Qinghai Architectural College

Qinghai Architectural College

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Introduction to Qinghai Architectural College

Qinghai Architectural College (青海建筑职业技术学院, website) evaluated the second round of talent training work based on the construction of the “Provincial Key Higher Vocational College Construction Plan of Qinghai Province”, “Higher Vocational Colleges’ Professional Service Industry Development Ability Construction Project and Comprehensive Promotion of Higher Vocational Connotation Construction” Grasping hands, comprehensively deepening the construction of connotation, and achieved good quality development. In the process of construction and development, based on Qinghai and facing the industry, it has formed a professional development pattern of “close industry, outstanding support, cluster development, and strengthening characteristics”. Adhere to the school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of work and study as the core, vigorously promote the exchange of work and study, actively explore the training of orders, reform of innovative talents training mode, and in accordance with the requirements of regional economic development, combine with the local industrial structure, industrial policy, industrial development and talent specifications On the basis of running traditional majors, we will expand new majors. The college has 23 majors in 5 departments, of which engineering cost, building decoration engineering technology, solar energy application technology, and communication technology are majors in the central financial support for “higher vocational colleges to enhance professional service industry development capabilities” construction majors; construction engineering technology, engineering Construction cost, construction equipment engineering technology, construction design technology, and building decoration engineering technology are provincial-level demonstration specialties; construction engineering technology, construction cost, and construction equipment engineering technology are specialty constructions at the college level. The college continues to promote practical teaching reform and training base construction. , There are 5 provincial training bases in the field of building decoration engineering technology, engineering cost, construction equipment engineering technology, building design technology and building intelligent engineering technology; there are 39 in-hospital training and laboratories serving internship training for students ; 6 productive training bases in the hospital; and established internship and training partnerships with more than 100 construction and communication companies, with 18 solid off-campus training bases; the college has professional skills appraisal for the construction industry in the province station.

Qinghai Architectural College has launched the “3211” education project since 2012 (3 main positions, 2 penetration education, 1 education mechanism, 1 noble education team), and established a “multi-perspective , Three-dimensional, whole-process “education system; the college always adheres to the” life-oriented “funding system, and actively implements various national, provincial, and college funding policies such as” award, assistance, and supplement “to provide outstanding students, Family financial difficulties and other students provide help and support, encourage students to be proactive, work hard, apply what they have learned, and give back to society.

Qinghai Architectural College attaches great importance to enrollment and employment of graduates. Always regard this work as the central task of the college to improve the quality of education and teaching, enhance social influence and competitiveness, and actively develop the employment market, strengthen internal qualities, outreach enterprises, full participation, and promote employment. It has remained above 98% on average, and has been rated as “Provincial Advanced Collective for Employment” in the provincial employment evaluation for many times. In 2009, it was awarded “National Advanced Collective for Employment of General College Graduates”.

All teachers and students of Qinghai Architectural College, with their firm confidence, enterprising spirit, solid work, and deepening of connotative construction and development, work hard to create a new school with high industry and similar college influence.


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