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Qiongtai Normal University

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Introduction to Qiongtai Normal University

Qiongtai Normal University (琼台师范学院, website) was formerly known as Qiongtai College, founded in 1705. Qiongtai is an alias of Qiongzhou, and it is also known as Qiongtai, a famous scholar of the Ming Dynasty and a scholar of Wenyuange University. It is named after Qiongtai. The second is to inherit the former sages to encourage students. In 1902, the academy was reorganized into a new school, renamed “Qiongzhoufu Middle School” with a normal class, and later changed its name to “Guangdong Provincial Sixth Normal School”. After the founding of New China, it has been renamed as “Guangdong Qiongtai Normal School”, “Hainan Normal School” and “Hainan Qiongtai Normal School”. In 2004, it merged with Hainan Lingao Normal School and was upgraded to Qiongtai Normal College, 2016. The Ministry of Education agreed to establish the Qiongtai Teachers College on the basis of the Qiongtai Teachers College, becoming an undergraduate college with the main task of training and training teachers for primary and pre-school education.

Qiongtai Normal University has a long history of running schools. From the college to the school to the middle school to the vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges, the continuous sound of books for three hundred years is the epitome of Hainan’s educational development. Qiongtai College has been running for nearly two hundred years, and has educated more than 10,000 students, and has cultivated one visitor, 21 jinshi, and 172 enrolled people, becoming the most influential government-run school in the history of Hainan. In 1902, the Qing government promulgated the “Kingding School” “The Constitution”, Qiongtai College aspired to change the situation and change to a new school; during the Republic of China, Qiongtai was full of talents and gained a great reputation. It was the first place in Hainan to respond to the May 4th Movement and the first CCP place established in Hainan. More than half of the members of the committee are teachers and students of Qiongtai, Wang Wenming, Yang Shanji, Feng Ping, the main leaders of the early Qiongya revolution, General Zhou Shidi of the People’s Liberation Army, the only woman in Hainan who participated in the Red Army Long March, and former vice president of the Chinese People ’s Public Security University Xie Fei and Fan Huiguo, a well-known contemporary mathematician and educator in China, have all studied in Qiongtai. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Qiongtai became the main base for the training and training of Hainan primary schools and preschool teachers. It has sent nearly 60,000 specialized talents to the society, most of which have grown into the backbone of the frontline of basic education, and nearly 100 people have grown into Well-known experts, scholars, professors and super teachers. Among the graduates, a number of outstanding students have emerged, such as Xing Fuyi, President of the Chinese Society for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Lifetime Professor of Central China Normal University, Professor Wang Development, former vice president of South China Normal University, Lin Beiping, former Party Secretary of Hainan Normal University, and Zeng Weifen, the most beautiful rural teacher in the country Talent.

Qiongtai Normal University has two campuses, Fucheng and Guilinyang, with a campus area of 926 acres and a building area of 300,000 square meters. It has 10 undergraduate majors, 33 specialized majors, 4 undergraduate majors in cooperation, and 7804 full-time students. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 92.133 million yuan, with more than 819,000 volumes of paper books. There are 465 full-time teachers, including 196 teachers with deputy senior titles and above, and 253 teachers with master’s degrees and above. It has 1 State Council Special Post Expert, 6 Provincial Teaching Teachers, 4 Provincial Young Backbone Teachers, and 4 Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams. Three people were selected into the “515 Talent Project” in Hainan Province, and six people won the honorary titles of “National Outstanding Educator”, “National March Eight Red Bannerman” and “Hainan Province Model Worker”.

The university has 5 provincial specialties and 9 provincial excellent courses. In the past 5 years, the first completed unit has won 3 provincial teaching achievement awards, including 2 first prizes; the first completed unit has received 5 provincial scientific and technological achievement awards, including 1 provincial first prize for scientific and technological progress; schools Teachers presided over 152 provincial-level projects and published 200 monographs.

In 1977, the university held its first college class, and has so far trained 26 graduates at the college level. The students trained by the school “can go, stay, use, and do well”. Graduates are welcomed by employers. The employment rate has remained above 95% in the past three years, and 70% of graduates work in Hainan. On the front line of basic education, more than 50% of key teachers and principals (primaries) of primary schools and kindergartens in Hainan Province have graduated from Qiongtai.

Qiongtai Normal University’s school achievements have been recognized by schools from all walks of life. From 2005 to 2015, the school has been awarded the title of “National Civilized Unit” four times in a row, and has successively obtained “National Advanced Units in Managing Schools by Law” and “National Language “Advanced Collective”, “National Advanced Unit of School Art Education” and “National Advanced Collective of Mandarin Training and Testing” and other honorary titles.


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