, and 1 center. , Network information center), with 8 administrative departments including the Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Admissions Office, Employment Office, General Affairs Office, Personnel Office, Finance Office, Office (Secretary Office), Library, etc. , Computer network technology, computer information management, software technology, mobile application development, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, drone technology, health management, automotive electronics technology, accounting, financial management, travel management, flight attendant, applied electronics technology, communication technology, 28 majors including early education, art education, applied English, applied Korean, applied Japanese, digital media art design, animation design, environmental art design, fine arts, marketing, e-commerce, international business, business management, and secretarial; The campus covers an area of 278,960 square meters, with a building area of 68,000 square meters , Teaching and administrative space 44,090 square meters, dormitory 1.1576 million square meters. The college currently has a total student population of nearly 5,900, with a total of 194 full-time teachers, a student-teacher ratio of 18.9: 1; 70 teachers with senior titles, 23 doctors, and 82 masters.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College focuses on full-time vocational education, and conducts various non-academic vocational and technical trainings. It adheres to the “people-oriented” educational philosophy aimed at improving students’ comprehensive quality and strong adaptability, and trains students. Chengde, intellectual, physical, high-level application-oriented talents that can fully develop production, service and management front line.

The income of Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College is mainly used for teaching. It is preferentially used in the construction of teaching staff, the construction of practical training bases, the allocation of teaching equipment and teaching, and the reform of teaching. The value of teaching equipment per student far exceeds the requirement of 4,000 yuan. In addition to granting scholarships and grants to students on time and in full, each year, the college also added Wang Naichang Scholarship, Inspirational Scholarship, Wang Yuanchen Scholarship, and Far East Group Scholarship.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College has carried out centralized construction in accordance with relevant requirements and regulations in terms of school infrastructure, construction of experimental training centers, and campus culture. In the past three years, the college has invested a lot of funds to improve the conditions for running schools: repairing teaching offices, classrooms, and student apartments, adding and replacing desks and chairs, furniture, fans, air conditioners, water heaters and other facilities in classrooms, offices, and student apartments; investing 800,000 Renovate the stadium and increase sports facilities; improve the educational administration management system; build new electronic technology basic skills training room, ERP laboratory, manual accounting laboratory, catering laboratory, three-dimensional modeling training room, modern lettering training room, welding laboratory , SCM laboratory, color TV laboratory, digital simulation laboratory, etc., adding 15,000 square meters of training room and practice site. The collection of paper books and e-books has been increased, and the book resources have been expanded. Each year, more than 3 books are purchased by students, and the total number of books exceeds the standard stipulated by the school running index. The school newly built and reconstructed many outdoor cultural and sports venues. Good running conditions and complete teaching facilities provide a strong guarantee for the improvement of the teaching quality of the college, especially the cultivation of students’ ability to practice and innovate.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College has built a campus network with a total bandwidth of 1000M. The total length of the campus campus optical fiber is about 5000 meters, and the wireless WIFI network covers more than 200 campus information points. The college’s network construction provides a guarantee for promoting the teaching of the entire college and providing fast and convenient network services.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College has a wealth of backgrounds in running schools such as Taiwan-funded schools and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce. Experience in organizing higher vocational education. In the long-term school-running practice, the college adheres to the development path of combination of production and learning, and school-enterprise cooperation. On the basis of reciprocity and win-win results, it has established an effective operating mechanism for cooperation with the regional society and industry. Each major of the college has set up a professional construction steering committee and five research laboratories, forming an academic-industrial education network composed of the college, departments, and teaching and research offices, and a management system for research, management, guidance, evaluation, and promotion. And working mechanism.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College strengthened the construction of on-campus training conditions while strengthening the construction of off-campus practice bases. The school incorporates Shandong New Vision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuntai Datacom Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongqi Chuangyou Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhongxing Yunju Education Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Zhushan Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Shuangyuan Vocational Education (Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd., Linyi Zhongtai Automobile Co., Ltd., Jining High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., Taiwan Lianxiang Group, Jinan Shunhe Hotel, Suzhou Jufeng Electronics Co., Ltd., Shangri-La Hotel and other units as internship bases, especially established with mainland Taiwan-funded enterprises Close cooperation relationship, established stable training base with more than 20 Taiwan-funded enterprises. Plan to organize students to carry out teaching activities. In June 2008, it entered into a directional training contract with Jinan Shunhe Hotel. At the end of the year, it also established a training and internship cooperative relationship with Jinan Tianwai Villa. There are 87 off-campus internship bases in the college, covering all the majors of the college. The cooperation mechanism is perfect. The off-campus instructor team is stable and operating well.

Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College attaches great importance to the teaching practice of top-post practice. Each specialty arranges internship time in a concentrated or segmented manner according to actual needs. The coverage of top-job internships reaches 98%, and the internship time is more than 6 months. According to their own characteristics, each specialty adopts a variety of internships that combine graduation design with production and management of the enterprise, and combination of internship internship with student employment, to enhance the relevance of internship internship and improve the effectiveness of internship.


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