Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce


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Introduction to Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce (宁夏工商职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time ordinary college with higher education qualifications established by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region People ’s Government and registered with the Ministry of Education. A group of exemplary higher vocational colleges and the country’s first hundred backbone higher vocational colleges. The school was founded in 1951. Five schools, Ningxia Business School, Ningxia Supply and Marketing School, Ningxia Grain School, Ningxia Agricultural Mechanization School, and Ningxia Chemical Technology School, merged to form the current scale after two rounds. The college was established in 2010 as the first batch of exemplary higher vocational colleges in Ningxia. In 2013, it was the first batch of 100 national backbone vocational colleges. In 2015, 4 (China) Ningxia Modern Vocational Skills Public Training Centers were established in 2016. Won the title of Ningxia University’s only “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, won the “Fifth Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School Award” in 2017, and won the only Ningxia National Vocational Skills Competition Hosting Right, a National Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Second Class in 2018 prize. In 2019, it was established as a high-quality school in Ningxia. After nearly 70 years of reform and construction, the college has developed into a higher vocational college that is most closely connected with regional industries, has the best conditions for running a school, has the most remarkable results in the reform and innovation of school-enterprise collaboration, and has the strongest comprehensive schooling strength.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce is located in Ningxia Vocational Education Park. It is integrated with the Ningxia Vocational Education Training Base and is one of the largest comprehensive vocational colleges in Ningxia. The college closely follows the school’s positioning of “based on modern service industry, facing energy, chemical industry, and equipment manufacturing industry”. It focuses on the construction of 7 major professional groups such as tourism, finance, commerce, trade, and biology and chemical industry. Professional layout in parallel with “business”. At present, the college has 4 national key majors, 4 national second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot majors, and 17 autonomous region-level key specialty majors, accounting for 76% of the college’s total enrollment majors, covering all secondary colleges of the college.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce currently has nearly 10,000 students. Keeping in mind the needs of the economic and social development of the autonomous region and the transformation and upgrading of modern industries, firmly establish the central position of personnel training, adhere to the school motto of “honesty, diligence, dedication, and energy”, and adhere to the “scientific school management, system management school, quality school , Professional strong schools, distinctive schools, culturally honored schools, cooperative schools “and the school philosophy of” emphasis on virtue, diversity and integration, docking industry, and service to the society “, is committed to fostering” moral skills and cultivation, management High-quality technical and skilled personnel who combine the knowledge, action, and popularity. In the past three years, the completion rate of the admission plan has reached 99.99%, and the employment rate of graduates after six months has remained above 98%. In 2017, it became the designated air force non-commissioned personnel training college and won the “Fifth Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School Award”. At present, the college has cultivated nearly 80,000 technical and technical personnel, of which more than 80% of its graduates remain in Ningxia to work, and a large number of business backbones have emerged.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce is committed to building a talent team of “reasonable structure, high quality, and combination of professionalism and professionalism.” 620 faculty members, including 40 senior professional titles, 122 associate senior professional titles, 28 guest professors, 258 teachers with master’s degree or above (including 3 PhDs, 6 PhD candidates), and 390 “double-qualified” teachers people. It has 32 college-level professional leaders and 75 backbone teachers. There are 16 autonomous region-level teaching teams, 1 national skill master studio, and 2 autonomous skill master studios. 1 national second prize for teaching achievement award; 1 special prize for autonomous region teaching achievement award, 2 first prizes; 3 winners of the third prize of national university young teacher teaching competition; 1 person enjoyed the “Special Allowance of the State Council”; 1 Five May Day Labor Medal winners; one autonomous region top-notch talent; one autonomous region “plug-in skill master”; two autonomous region teachers; two autonomous region teachers and moral modelling and teaching model; two autonomous region technical experts; There are 31 teaching teachers in the autonomous region. A resource pool of part-time teachers composed of 28 guest professors and 413 enterprise technical staff, 16 district-level excellent professional teaching teams, and 4 district-level skill master studios have been established. In the past five years, a total of 56 talent projects at or above district level have been approved, and 93 teaching competition awards have been obtained.