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Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing Tech University Nanjing Tech University
Nanjing Tech University Nanjing Tech University


Introduction to Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing Tech University (website) has a history of 100 years of running a school. It is one of the first 14 universities to be selected as a national “Innovative Ability Enhancement Plan for Higher Education Institutions” (2011 Plan). It is a key support university for Jiangsu’s high-level universities, a key university in Jiangsu Province, and Jiangsu Province. Comprehensive reform pilot universities, Jiangsu Province, strong schools, pilot universities, the country’s first batch of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration colleges, national colleges and universities practice education innovation and entrepreneurship base, the Ministry of Education’s first batch of outstanding engineer training programs pilot colleges and universities and professional degree graduate education comprehensive reform Pilot colleges.


The university has 11 faculties, 28 colleges and more than 30,000 students of all types. There are 1 national key disciplines, 1 national key discipline cultivation and construction point in Jiangsu Province, 2 national key discipline cultivation and construction points in Jiangsu universities, 4 first-phase projects and 6 second-phase projects in Jiangsu universities. There are 6 projects in the third phase, 2 key disciplines in Jiangsu Province, 4 national defense specialty disciplines, 7 postdoctoral research stations, 6 first-degree doctoral degree award points, and 10 self-appointed second-level doctoral degree awarding points. There are 23 master’s degree programs, 9 master’s degree programs, 18 master’s degree programs, 15 professional degree programs, and 91 undergraduate majors. 8 disciplines of science, management, economics, literature, law, medicine and art. In the fourth round of subject evaluation of the Ministry of Education’s degree and postgraduate education development center, our university’s chemical engineering and technology disciplines have obtained Class A grades (the first 2% to 5% of the country), and materials science and engineering, safety science and engineering disciplines have obtained B+ grades. (The top 10% to 20% of the country), among which chemical engineering and technology, materials science and engineering ranked first in the province. The school ranked 59th in mainland China in the comprehensive ESI global ranking in May 2019. The four disciplines of chemistry, materials science, engineering, biology and biochemistry entered the top 1% of ESI globally; in September 2018, Thames High The University of Education World ranks 26th among mainland China universities; in June 2019, the natural index ranks 30th among mainland China universities; in August 2018, the university ranks among the world’s leading 500 universities in the 2018 World University Academic Rankings. The ranks of research universities ranks 401-500 in the world and ranks 36-51 in universities in mainland China.

There are more than 2,900 faculty members and more than 1,300 senior professional titles, including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 members of the 7th State Council Discipline Review Group, 2 outstanding national professional and technical personnel, and the Yangtze River. The scholars have 5 special professors, 8 chief scientists of the national “973” program, 26 national “Thousand Talents” candidates (including 18 young people), 14 national outstanding youth fund winners, and the National Outstanding Youth Fund. 7 people; 4 innovation teams of the “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan” of the Ministry of Education, 3 rolling support innovation teams; 1 innovation team in the key areas of the “Innovative Talent Promotion Plan” of the Ministry of Science and Technology; 10 young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leaders The Central People’s Department of the “Millions of Plan” leading talents 11 people, 1 million plan teaching teachers 1; the Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Support Program 11 people; 10 million projects national level candidates 11 people; the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Welfare 1 person in the plan; 1 expert in the Expert Committee of the “12th Five-Year Plan” and “863” Program, 3 experts in the subject expert group, and teaching guidance of the Ministry of Education Member of the committee of nine people, national model teachers, outstanding teachers nationwide four people, Huang Danian nationwide team of teachers a formula.

