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Introduction to Ningxia Normal University

Ningxia Normal University (宁夏师范学院, NXNU) is located in Guyuan City, a historic city under the Liupan Mountain in the south of Ningxia. It is under the management of the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and is the only normal university undergraduate in Ningxia.

Ningxia Normal University was formerly known as Liupanshan University, which was established in 1975. Hu Qili, former vice chairman of the CPPCC and then deputy secretary of Guyuan Local Committee, served as the leader of the preparatory group and the party’s core leadership group. In 1978, the State Council approved the establishment of Guyuan Teachers College on the basis of Liupanshan University. In 1994, it was renamed Guyuan Teachers College. In 2006, it was renamed Ningxia Teachers College and approved as an undergraduate college. In 2012, he obtained the qualification for postgraduate education for master’s degree in education. In 2013, it passed the assessment of the undergraduate teaching qualification of the Ministry of Education and became the first pilot school for public-funded education of normal students in Ningxia. In 2016, it became the first batch of universities in Ningxia as a whole to apply for the transformation of pilot universities and autonomous regions in the “western first-class” discipline construction unit, and was approved to recruit foreign students. In 2018, it was approved as a master’s degree authorized unit, a pilot school for high-level undergraduate education in the autonomous region, a key “Internet + education” construction unit in the autonomous region, and a pilot school for artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers in the autonomous region. Member units, member units of joint meetings of newly established local undergraduate colleges and universities, and member units of the “Belt and Road” college alliances.

Ningxia Normal University is deeply rooted in the southern mountainous region of Ningxia. It has taken the responsibility to serve the basic education and regional economic and social development of ethnic regions, poverty-stricken areas, and several generations of Ningxia teachers who have performed their duties with due diligence. The spirit of “good man”, adhere to the school tradition of “hard work, self-improvement” and the school philosophy of “open school, connotative development, and comprehensively improve the quality of education”, adhering to the school motto of “learning high as a teacher and serving as a model” , Seeking truth, innovation, dedication “school style,” dedication, love of students, knowledge and practice “teaching style and” diligent thinking, the combination of knowledge and action “style of study, for Ningxia and the surrounding areas have accumulated a total of more than 40,000 talents of various types, Known as “the talent base of Liupan Mountain, the cradle of teachers in Ningnan mountain area”.

Ningxia Normal University has two campuses, Guyan and Wenyuan, with a total area of 928,434.16 square meters, 120,752 square meters of teaching and administrative space, and 59,900 square meters of student dormitory. The experimental building covers an area of 25218.8 square meters. The total value of the school’s teaching and scientific research equipment is 114.94 million yuan. The library has 81,944,000 Chinese and foreign paper books, 105 books per student, 1,057 paper newspapers and 865,000 e-books, and has major domestic network resources and databases. “Journal of Ningxia Teachers College” was released to the public nationwide and was the first national “Top 100” social science newspaper.

Ningxia Normal University has 12 teaching units, 2 scientific research units, 4 direct units, and 18 party and mass administrative units. There are 2 first-level master degree authorization points for Chinese language and literature and chemistry, and 1 professional master’s degree authorization degree. There are 8 disciplines in law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and arts. 36 Each undergraduate major has initially formed different types of talent training systems for graduate education, undergraduate education, full-time higher education, continuing education, and international student education. There are 1 “first-class” discipline construction discipline and 1 key laboratory in the autonomous region, 1 advantageous characteristic discipline in the 13th Five-Year Plan period in Ningxia, 3 key disciplines, 2 technology innovation centers in the autonomous region, and 2 science and technology innovation platforms in universities and colleges in the autonomous region. One cultivation platform and one new type think tank in autonomous universities. There are 17 school-level key disciplines, 6 research (engineering) centers, 7 production-university-research cooperation education bases, and 2 humanities and social science research bases.

