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Introduction to Qilu Medical University

Qilu Medical University (齐鲁医药学院, website), formerly known as Shandong Wanjie Medical College, is a full-time general undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is now affiliated to Shandong Provincial Business Group Co., Ltd., a large state-owned enterprise directly under the Shandong Provincial Government, which belongs to the field of social power “State-owned enterprise public universities”. The school was founded in 1995 and was approved by the Ministry of Education to establish Shandong Wanjie Medical College in 1999. It was upgraded to an undergraduate college in April 2008 and renamed Qilu Medical College in April 2015. In April 2014, the school was approved as a privately-owned undergraduate talent training and featured project construction unit. In December 2016, it successfully passed the qualification assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In the same year, he was awarded the “Shandong Provincial Civilian-run Colleges and Universities with High Quality and Characteristic Development Awards” issued by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and received the highest incentive fund of 4.8 million yuan from the provincial government; Education “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School Comprehensive Award” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Course Construction Award”.

Qilu Medical University’s new campus was fully opened in September 2018. It is located in Zibo Economic Development Zone, east of Liuyuan Road, west of Jiangmeng Road, south of Renmin Road, north of Yilian Road, Zibo’s mother river, the filial piety river. The campus is passing by, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The new campus has a total planned area of 1045 acres, a total construction area of 430,000 square meters, a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, and can accommodate 20,000 students. The first phase of the project has a construction area of 265,000 square meters, including clinical medical schools, nursing schools, etc. 10 teaching buildings, 9 student apartments and administrative office buildings, libraries, student cafeterias, etc.

Qilu Medical University currently has more than 16,000 full-time, junior college students. There are 748 full-time teachers, including 470 with master’s and doctoral degrees, 303 with deputy senior titles and above, and 273 “dual-teacher” teachers; 1 national teaching team, 4 provincial teaching teams, and provincial teaching 3 teachers, 2 experts from Shandong Science and Technology Association National Science and Technology Think Tank Decision-making Consultant, 1 scholar from Shandong Province who has made important contributions to higher education research, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from Zibo City, and 4 part-time master tutors .

Qilu Medical University has continuously increased its investment in running schools. The current fixed assets are RMB 101,109,900, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is RMB 14,472,500. The school has 12 experimental training centers including basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, etc., with a total of 308 laboratories. The biomedical engineering technology laboratory is a key laboratory of the Shandong University in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period approved by the Education Department of Shandong Province. , Genetic Diagnosis and Personalized Medical Engineering Technology R & D Center was approved as the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” Shandong University Engineering Technology R & D Center to participate in the construction of a Chinese University Anti-Virus Collaborative Innovation Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine. The school library has a collection of 1,276,200 paper books, a “hundred periodical reading room” donated by the Central Propaganda Department, and 16 electronic resource libraries such as CNKI and Wanfang. The school now has 3 directly affiliated hospitals, 7 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 11 clinical undergraduate teaching hospitals and more than 121 internship bases, which can fully meet the needs of clinical teaching and internships.

Qilu Medical University insists on setting up majors for social needs, and currently has 26 undergraduate majors and 11 specialized majors, such as clinical medicine, medical imaging, preventive medicine, stomatology, nursing, medical laboratory technology, and pharmacy. Clinical medicine, nursing, medical imaging technology, pharmacy, food science and engineering are the provincial specialty specialty; nursing, medical imaging technology are provincial demonstration specialty; nursing, medical imaging technology, and pharmacy are specialty specialty of Shandong Province; The pharmacy undergraduate major was identified by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot majors in “undergraduate teaching engineering”. Principles of medical imaging and imaging, human anatomy, medical microbiology and immunology, basic nursing, basic medical function courses (pathophysiology, immunology, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology), and foreign trade core competence courses have been successively awarded The Provincial Department of Education has rated it as a provincial excellent course and a provincial excellent course group. The software technology teaching team was rated as a national teaching team, and the medical imaging, nursing, refrigeration and air conditioning, and applied electronics technology teaching team was rated as the provincial teaching team of a college in Shandong Province.

Qilu Medical University has actively carried out research in teaching science. In the past three years, teachers have undertaken 215 teaching and research projects including the Provincial Natural Science Foundation and published 281 papers, including 13 core journal papers, 6 papers included in SCI, SSCI, and EI. Participated in the compilation of 133 teaching materials, applied for 10 patents, obtained 1 patent authorization, and obtained 29 provincial and above teaching and scientific research achievement awards, which strongly promoted professional construction and curriculum construction.


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