The university insists on the status of the teaching work center, does not waver, strives for survival by quality, develops with characteristics, and strives to build and continuously optimize the personnel training system. The 20 engineering majors have entered the “first phalanx” of global engineering education through the certification of engineering education or the professional assessment of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Since the “11th Five-Year Plan”, it has won 4 second prizes for national teaching achievements, 3 provincial special prizes for teaching achievements, 7 first prizes and 12 second prizes. There are 2 national-level teaching teams, 1 national-level experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national-level quality teaching material, 8 “Twelfth Five-Year” national-level planning textbooks, 12 national-level specialty construction points, and professional integration of the Ministry of Education. 2 reform pilots, 7 pilot programs for outstanding engineer education training programs of the Ministry of Education, 3 national-level quality courses, 2 national bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 2 national-level quality resource sharing courses, and 1 stage of Jiangsu university brand professional construction projects 5 projects, 8 brand majors in Jiangsu Province, 10 specialty schools in Jiangsu Province, 12 key professional disciplines in Jiangsu Province (covering 30 majors), and 2 pilot projects of Jiangsu Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program (software), provincial experiment 18 teaching demonstration centers. In 2006, Nanjing Tech University received an excellent grade of undergraduate teaching work level organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, it successfully passed the examination and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In 2017, it was approved by the Ministry of Education for the first batch of Sino-US Youth Maker Exchange Center.

Nanjing Tech University has strong scientific research strength, and has the State Key Laboratory of Materials Chemical Engineering, the National Joint Research Center for Flexible Electronic Materials and Devices, the National Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Special Separation Membrane Engineering Technology Research Center and the National Heat Pipe Technology Research and Promotion Center. There are 5 national scientific research institutions, 24 provincial and ministerial research centers, and 25 provincial and ministerial key laboratories. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the school’s scientific research projects and achievements have won 207 awards at various levels, including 6 projects won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award and 4 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The Ministry of Education has “one of the top ten scientific and technological progress in Chinese higher education institutions”. There are 4 people in the Heliang Heli Fund Science and Technology Progress Award and 1 person in the Science and Technology Innovation Award.

Nanjing Tech University attaches great importance to scientific research and the transformation of results, and adheres to the interactive development of production, education and research Nanjing University of Technology Science and Technology Park is a national-level university science and technology park, and Nanjing University of Technology Technology Transfer Center is a national technology transfer demonstration institution with a national intellectual property training (Jiangsu) base. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, it has undertaken more than 9,200 various types of topics including national key R&D project, national “973” plan project, “863” plan project, national science and technology support plan project and National Natural Science Foundation project. Project, science and technology funds 3.15 billion yuan, has achieved a number of high-level research results, and made positive contributions to relevant industries, Jiangsu local economic construction and social development.

The university implements a global expansion strategy and has established partnerships with more than 80 overseas universities and research institutions in 20 countries and regions. Among them, the “International Joint Research Center” was established with world-renowned universities such as Imperial College of Science and Technology, Moscow State University of Russia, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, etc.; “Flexible Electronic Innovation and Intelligence Base” project was selected into the National “High School Discipline Innovation Initiative” Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban Confucius Institute Scholarship receiving institution, Confucius Institute with Johannesburg University of South Africa and University of Zaragoza, Spain; cooperation with University of Sheffield and Dublin University of Technology, Ireland “3+1” undergraduate education has a total of 6 Sino-foreign cooperative education projects; cooperated with the University of Burgundy in France to organize a “1+2” postgraduate education program for Sino-foreign cooperative education; cooperated with the University of Eastern Washington to hold 1+2+1 2 dual degree programs; 1 2+2 dual degree program in cooperation with the University of Queensland, Australia; Cambridge University, Aachen University of Technology, University of California, Davis, Cardiff University, University of New South Wales, Australia And other well-known universities to carry out student exchange programs; existing from more than 10 countries Dozens of foreign experts from home and more than 300 overseas students from all over the world.

Looking forward to the future, the university will thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firmly grasp the fundamental tasks of Lide Shuren, firmly grasp the eternal theme of high-quality development, focus on high-level university construction and first-class discipline creation, and solidify the source. , collaborative innovation, and strive to build a domestic first-class internationally renowned entrepreneurial university.


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