Qinghai Communication Technical College

Qinghai Communication Technical College

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Introduction to Qinghai Nationalities University

Qinghai Communication Technical College (青海交通职业技术学院, website) was founded in December 1976. In April 2002, it was upgraded to Qinghai Transportation Vocational and Technical College, which is affiliated to the Department of Transportation of Qinghai Province. It is a national backbone higher vocational college, a national high-quality vocational college, and a demonstration college for improving the comprehensive ability of vocational education in Qinghai. Over 40 years since its establishment, the school has trained more than 30,000 senior technical and technical personnel for the construction of the industry and the regional economy. The college has won the National Top 50 Service Contributions for Higher Vocational Colleges 5 times, successively won the National Advanced Unit for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, the National Advanced Collective for the Employment of General College Graduates, the Charming Campus of National Vocational Colleges, and the National Conservation-oriented Public Institution Model Unit Title, won two national advanced collectives of vocational education, national advanced collective of mental health education for college students, three national outstanding units of summer social practice, national demonstration units of conservation-oriented public institutions, and the second batch of sports work “School Yipin” demonstration base and other honorary titles.

Qinghai Communication Technical College currently has 4 campuses, covering a total area of 628.34 acres and a total building area of 274,000 square meters. At present, there are 8694 students, 6762 full-time students, and 1932 adult correspondence students. There are 26 majors including road and bridge engineering technology, automobile application and maintenance technology, etc., forming a professional pattern covering the simultaneous development of roads, railways, and aviation, and other majors. The total number of existing teaching staff is 482 (337 staff and 145 employees), 5 provincial teaching teams, 5 “135 high-level talents” in Qinghai, 15 provincial key teachers, and “high-end in Qinghai Province” One “Thousand Talents Plan for Innovative Talents”, one “leading talent” in transportation and civil engineering, and one national outstanding talent training award for outstanding contributions. 1 national “excellent” majors, 4 key national key construction majors, 2 key construction majors to enhance professional service industry development capabilities, 1 key construction major of the Ministry of Transport, 3 central financial support training base construction projects, 9 provincial-level demonstration majors, 6 provincial-level training bases, 18 provincial-level excellent courses, 1 construction project base for shared training of schools and enterprises by the Transportation Commission, and 1 master skill studio.


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