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Nanjing Sport Institute

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Introduction to Nanjing Sport Institute

Nanjing Sport Institute (南京体育学院, website) was founded in 1956. It is a merger of Nanjing Sports School, Jiangsu Teachers College Physical Education Department, and Jiangsu Sports Cadres Training Class. It is the only independent sports institution of higher learning and an important provincial competition in Jiangsu Province. The sports training base is a provincial key construction university co-managed by the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, and is known as the “cradle of world champions”.

The school is located in the ancient capital of Nanjing and has four campuses: Linggu Temple, Xianlin, Wukesong (Chi) and Binjiang. The main campus of Linggu Temple is located at the former site of the Central Stadium of the Republic of China on the southern foot of Zijin Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing, covering an area of more than 640 acres. School education and teaching includes the Department of Physical Education, Department of Sports, Department of Sports Health Science, Department of Ethnic Sports and Performance, Department of Leisure Sports, Football College, Graduate School, Athlete Education and Teaching Management Department, Marxism College, Continuing Education Department, Affiliated School and Olympic College (privately run mechanism) 12 units, 14 undergraduate majors, involving 5 disciplines of education, literature, management, science, arts, there are currently 7032 students of all types; sports training has a tennis college (Chinese tennis College), athletic training college, provincial youth sports school 3 units, 11 provincial outstanding sports teams, there are 355 professional athletes.

Nanjing Sport Institute actively promotes discipline construction and education and teaching reform. Physical education is approved as a discipline construction project for superior disciplines in Jiangsu universities. It has 5 master’s degree granting points for physical education and 1 master’s degree granting point for physical education; 3 national specialty specialty construction sites, 2 pilot projects for the comprehensive reform of the 12th Five-year Plan of the Ministry of Education, 2 Jiangsu specialty college construction sites, 3 Jiangsu college brand specialty construction sites, and Jiangsu Province “12th Five-Year Plan” “2 key majors (classes) in colleges and universities, 2 in Jiangsu University brand specialty construction phase I project (including 1 in category A); 1 national higher education teaching achievement award, 1 provincial provincial higher education teaching award 3, 5 second prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes of the Education and Teaching Achievement Award of the General Administration of Sport of China, 12 provincial excellent and excellent courses, 5 provincial graduate courses, and 1 provincial excellent course group 16 provincial excellent multimedia courseware, 1 national undergraduate planning teaching material for the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, 19 provincial excellent teaching materials, excellent teaching materials, and key teaching materials, Jiangxi Foundation universities Province Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Point one, the practice of provincial education center point of a building, more than 80 training base.

Nanjing Sport Institute, as the main force and base of competitive sports in Jiangsu, actively serves the development of sports, and has stepped out of a large number of sports industry leaders such as Yuan Weimin, former director of the General Administration of Sport of China, and Cai Zhenhua, deputy director of the General Administration of Sport; there are 15 people, 23 people, and 20 events Won the Olympic champion twice, 101 people 315 times 199 times won the world championship, 172 people 475 times 362 times won the Asian championship, of which 94 people 151 times 111 times won the Asian Games champion; participated in the 1st to 13th national The Games won 204.5 gold medals for Jiangsu Province.

In recent years, the school has conscientiously implemented the strategy of “rejuvenating science and technology” and vigorously carried out scientific and technological research and scientific and technological services. It has won five projects from the National Social Science Fund, one project from the National Natural Science Fund, and more than 600 other types of scientific research projects at various levels. More than 60 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; 25 awards for various scientific research achievements at various levels; 6 authorized invention patents, more than 40 utility model patents, 4 software copyrights; published more than 100 monographs, edited books, and textbooks; published More than 4500 papers (including more than 300 core journals, 22 SCI, EI, CPCI-S); 1 Jiangsu Province Collaborative Innovation Center Cultivation and Construction Site, 1 Jiangsu Province University Key Construction Laboratory; 1 Jiangsu Province Student Physical Health Monitoring and Behavior Intervention Research Center, Jiangsu Campus Football Research Center, Jiangsu Sports Events Research Center, Olympic Education Research Center, Scientific Training Research Center and other research institutions. The school actively participated in national and provincial preparations for the Olympic Games and the National Games in science and technology research services, and received awards from superiors. In recent years, it has worked with more than 10 units such as the Sports Science Research Institute of the General Administration of Sport, Beijing Sport University, Shanghai Institute of Sport, and Nanjing University in sports biology. Cooperative research has been carried out in the fields of mechanics, sports physiology, sports training, and sports biochemistry, with gratifying results.

Based on the principles of positioning, mission, scale, structure, quality, and efficiency, Nanjing Sport Institute strives to build a qualified and available team of teachers (including coaches). There are currently 390 full-time teachers (including 122 people-run mechanisms), including 33 senior professional titles (3 private-run mechanisms), 87 senior vice-titles (4 private-run mechanisms), 115 mid-level titles (27 private-run mechanisms); 34 teachers with doctorate degrees and 237 master’s degrees (private-run mechanisms) 55 people). There are 124 coaches, including 30 national coaches, 44 senior coaches, and 32 first-level coaches. Among the teaching staff, 6 are entitled to the “Special Government Allowance of the State Council”, 4 are middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions to the provincial level, 28 are selected to be trained in the “333 Project” in the province, 46 are trained in the “Blue Project” in the provincial colleges and universities, and “ There are 2 people in the “Hundred Talents Program for Outstanding Middle-aged and Professional Talents”, 7 people are trained in the “Double Hundred Talents Training Program for Elite Coaches”, and 110 master tutors (including 38 external hires).

Nanjing Sport Institute actively conducts foreign cooperation in running schools, and has established exchanges and cooperation with universities, research institutes, and sports organizations in more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; More than 100 foreign experts have come to the school to give lectures and instructed training. More than 100 foreign experts have been sent to various sports programs, with a footprint in more than 40 countries and regions.

The school has been running for more than 60 years, and has adhered to the characteristic development path of “integration of learning and training, educating people, achieving innovation, and serving the society”. It has achieved fruitful results in running the school, obtained party and state leaders, the State Sports General Administration, Jiangsu The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, as well as the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee and Bach fully affirmed, and won many national and provincial awards.

Facing the future, Nanjing Sport Institute will continue to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of running schools, continuously improve the “Trinity” mode of teaching, training and scientific research, adhering to the “strict and simple” school motto, with the goal of “sports characteristics, first-class domestically”, As a fundamental sports talent, it continuously strengthens the comprehensive strength of school running, enhances the school running efficiency and expands the school running influence, and contributes to the development of sports in Jiangsu Province and the country.


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