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Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology

Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology (宁夏理工学院, NXIST) is an ordinary undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located on the bank of Xinghai Lake in Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and is the only university in China surrounded by water. It covers an area of more than 1,500 acres, more than 3,000 acres of water area, and a building area of more than 340,000 square meters.

After more than 30 years of development, the Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology has formed a multi-level talent training system focusing on undergraduate education, taking into account specialist education, adult education, and continuing education. Now it has become an ordinary undergraduate college which is mainly based on work, and has coordinated development in multiple disciplines such as management, economics, literature, science, art, physical education, and law. There are 13 second-level colleges and departments, offering 41 undergraduate majors and 26 specialized majors, involving 9 disciplines. Six majors including accounting, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and its automation, safety engineering, computer science and technology, and automobile service engineering have been included in the specialty construction sites of the autonomous region; safety engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, Internet of things engineering, Four majors such as e-commerce are key construction majors in the autonomous region; mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and automation are the dominant and key disciplines in the “13th Five-Year Plan” autonomous region. The professional cluster of accounting business administration, electrical engineering and its automation, engineering management, automotive service engineering, data science and big data technology have won the district-level production-education integration talent training demonstration major. There are currently more than 600 full-time teachers and more than 11,600 full-time students. It recruits students from 26 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. The initial employment rate of fresh graduates has always remained above 90%, ranking the forefront of the district. The school has ranked among the top 100 private universities in the country, becoming the best private university in Ningxia. In 2017, it was awarded the “National Lei Feng Demonstration Site” by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology is an undergraduate university that proposed to cultivate applied talents earlier in the country. Revolving around the fundamental tasks of Lideshuren, the reform of the credit system based on the academic year is progressing in an orderly manner, and fruitful results have been achieved in terms of innovative and applied personnel training, teaching concept updating, teaching method research, and training mode exploration. More than 200 teaching engineering construction projects have been completed, including 4 national-level projects, more than 100 autonomous region-level, and 16 teaching reform projects; 4 teaching teams have been formed, including 5 excellent courses, 3 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 Innovative experimental areas for talent training models, 3 experimental bases for autonomous region sharing, and 66 innovation and entrepreneurship projects for university students; 4 awards for teaching achievements at or above the autonomous region level; more than 200 people have won prizes in national competitions, and more than 860 people have won provincial and ministry awards Awarded in the first level competition.

The Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology has actively carried out foreign exchanges and cooperation. It has established good inter-university cooperative relations with Northeast University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Arland International University in the United States, and Japan West International University. In 2013, the school was included in the Ministry of Education’s Counterpart Supporting Colleges and Universities in the Western Region program, and became the only private college in the country to be included in this plan. It was supported by Northeastern University, and the “2 + 2” project for joint undergraduate training with Northeastern University has been covered. 20 undergraduate majors, and became Zhejiang University of Technology counterpart support colleges in 2017. Each year, outstanding students are selected for Zhejiang University of Technology for “2 + 2” joint training; and the “Dual Campus” project with Japan’s Chengxi International University is selected, and outstanding students are selected each year. In 2016, our school signed a friendly cooperation agreement with the University of California, Riverside, and regularly sponsored outstanding students to visit short-term schools each year. In 2017, we also signed a cooperation school agreement with the Arlanda International University in the United States to carry out “2 + 2” And master’s joint training programs, the MBA joint training program has been successfully implemented in the two universities.

The school insists on serving the national strategy and the direction of regional economic development. Relying on the advantages of science and engineering, actively build an education platform for enterprise-academia cooperation with enterprises, and cooperate in depth with enterprises in student training, internship training, employment, corporate training, and part-time teacher team construction to achieve the largest range of resource integration. New business science and technology innovation centers have been completed, 51 off-campus practical education bases and 8 social practice bases have been established, of which there are 2 autonomous region-level college students’ off-campus practical education bases.

Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology hosted the “National Mine Rescue Skills Competition” in 2012, successfully hosted the “Global Education Alliance (GEC) 2013 Annual Meeting” in 2013, and successfully hosted the “Ministry of Education Hong Kong Li Zhaoji Foundation Thousands of Midwest University Presidents Forum 2014 Annual Meeting ”, 2015 successfully held the region ’s industrial development and key work site exchange observation meeting, successfully held the National Automotive Service Engineering Steering Committee Annual Meeting in 2016, held the National ACM-ICPC Chinese University Student Program Design Competition in 2018 activity.

The development of the school has received strong support from the central and local governments and society. In 2009, the school was included in the scope of local university debt resolution, achieving zero school debt; in 2012, the school was included in the co-construction units of the municipal and municipal governments; in 2013, the school became a Tsinghua University graduate social teaching practice base and a short-term graduate base; In 2015, the school passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education. During the 60th National Day celebration of the autonomous region in 2018, You Quan, the secretary of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, led a sympathy delegation to the school and affirmed the school’s direction and achievements for more than 30 years.

The Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology will seize the important opportunities of the national “Belt and Road” strategy and the construction of the “two districts” of Ningxia, further enhance the consistency of talent training with local economic and social development, coordinate innovation, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive schooling strength Cultivate more applied, skilled and innovative talents for economic and social development.


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