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Northeast Electric Power University


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Introduction to Northeast Electric Power University

Northeast Electric Power University (东北电力大学, website) is located in the beautiful northern China in Jilin City, Jilin Province. The university is a key university in Jilin Province. It was founded in 1949 and was the first electric engineering university founded by the Communist Party of China. It was named Jilin Electric Power College in 1958 and then renamed Northeast Electric Power College in 1978. Originally affiliated to the Ministry of Electric Power and the State Power Corporation, since 2000, it has implemented a management model of “central and local co-construction, mainly local management”. In 2005, the school was renamed Northeast Electric Power University. In 2012, the university was selected as one of the key national universities.

Northeast Electric Power University has 14 colleges and 50 undergraduate majors, covering 8 disciplines including engineering, science, management, literature, law, economics, education, and art. The school is an authorized unit of doctorate degree. It has three doctoral degree authorized first-level disciplines in electrical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, control science and engineering, and two post-doctoral mobile stations. Degree-authorized first-level disciplines, covering 58 master’s-authorized second-level disciplines, and 9 master’s degree-authorized professional categories; possess 9 distinctive high-level disciplines in Jilin Province, including 4 first-class disciplines, 4 advantageous and characteristic disciplines, and emerging interdisciplinary disciplines One. The school currently has more than 20,000 full-time students.

Northeast Electric Power University has more than 1,400 faculty members and more than 500 senior titles. Among them, there are 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (dual appointments), 2 people in the first batch of the National Ten Thousand People Program, 2 national outstanding professional and technical personnel, Three young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions, one winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, five national candidates for the multi-million talent project, 36 recipients of the State Council special allowance, and one national teaching teacher. It has two “Institute of Yangtze River Scholars and Innovation Team Development Program of the Ministry of Education”, two innovation teams and two national teaching teams.

Northeast Electric Power University currently has 5 national specialty specialties, 4 national quality courses, 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, and 10 experimental teaching demonstration centers in Jilin Province. In recent years, the school has won three national outstanding teaching achievement awards. The school is a national college student’s cultural quality education base, a national social sports talent training and scientific research base, the first batch of national engineering practice education center construction units, “Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan” pilot universities, and a national professional and technical personnel continuing education base.

Northeast Electric Power University has two national and local joint engineering laboratories, one national university science and technology park, two key laboratories (engineering research centers) of the Ministry of Education, four major collaborative innovation centers of Jilin Province, and one academician workstation of Jilin Province, 26 provincial key laboratories, research centers, and liberal arts bases. In recent years, the school has undertaken various levels including the key R & D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national 973 plan project, the 863 plan project, the national science and technology support plan project, the national science and technology major project, the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project, and the national natural science foundation key project. More than 1,800 scientific research projects of various types have achieved many high-level research results, won 3 national science and technology progress second prizes, and 143 provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievements and above, in order to promote scientific and technological progress and the development of the power industry and local economy. Development has made an important contribution.

Northeast Electric Power University has carried out various forms of scientific and technological and academic exchanges with universities or research institutions in the United States, Japan, Britain, Russia, South Korea, Germany and other countries. In 1998, it was approved to train foreign students. In 2000, the Degree Office of the State Council approved the school to host an undergraduate education program in international economics and trade in cooperation with Utah State University. In 2012, the Ministry of Education approved the school to host an undergraduate education program in electrical engineering and automation in cooperation with Scottish Clyde University. In 2011, the school was approved as an implementing institution for the National Backbone Teachers’ Young Backbone Teachers Study Abroad Project. In 2013, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to become a Chinese government scholarship for foreign students in China.

In recent years, Northeast Electric Power University has been awarded the National Civilized Unit, the National Advanced Unit for Open Democratic Management of Factory Affairs, the National Model Unit for National Unity and Progress, the National Model Workers’ Home, the “Top 50 National Graduate Employment Typical Experience Universities”, and the Jilin Province Advanced Grass-roots party organizations and other honorary titles.


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