Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics

Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics


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Introduction to Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics

Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics (宁夏财经职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1958 and belongs to the Autonomous Region Education Department. It is a national model higher vocational college, a civilized campus in the autonomous region, the chairman unit of the Ningxia Modern Service Vocational Education Group, and the second group of modern apprentices of the Ministry of Education System pilot units, national vocational college digital campus construction experimental schools, autonomous high-quality colleges and vocational colleges, autonomous regions “Internet + education” pilot schools, autonomous regions “three complete education” comprehensive reform pilot universities, autonomous regions universities implement total staffing Pilot unit.

The college is located in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia. It covers an area of ??577 acres and has a building area of ??102,700 square meters. It has a national productive training base, a “dual teacher” training base for teachers, a public training center for modern business vocational skills in Ningxia, and an inter-professional training platform. There are 9 multi-functional professional training rooms and 34 on-campus training rooms. It has 2018 internal training stations and 138 external training bases. The library has nearly 400,000 books.

Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics currently has more than 5,500 students. There are 252 staff members, including 153 full-time teachers, 22 professors, and 67 associate professors; 2 doctors and 138 masters; and 83 dual-teacher teachers. There are 8 teaching teams in the autonomous region, 4 teaching teachers in the autonomous region, and 6 high-end accounting talents in the autonomous region. There are 4 famous teaching teachers, 15 professional (disciplinary) leaders, and 8 backbone teachers.

The college has 27 enrollment majors and directions, covering 5 major categories including finance and commerce, electronic information, civil construction, education and sports, culture and arts, and forms 6 majors in accounting, finance, marketing, property management, computer, and applied English. group. Among them, there are 2 national demonstrative majors, 5 national backbone majors, 4 autonomous core backbone demonstrative majors, and 5 autonomous high-level majors.

Ningxia Vocational College of Finance and Economics has successively won the “National Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment Work”, “National Demonstration Unit for Economical Public Institutions”, “Advanced Collective for Enrollment Management in Autonomous Regions”, “Advanced Unit for Party Construction in Colleges and Universities and Ideological and Political Education for College Students” Building advanced units of learning party organizations, “Demonstration Schools for Democratic Management of the Autonomous Region Education System”, “Advanced Collectives for the Construction of Teachers’ Ethics”, “Advanced Collectives for the Opening of Government Affairs”, “Advanced Units for the Construction of Party Members in the Autonomous Region”, and “Safe Campus in the Autonomous Region”.


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