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Introduction to Qiqihar University

Qiqihar University (齐齐哈尔大学, website) was founded in 1952. It is located in the hometown of the red-crowned crane on the banks of the Nenjiang River, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, and enjoys the reputation of “Lake around the University”. The school is one of the three comprehensive universities in Heilongjiang Province. It is a national civilized unit, an excellent school for the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education, and a key university in Heilongjiang Province’s higher education (first phase). The school’s plant-based food processing technology specialty discipline was approved as a provincial “double first-class” project with a local specialty discipline construction project. The school has approved the establishment of a new doctoral degree granting unit.

Qiqihar University covers an area of 1.39 million square meters and a construction area of 850,000 square meters. There are 23 colleges (departments) and 7 teaching aids. There are 81 undergraduate majors in 11 disciplines. The school has 14 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, including English, biological sciences, fashion and apparel design, chemical engineering and technology, 4 specialty specialties of the Ministry of Education, chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, Chinese language and literature, 17 provincial key majors including biological sciences, fine arts, art design, physical education, English, business management, light engineering, process equipment and control engineering, education, polymer materials and engineering, biological engineering, law, and music performance . Chemical engineering and technology majors, biological science majors were approved as national “professional comprehensive reform pilot” construction projects, polymer materials and engineering majors, and applied chemistry majors were approved as provincial “professional comprehensive reform pilot” construction projects, and horticulture majors were approved as provincial “Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Education and Training Program”. There are currently 18 first-level discipline master degree authorization points and 9 professional master degree authorization categories. The first-level discipline of food science and engineering was approved as a superior characteristic discipline in the province of higher education.

The University has the Flax Processing Technology Engineering Research Center as the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education; the Surfactant and Industrial Auxiliary Laboratory, the Corn Deep Processing Theory and Technology Laboratory, the Polymer Matrix Composites Laboratory, the Resistant Genetic Engineering and the Cold Region Biodiversity The six laboratories of the Sexual Protection Laboratory, the Micro-Nano Sensor Device Laboratory and the Fine Chemical Catalytic Synthesis Laboratory are the key laboratories of Heilongjiang Province; the Corn Staple Food Industrialization Engineering Technology Research Center, the Fruit and Vegetable Multigrain Drink Engineering Technology Research Center, and the Agricultural Multidimensional Sensor The three centers of the Perceptual Engineering Technology Research Center are Heilongjiang Engineering Technology Research Center; the Fine Chemicals Laboratory and the Agricultural Product Processing Laboratory are provincial key laboratories; the Nenjiang River Valley History and Culture Research Base is the provincial philosophy and social science research base; the minority history and culture The Heritage Protection and Heritage Research Center is the second batch of key cultivation think tanks in Heilongjiang Province; it serves as the chairman unit of Heilongjiang Province Corn Deep Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

Qiqihar University currently has 1,480 full-time teachers, of which 726 are professors and associate professors. Teachers with doctoral and master degrees account for 82.30% of the total number of full-time teachers. There are 381 doctoral and master tutors and 42 foreign teachers. Among the teachers, one is a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, three are “longjiang scholars”, two are “longjiang scholars” young scholars, 15 are experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, and five are experts enjoying special government allowances from the provincial government. There are more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial honorary titles such as “National Excellent Teachers” and “National Model Teachers”, 6 provincial teaching teachers, 3 provincial teaching teams, and 2 provincial outstanding youth fund winners.

The university recruits students from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, with a total of 25,731 students, including 24,399 undergraduates, 1,202 graduate students, 130 foreign students, and 9,455 adult students.

The university has advanced teaching conditions and facilities. The library has 2.87 million books, 810,000 electronic books, 30 Chinese and foreign databases, 5 reading rooms for social science and foreign language materials, etc. There are 191 online multimedia classrooms and modern language laboratories. Each multimedia classroom has Anchor classroom function, the main control room of the network multimedia teaching system realizes centralized management and control of multimedia classrooms. It has first-class gymnasiums, swimming pools, concert halls, and cultural and sports centers for students in the province. The school regularly publishes three kinds of academic journals that are publicly distributed at home and abroad.

Qiqihar University attaches great importance to strengthening the construction of campus culture and actively carries out various colorful campus cultural activities. In 2006, it was appointed by the Ministry of Education to conduct a provincial tour of “Elegant Art into Campus”. In 2012, the large-scale style audio-visual works successfully created by the school-region cooperation “Daur people” has won eleven awards, including the National Award for the Performing Arts of National Minorities, and has been selected into the 50 “respecting Chinese outstanding traditional culture” characteristic display projects determined by the Ministry of Education.

The university has established cooperative relations with nearly 70 universities and related institutions in 13 countries, including the United States, Japan, Russia, and South Korea. It has been identified as a “Chinese and Russian University Student Art Exchange Base” and “National Government Scholarship Program for International Students in China” by the Ministry of Education. In the 67 years of schooling, Qiqihar University has trained more than 170,000 high-quality talents of various types for the country.


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