Ningxia Normal University currently has 547 staff members, including 381 full-time teachers and 56 external teachers, equivalent to 409 teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 294 young and middle-aged teachers under the age of 45, accounting for 77.17%; 200 teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 52.49%; 307 teachers with a master’s degree or above, accounting for 80.58%; and 242 teachers from universities outside the district, accounting for 63.52% . Among the teachers are one national “Ten Thousand Talents Program” leading person in philosophy and social sciences, one national cultural master and “four batches” talent, two “New Century Outstanding Talents Support Program” by the Ministry of Education, and two enjoying special subsidies from the State Council. 1 National Advanced Worker, 1 National May 1 Labor Medal Winner, 2 National Model Teachers, 1 National Advanced Individual Ethics, 1 National Excellent Teacher in Colleges and Universities, 1 National Excellent Science and Technology Worker. One person in the fourth batch of the “312 Talent Attraction Programs at Home and Abroad” in the autonomous region, one person in the fifth batch of the “100 Talents Attracting Overseas Talents Program” in the autonomous region, and one person enjoying the special allowance of the government of the autonomous region. 2 candidates for reserve, 2 candidates for academic and technological leaders in the autonomous region, 3 candidates for the “313” talent project in the autonomous region, 3 candidates for the training of science and technology innovation leaders in the autonomous region, 1 talent training project for the leading talents in philosophy and social sciences, culture and the arts in Ningxia, 1 autonomous region 1 outstanding young backbone staff, 2 “autonomous youth science and technology talent support project” in the autonomous region, 1 “saisang master”, 1 “saisang cultural master”, 8 autonomous region teaching masters, 4 outstanding teachers in autonomous region There are 2 advanced workers in the autonomous region, 1 model in teaching and educating people in the autonomous region, 1 model in the autonomous region, moral standard, 5 members in the “9 · 10” medal of the autonomous region, 1 person in the 38th Red Banner in the autonomous region, and 1 person in the autonomous region. There is one person in the Autonomous Region in the “May Day towel paradigm” and one in “Yuanpan Talent” in Guyuan City.

Ningxia Normal University recruits students nationwide. As of June 2019, there are 7,113 full-time undergraduate students (including 1,099 normal-funded normal students), 161 undergraduate preparatory students, 82 professional degree graduate students, and 1,238 adult education amateur students, equivalent to The number of school students is 7,768. The school has strengthened publicity on employment and entrepreneurship policies, actively expanded employment channels, and the student employment rate has remained above 90% for many years.

Ningxia Normal University and Ningxia University have jointly established a school, established a supportive relationship with East China Normal University, co-founded the Marxist College with Northeast Normal University, and cooperated with Beijing Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest Normal University, Fujian Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University, Qufu Normal University, Qinghai University, Hubei University, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, South Korea ’s Yousong University, Southeastern Sri Lanka University, Xalda University of India, National Institute of Higher Education of Tunisia, Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand, and Ciengetochova Technical University , Sultan Idris Education University of Malaysia, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Pingtung University of Taiwan, Taichung Education University, Taiwan Tsing Yi University, Taiwan Shude University of Science and Technology established long-term cooperative relationships with 86 universities in China and abroad, with more than 20 Local enterprises and institutions signed joint training and service cooperation agreements.

Ningxia Normal University has been awarded the title of “National Model Unit for National Unity and Progress” twice by the State Council and the title of “National Advanced Group for National Education” by the former State Education Commission. It is the fourth “National Civilized Unit”, National Defence Education Characteristic School. It was rated by the Party Committee and Government of the Autonomous Region as a “model unity of national unity and progress in the whole region”, and it is an autonomous region-level “civilized unit” and a “government demonstration unit”. Style units. ”

Ningxia Normal University will be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, and thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, and vigorously implement “quality school, talent strong school, research and development school, featured school, open live school, cultural honor school” The strategy is to take the opportunity to build a pilot school for high-level undergraduate education in the autonomous region, support artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers, comprehensively deepen the comprehensive education reform, actively promote transformation and development, continue to strengthen the content construction, strive to improve the quality of talent training, and actively connect with the society Industry, implement industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation, unswervingly take the road of scientific development, connotative development, and characteristic development, based on Ningxia, facing the west, and radiating the surrounding areas, serving the grassroots level, serving basic education, and serving the economic and social development of the region. The school has built a distinctive teacher education, multi-disciplinary coordinated development, and a well-known teaching normal university in the western region.


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