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Introduction to Qingdao Technical College

Qingdao Vocational and Technical College (青岛职业技术学院, website) is a full-time ordinary university co-managed by the provinces and municipalities, with a focus on city management. Mainly engaged in full-time higher vocational education and social vocational skills training, taking into account adult diploma education, Sino-foreign cooperative education, and primary and secondary school teachers, principal training, etc., has the qualifications to accept foreign students and hire foreign cultural and educational experts qualifications. There are 760 in-service faculty and staff, and 11,800 full-time vocational students. The annual employment rate is stable at more than 96%.

In November 1951, the Qingdao Institute of Education and Industry was founded, and the famous biologist and educator Tong Zhou and the Chinese master Lu Kanru served as the director and principal of the school council, respectively.
In August 1953, Qingdao Education Industry College was restructured into Qingdao Teachers’ College
In July 1958, the Qingdao Teachers ‘Training College established the Teachers’ College, which was renamed as Qingdao Teachers College of Vocational Education and later renamed Qingdao Teachers College
In August 1970, Qingdao Teachers’ College of Education was cancelled
In December 1977, the institute was restored to be Qingdao Teachers’ Training College and Qingdao Teachers College (two brands in one school)
In October 1977, Qingdao Workers’ Amateur University was established
In April 1981, Qingdao Teachers ‘Training College was restructured into Qingdao Teachers’ Training College in Shandong Province, and was set up separately from Qingdao Teachers College
In April 1983, Qingdao Teachers’ Training College in Shandong Province was renamed Qingdao Education College
In January 1992, Qingdao Workers Amateur University was renamed Qingdao Workers College
In June 1999, Qingdao Vocational and Technical College was established on the basis of Qingdao Workers College
In October 2000, Qingdao Workers College was restructured into Qingdao Vocational and Technical College
In April 2002, Qingdao Education College and Qingdao Vocational and Technical College merged to form a new Qingdao Vocational and Technical College

Campus setting (three campuses)
West Campus (No. 369 Qiantangjiang Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao)
South Campus (No. 17 Jintan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao)
Middle Campus (No. 2 Guokou Road, Shibei District, Qingdao)

Colleges and professional settings (8 secondary colleges)
★ Haier College (School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), which offers key majors: mechatronics technology, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, electrical automation technology, mold design and manufacturing, numerical control technology, and industrial robots
★ Hisense College (School of Software and Service Outsourcing, School of Information, Qingdao Institute of Applied Technology for Internet of Things) has established key majors: software technology, computer application technology, computer network technology, applied electronics technology, Internet of things application technology, software and information services
★ Gulf College (College of Biology and Chemical Engineering, Blue Engineering College), set up majors: applied chemical technology, marine chemical technology, industrial analysis technology, pharmaceutical production technology, environmental monitoring and control technology
★ Tourism College, offering major majors: tourism management, hotel management, cruise service and management, leisure service and management, tourism Japanese, business Japanese (service outsourcing direction), application of Korean, accounting (cooperative education in Ireland)
★ School of Business, with majors: logistics management, marketing, accounting, e-commerce, customs declaration and international freight, communication and planning
★ School of Education, set up majors: preschool education, human resource management, music education
★ Faculty of Arts, key majors: fashion design, environmental art design, film and television animation, aviation services
★ Training college (Qingdao Service Outsourcing Training Base, Qingdao Volunteer Service College), which conducts main training services: service outsourcing training, teacher training by the Ministry of Education and the National Higher Vocational League, volunteer service training, vocational qualification training, and government commissioned training , Corporate employee training, adult education

Qingdao Technical College currently has 760 faculty members, of which about 74% are full-time teachers. Among full-time teachers, 62% have doctoral, master’s and higher degrees, and senior teachers account for 40% of full-time teachers.

Qingdao Technical College employs more than 10 foreign experts and scholars as foreign teachers throughout the year, and has formed an overseas vocational education training R & D team consisting of more than 40 domestic and foreign experts.

Qingdao Technical College has established friendly cooperation and exchange relations with 99 colleges (institutions) in 31 countries and regions. The college has accumulatively trained more than 2,000 foreign students, sent 623 students to the UAE, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and other countries for overseas training and internships, and more than 500 students achieved overseas employment.


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