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce has 22 functional teaching and auxiliary institutions and 9 secondary colleges (departments). The college covers an area of 1538 acres and a building area of 220,000 square meters. 23 on-campus training centers, 109 integrated teaching and training rooms, and 187 off-campus high-quality internship employment bases have been completed. The school training site covers an area of 71,109 square meters, has 11,503 training equipment (sets), can provide 8362 training stations at one time, and the average teaching equipment value of students reaches 45273 yuan. It has one of the region’s largest national vocational skills appraisal institutes and one college student entrepreneurial park.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce has successively established 4 district-level and 18 school-level education and teaching steering committees. In cooperation with more than 50 industry companies such as China Cooking Association, Siemens (China) Company, and National Energy Group Ningxia Coal Industry Company, they jointly built and shared 4 schools, 7 R & D centers for application technology, and 18 teacher mobility centers. At present, there are 1 national, 43 district-level, 83 school-level excellent courses, 2 district-level, 7 school-level professional teaching resource banks, and 30 school-level micro courses. Participated in the construction of two national teaching resource banks, and a professional teaching resource bank co-hosted has entered the national candidate bank. Self-edited 78 school-based textbooks, of which 34 were published. In the past five years, a total of 333 quality engineering projects and 236 scientific research projects have been established, of which 226 are district-level or above. 109 horizontal projects were approved, and a total of 1.08 million yuan was received. He has published 867 papers and obtained 43 national patents, among which the core vocational education papers and patents rank first in Ningxia Higher Vocational Colleges.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce relies on the largest national vocational skills appraisal institute in the region and conducts vocational skills training and appraisal for more than 50 types of work at five levels for the society, with more than 5,000 person-times per year. Actively carried out skills training for students in more than 30 undergraduate and vocational colleges in the region and abroad, with a total of more than 20,000 person-times. At the same time, the school actively undertakes and encourages students to actively and widely participate in various large-scale social service work. It has undertaken international catering and social activities such as the Beijing Olympics, the 24th World University Winter Games, the Asian Games, the 41st Shanghai World Expo, and the China-Arab Expo. The service work has won honors for vocational education in Ningxia and improved the visibility and influence of the school.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce has successively worked with Ningxia University, Changzhou Textile and Garment Vocational Technical College, Nanjing Tourism Vocational College, Fujian Liming Vocational University, Taiwan Daren University of Science and Technology, and other universities in the region and outside, as well as Berkeley College and Tunis Sousse Overseas universities, such as the School of Tourism, have conducted close and in-depth cooperation in the fields of talent training, teacher exchange, professional co-construction, and technology research and development. Give full play to the advantages of resources, select two 6-person task teams to stay in fixed-point help villages, carry out innovative “blood-building poverty alleviation”, and provide comprehensive assistance to 2 secondary vocational schools in poor areas. .

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce has won the “National Advanced Collective of Education System”, “National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”, “Outstanding Contribution Award for National Skilled Talent Cultivation”, “Technical Talent Training Award”, “Vocational Education Innovation Award” and “National Education Achievement” Award “” National Vocational and Technical School Advanced School for Vocational Guidance Work “” Huang Yanpei Excellent School Award “” National Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award “” Autonomous Region Advanced Grassroots Party Organization “” Autonomous Region Training and Use of Advanced Talents Collective ” Supporting Advanced Units, “Autonomous Region Education Poverty Alleviation Advanced Units”, “The Fifth Huang Yanpei Outstanding School Award”, “National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”, “National Mental Health Advanced Collective” and many other honors.

Ningxia Vocational Technical College of Industry and Commerce will be guided by Xi Jinping ’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, and thoroughly implement the spirit of the Party ’s 19th National Congress, the National District Political Work Conference, the National Education Conference, and school ideological and political theory classes Keep up with the pace of the reform and development of modern vocational education, keep in mind the inspiring spirit at the beginning, keep in mind the mission, work hard, and resolutely follow the road of high-level development, in order to build the college into an “open and common prosperity, distinctive characteristics, first-class domestic, and internationally renowned And strive for high-quality and high-level vocational colleges.


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