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Introduction to Qilu University of Technology

Qilu University of Technology (齐鲁工业大学, website) is located in Jinan, Quancheng, a national historical and cultural city. It is a key applied research university in Shandong Province. It is also the largest comprehensive natural science research institution in Shandong Province.

The history of Qilu University of Technology can be traced back to the Jiaodong Technical School established by the PLA’s Jiaodong Military Region in 1948. The period from 1978 to 2013 was the period of Shandong Institute of Light Industry. In 2013, it was renamed Qilu University of Technology. It was the first batch of universities in the country’s “industrial-industrial integration” project, the first batch of famous universities for applied talent cultivation in Shandong Province, and the first collaborative innovation center for universities in Shandong Province. Approved project construction units.

Qilu University of Technology currently has 6 campuses in Changqing, Caishi, Licheng, Lixia, Qianfoshan and Heze. It has research institutions in Jinan, Qingdao, Jining, Linyi, Heze and other places. Science and Technology Park. The school (academy of sciences) has perfect modern teaching infrastructure and experimental equipment. There are 5 national-level platforms, including 1 national key laboratory jointly established by the province and the ministry, 1 national collaborative innovation center jointly established by the province and the ministry, 1 national joint engineering laboratory jointly established by the province and the ministry, and 1 national engineering technology research center. 1 national supercomputing center; 122 provincial and ministerial key disciplines and research platforms, including 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 3 international scientific and technological cooperation bases, 1 national industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, and provincial collaborative innovation center 3, 9 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial technology innovation center, 16 provincial key laboratories, 9 provincial engineering laboratories, 26 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial engineering technology innovation center, provincial 5 university-level key laboratories, 5 provincial industrial technology innovation strategic alliances, 6 provincial international cooperation research centers, 3 provincial social science bases (centers); 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and provincial talent training There are 1 experimental area for model innovation, and 408 practice teaching and training bases for students such as intelligent manufacturing provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion training bases. The total building area of the school building is 1.28 million square meters, the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 1.48 billion yuan, the library has 2.49 million books, and 1.48 million electronic books. It has built the Shandong Education and Research Network University Science and Technology Park network node and the Gigabit Ethernet computer network covering the entire school, and the Qilu Ceramics and Glass Museum with a deep integration of science and art. The campus environment is beautiful and quiet, and the culture of humanities and art is strong. It is a “national model unit for greening”. National “Saving Unit for Public Institutions” “Provincial Demonstration Unit for Gardening Campus”.

Qilu University of Technology currently has 2,183 full-time teachers, including 1,230 staff members with a senior professional or technical title, and 1,364 doctoral degree holders. There are 5 “dual hire” academicians, 5 foreign academicians, 3 national ten thousand programs, 7 national multi-million talent projects, 1 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the country, 1 central liaison expert, and National Jieqing 2 people, 2 Yangtze River scholars, 1 national outstanding science and technology worker, 2 Taishan scholars climbing plan experts, 42 Taishan scholars specially-appointed experts, 10 Taishan scholars young experts, 10 Taishan industry leaders. There are 8 people in the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, 2 middle-aged and young scientific and technological innovation leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 40 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 13 high-end think tank experts in Shandong Province, and 25 experts who enjoy special government subsidies from the State Council There are 1 national morale model, 1 national outstanding teacher, and 6 teaching masters in Shandong Province. There are 228 high-level talents at the provincial and ministerial levels and above.

Qilu University of Technology currently has more than 30,000 full-time undergraduate, graduate, and international students. There are 26 teaching units and 16 innovative research institutions. There are a total of 9 provincial and ministerial key disciplines, 3 first-class disciplines in Shandong Province, 14 master’s degrees authorized first-level disciplines, and 93 master’s degrees authorized second-level disciplines, with electronic information, machinery, materials and chemical engineering, resources and environment, biology and Medicine, art, translation, finance and other 8 master’s degree authorized categories, 79 undergraduate majors. The disciplines cover 8 disciplines including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine and arts. The three disciplines of chemistry, engineering, and materials science have entered the top 1% of ESI academic institutions worldwide.

