North Anhui Health Vocational College

North Anhui Health Vocational College


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Introduction to North Anhui Health Vocational College

North Anhui Health Vocational College (皖北卫生职业学院, website) is a full-time general college registered with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. It is the only public health full-time higher vocational college in northern Anhui, a general practitioner training base in Suzhou, and Bengbu Medical College. Undergraduate continuing education teaching points for clinical medicine and nursing. The college is located in the university park of Suzhou City, covering an area of more than 740 acres, with convenient transportation, beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. It has the reputation of a garden-like school and has been awarded the title of “Provincial Civilized Unit” for many years.

North Anhui Health Vocational College was formerly a nurse school attached to the Bengbu Municipal Workers Union Hospital, founded in 1949, renamed as Bengbu Nurses School in Anhui Province in 1953, renamed as Bengbu Health School in Anhui Province in 1958, and renamed Suxian District Health in Anhui Province in 1969 The school was renamed as Suzhou Health School of Anhui Province in 1999. The school was moved from the old campus to the Suzhou University Park in 2006. In 2014, it was approved by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and approved by the Ministry of Education. Wanbei Health Vocational College.

North Anhui Health Vocational College currently has more than 400 faculty members, more than 310 full-time teachers, and more than 130 external teachers, including 83 senior professional and technical personnel such as professors and associate professors, and more than 90 masters and doctors. 3 provincial teaching teams, 2 top talents in provincial colleges, 4 provincial teaching teachers, 39 college teaching teachers, 2 provincial rookies, 9 college rookies, enjoy city government subsidies There are 5 people, 4 young people’s science and technology awards, 2 provincial teaching achievement awards, and more than 80 provincial teaching and research and scientific research projects. Every year, more than 20 people participate in the compilation of national or provincial planning textbooks, and more than 100 papers are published in national academic journals. Since its establishment 70 years ago, the college has trained nearly 50,000 high- and intermediate-level medical and health professionals, many of whom have become masters and doctors of medicine, and more have become the backbone of clinical technology at all levels of medical and health units in and outside the province.

North Anhui Health Vocational College is equipped with clinical medicine, medical imaging technology, stomatology technology, nursing, midwifery, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, drug operation and management, drug production technology, medical beauty technology, pharmacy, health information management, There are 20 specialties in medicine service and management, health inspection and quarantine technology, domestic service and management (maternal and child care), child development and management, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, elderly care and management, health management, drug quality and safety, There are more than 8,000 secondary school students.

The school has excellent conditions for running schools. The college currently has nearly 140 basic and professional experimental training rooms, and has established 8 on-campus training centers (bases) such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, rehabilitation treatment, medical examination, medical cosmetology, and pharmacy. There are 115 modern multimedia classrooms with a total value of more than 48 million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment. The college has a large library and an e-book reading room with nearly 300,000 printed books and 300,000 e-books. Total electronic resources 1500GB.

College living facilities are complete. The student apartment is safe and comfortable, equipped with air-conditioning, washing machine, pure water and other equipment; 3 student restaurants are clean and hygienic, and the bathrooms are clean and spacious; the college also has a supermarket and medical office to provide students with good shopping and medical services, etc. Life is extremely convenient.

North Anhui Health Vocational College has a rich and colorful cultural life. The college currently has 19 student associations and organizations, and often participate in various social practice activities; through a variety of cultural and sports activities, such as the orientation party, 5.12 International Nurses Day celebration, campus culture and arts festival, New Year’s Day party, sports meet, etc., to keep students busy studying At the same time, they can exert their talents more, improve their quality and exercise ability.

North Anhui Health Vocational College has always focused on practical teaching. The school owns a General Hospital of China Coal Mine Construction, which is directly affiliated to the hospital, two Suzhou First People’s Hospitals and Bengbu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, which are not directly affiliated hospitals. In addition, there are more than 100 internship bases in and outside the province. Among them, the third-level first-class hospitals are Anhui Provincial Hospital, Anhui Medical University First Affiliated Hospital and Second Affiliated Hospital, Bengbu Medical College First Affiliated Hospital and Second Affiliated Hospital, There are more than 40 hospitals such as Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University, Yanjishan Hospital of Wannan Medical College, Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Suzhou Municipal Hospital.


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