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Introduction to Nanyang Institute of Technology

Nanyang Institute of Technology (南阳理工学院, website) is a full-time public general undergraduate college located in the historical and cultural city of Nanyang, Henan. The predecessor was Nanyang University, approved by the Henan Provincial Government. In January 1993, the State Education Commission approved the establishment of the school, which was named Nanyang Institute of Technology. The original Zhang Zhongjing State Medical University was merged. Build a city-based school system. Has been approved as one of the 100 national education modernization promotion engineering-industrial integration project schools, the Ministry of Education outstanding engineer education training plan school, the national civilized unit, the national green model unit, the Henan Province demonstration application-oriented undergraduate colleges, Henan Province as a whole Transformation and development pilot schools, best service colleges in the Central Plains Economic Zone, Henan top ten innovation and entrepreneurship model schools, and Henan Shuangchuang Base, won the “Top 20 Leading Universities in Henan Province in Comprehensive Strength” in 2017, and was selected as the national typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2018 Top 50 universities.

Nanyang Institute of Technology currently has more than 20,000 full-time college students. The campus covers an area of 1760 acres and a building area of about 590,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets for teaching and research equipment is 395 million yuan. Support local universities to develop special funds to build laboratories, 36 provincial and municipal key laboratories, and provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. The library is rich in literature and information resources, with a total of 3.266 million existing books (as of the end of 2018), of which 1.6 million are printed books and 1.666 million are electronic books (books). “Gongwen Library”, “Zhongjing Literature Database”, “Building Science Special Database”, “Chinese Medicine Special Database”, “Foreign Language Database IEEE”, “Foreign Language Database EI” and other nearly 40 databases. The campus network with a backbone bandwidth of 20,000 megabytes and an export bandwidth of 9000M covers the entire school. It is the first in the province to implement a flat network architecture with a large second layer, with unified identity authentication for wired, wireless, IPV4, and IPV6, and more than 21,000 terminal computers.

Nanyang Institute of Technology currently has 19 teaching and learning departments, covering 9 university subjects including science, engineering, management, literature, economics, education, law, medicine, and arts, and has 52 undergraduate majors, including 9 ministries of education and provincial education departments “Excellence plan” pilot majors, 16 provincial key disciplines, specialty majors and comprehensive comprehensive reform pilots, 10 national and provincial quality courses, quality resource sharing courses, quality online open courses, etc.

Nanyang Institute of Technology currently has 1,658 faculty members, including 560 senior professional and technical positions, and 1,116 doctoral and master’s degrees. Has Henan outstanding experts, provincial government special allowance experts, outstanding management experts, 11 provincial academic and technical leaders, 25 provincial and provincial academic and technical leaders, and has 20 provincial and school-level innovative technology teams and outstanding teaching teams It has a “Postdoctoral Research and Development Base in Henan Province” and employs several academicians of the two academicians and well-known experts and scholars as part-time professors. The school adheres to the concept of “putting emphasis on teaching, teaching and research simultaneously, driving research with teaching, and serving teaching quality with research”. Encourage teachers to apply the latest scientific research results to teaching practice, promote the updating of teaching content, and form a positive interaction between scientific research and teaching. In the past 3 years, 328 scientific research projects have been initiated, including 10 national and 171 provincial and ministerial levels; more than 2,600 publicly published papers; 150 monographs and translations, and more than 100 textbooks. The “Journal of Nanyang Institute of Technology” hosted by the public was published at home and abroad, and its influence continues to increase.

The Nanyang Institute of Technology has a number of scientific research platforms such as the Ministry of Education’s production-education integration innovation base, the Ministry of Education’s engineering practice base, the provincial academician workstation, the provincial postdoctoral research and development base, the provincial key laboratory, the Nanyang Collaborative Innovation Research Institute, and Zhongguancun Leading Space. Establish scientific research service centers such as “smart manufacturing”, “Zhongjing Health & Wellness”, “e-commerce training” and “education international exchange”. Established laboratories with General Electric in the United States, Bosch in Germany, Great Wall Computer, etc., and signed a contract with ZTE to jointly build an ICT production and education integration and innovation base of “Nanyang Institute of Technology and ZTE Xinsi College”. Kyushu, Yutong, Ricoh, School-enterprise joint classes such as the Second International Trade Class. In the past 3 years, it has jointly applied for more than 140 applied research projects with enterprises, participated in more than 170 technological innovations, technological transformations, and new product research and development, and won more than 500 provincial and municipal achievement awards.

The Nanyang Institute of Technology has a “Nanyang Institute of Technology Alumni Association” and 54 alumni associations at home and abroad. Support successful alumni registration and establishment of Henan University’s first graduate innovation and entrepreneurship promotion association, the establishment of alumni innovation and entrepreneurship fund of 2 million yuan; the establishment of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship incubation park, Nanyang University of Science and Technology Park, Nanyang Venture College, and Zhongguancun Nanyang Leading Space, Implemented Henan University ’s first “University Entrepreneurship Leadership Plan”, which was identified as a “National Crowd Creation Space” in September 2016, and in February 2017 was identified as the first batch of Henan University Scientific Research Institutes ’Double Innovation Bases, and has been awarded“ Henan Province University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School, “Henan Province University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base”, etc., was selected as one of the top 50 universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship in 2018.

In recent years, Nanyang Institute of Technology students have won 1,243 in major events such as the “Challenge Cup” National Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, ACM-ICPC International College Student Program Design Competition, National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition, National College Student Electronic Design Competition, etc. Awards. In 2015, the school successfully hosted the first China University Student Program Design Competition (CCPC); student representatives of the school participated in the ACM International University Student Program Design Competition many times, and won a total of 1 silver and 21 bronze awards in Asia; participated in the 9th, 10th, and 11th The Henan Provincial ACM University Student Program Design Contest won three consecutive championships; participated in Baidu’s first college search marketing competition and won first prize, ranking second overall; In 2017, it won two first prizes in the eighth “Blue Bridge Cup” International Software Competition The first prize was awarded in the first Global Chinese Cyber Security Contest 2017 and the fourth Shanghai University Cyber Security Contest in 2017. According to statistics, in 2018, our students received 611 provincial and ministerial-level awards, including 53 national first-class awards and 338 second- and third-class awards. In the 2014-2018 evaluation of the training of innovative talents and disciplines in Chinese universities published by the Chinese Higher Education Institute, our university ranked 256th in China’s universities and 9th in Henan Province.

Nanyang Institute of Technology expands international exchanges and cooperation, and Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs continue to be implemented; branches are established in South Korea to enroll Korean students in Chinese medicine; schools are run in cooperation with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Northampton University, and Gyeongnam University Compound talents with vision and professional background; exchange student projects with the University of East Strasbourg in the United States, and the establishment of inter-school cooperative relationships with nearly a hundred foreign universities; actively expanding exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road Teachers and students go abroad (overseas) to study for master’s and doctoral degrees to provide opportunities to recruit foreign students to study and train in the school; the Central Plains China-Korea Cultural Exchange Center, Nanyang China-Japan Cultural Exchange Center, etc.


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