Qilu University of Technology is an excellent school for the evaluation of undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. For more than 70 years, it has accumulated a total of 180,000 talents of various types for social training, and a large number of industry leaders have emerged. It is known as “the cradle of engineers and fertile soil for entrepreneurs”, and has made important contributions to the economic and social development of Shandong. . There are 4 national specialties, 6 national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, 10 provincial specialties, 19 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, 1 national excellent course, and 33 provincial excellent courses. 7 provincial teaching teams. In the recent selection of provincial teaching achievement awards, they won 1 special prize, 7 first prizes, and 10 second prizes. In recent years, students have achieved outstanding results in competitions such as the Challenge Cup, Youth Creation, and Mathematical Modeling. They have won more than 3,300 provincial and ministerial awards, including more than 30 international awards and more than 540 national awards. It is an advanced collective of graduates in Shandong province’s entrepreneurial education model colleges and graduates of Shandong Province. The employment rate of graduates at the end of the year has remained above 95% for a long time. It has been rated by the mainstream media as the top ten most socially praised schools and the most employable in Shandong Province. Competitive undergraduate colleges, best social reputation colleges, and top 50 undergraduate colleges with national network influence. In the new era, the school (academy of sciences) vigorously exerts the characteristics and advantages of the integration of science and education, builds a school-integrated science-education integration college, and establishes the “Qilu Yingcai Academy” special class, forming an “industry-industry-research” integration and full-chain talent training model. Comprehensively strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents.

In recent years, Qilu University of Technology has undertaken a total of 605 national research projects such as the National Key Research and Development Plan, the “973 Plan”, the “863 Plan”, the National Natural Science Fund, and the Social Science Fund, and 887 provincial and ministerial projects; There are 102 scientific research awards above, including 1 first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 second prize of National Technology Invention Award, 2 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award of Higher Education Ministry of Education, China 4 patent excellence awards, 1 highest science and technology award in Shandong province, 2 first prizes in technological innovation in Shandong province, 11 first prizes in scientific and technological progress in Shandong province, 2 first prizes in Shandong province outstanding achievements in social sciences, first prize in Taishan literature and art He has received 1 award, 1400 national invention patents, and 2 first prizes in the Shandong Provincial Patent Award. His academic papers have been indexed by SCI and SSCI to 2,378, and 174 books have been published. Hosted three academic journals: Journal of Qilu University of Technology, Science and Management, and Shandong Science.

Qilu University of Technology actively participates in the development strategies of the country and Shandong Province, and conducts demonstration and promotion of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization work in accordance with the needs of the development of leading industries, and comprehensively serves major projects for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province. In the past 5 years, it has established scientific and technological cooperation relationships with more than 40 governments and more than 100 leading enterprises, established more than 70 scientific and technological enterprises, and jointly established more than 30 scientific and technological demonstration bases, which have cumulatively created direct economic benefits of more than 100 billion yuan. It has been awarded the titles of China Innovation Station Shandong Regional Site, National Technology Transfer Demonstration Institution, National Science and Technology Cooperation Demonstration Base, National Science and Technology Achievement Research and Promotion Center, National Achievement Industrialization Base, and Shandong Province’s Prominent Contributor to Innovation Cooperation in Production, Learning, and Research.

Qilu University of Technology adheres to the international and open road, actively integrates into the “Belt and Road”, and shapes the new advantages of open schools. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with universities and research institutes in more than 50 countries and regions. It has established an international graduate school and an international college of science and education integration. It has a post-doctoral workstation to jointly train doctoral graduate students with famous foreign universities; and the Asia-Pacific Sports Federation Co-constructed some colleges of the World University of Sport to host international sports events; hosted two Chinese-foreign cooperative education undergraduate programs, set up IELTS points for immigrant visas, and established 33 national and provincial international science and technology cooperation bases (R & D centers). A high-level specialized international joint laboratory. In the past five years, he has undertaken more than 260 international cooperation projects and more than 240 national and local intelligence introduction projects. At present, there are about 300 foreign experts who exchange and visit each year, and nearly 120 foreign experts who work in schools (institutions) for a long time. Won the honorary title of “Advanced Unit for Introducing Intellectual Work” granted by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Qilu University of Technology’s mid-to-long-term development goal is to build a domestic first-class, internationally influential applied research university, and some advantageous disciplines have entered the ranks of domestic first-class and advanced world disciplines.


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