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Nanjing Polytechnic Institute

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Introduction to Nanjing Polytechnic Institute

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute (南京科技职业学院, website) was founded in 1958. In 2001, the school was upgraded to a full-time college. In 2007, it became the first provincial demonstration higher vocational college construction unit in Jiangsu Province. In 2010, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance officially identified it as a national backbone institution. The construction unit successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2014; in February 2015, the school was renamed Nanjing Vocational College of Science and Technology. The school is located in the national hinterland of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. It is a full-time college-level college organized by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and managed directly by the Education Department.

Currently, Nanjing Polytechnic Institute is the deputy director unit of the Education Working Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the deputy director unit of the Responsible Care Working Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and the leader unit of the National Responsible Care College Working Group. The deputy director unit of the vocational education and teaching steering committee of the chemical industry, the deputy chairman unit of the China Chemical Education Association and the director unit of the vocational education work committee, the deputy director unit of the vocational education branch of the China Education International Exchange Association, and the deputy work committee of the China Higher Vocational Education Cooperation and Exchange Committee The Secretary-General unit, the vice president unit of Jiangsu Foreign Students Education Management Research Association, the chairman unit of Jiangsu Chemical Industry Vocational Education Group, is a national vocational college hosted by the Ministry of Education and other provinces, and sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. “Chemical Equipment Maintenance” and “Fine Chemical Production Technology” skill contest designated bases, “National Petroleum and Chemical Vocational Education International Exchange and Training Base”, “Sinopec System Quality Human Resources Training and Transmission Base”, and undergraduate universities ” 3 + 2 ”segment Yang, “4 + 0” level and joint training program “3 + 3” Cultivating in Higher College pilot project. The school has successively obtained the “National Employment Demonstration Unit of Higher Vocational Colleges”, “Advanced Collective of Graduate Employment Work of Jiangsu Province”, “Jiangsu Advanced Teaching Work College”, “Jiangsu High-Tech Talent Training Demonstration Base”, “Jiangsu Province” More than 30 provincial and ministerial honorary titles such as “harmonious campus of colleges and universities”, “advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction in Jiangsu province”, “model university of safety campus construction in Jiangsu province”, “civilized unit of Jiangsu province”. In 2016, the school ranked among the top 30 talents in Jiangsu higher vocational colleges with a good 9th place.

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute now covers an area of 740 acres, with a total building area of 350,000 square meters. More than 11,000 full-time students. Ten schools (School of Chemical Engineering and Materials, School of Biology and Environment, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Electrical and Control, School of Information Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Aviation and Automotive, School of Architecture and Art Design, School of Continuing Education, and International Education College), three departments (social science department, basic science department, sports work department), one center (engineering training center) and other 14 teaching units. At present, the school has formed a multi-disciplinary and coordinated professional structure focusing on work and integrating work, economics, literature, management, and art, covering 8 major clusters of 51 specialties.

The school has 5 national key construction majors (covering 23 majors), 2 key construction majors supported by the central government, 4 provincial key majors, 7 brand (characteristic) majors in Jiangsu, and high-level backbone majors in the province. 5. In 2015, the school’s fine chemical technology and chemical equipment technology majors were approved and approved as the “Phase I Construction Project of Jiangsu University Brand Specialty”. The school has completed 225 national, provincial laboratories, training rooms, training centers, and training bases. Won 2 national teaching achievement awards and 10 provincial teaching achievement awards; completed 2 national quality courses, 2 national resource sharing quality courses, 8 provincial quality courses, 3 provincial foreign students excellent English teaching courses, Received one national and provincial courseware award each, mainly involved in completing the construction of three national professional teaching resource banks.

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute currently has 643 faculty members and 493 full-time teachers, including 194 senior titles, accounting for 39%, 376 master’s and doctoral degrees, accounting for 76.3%, and a ratio of “dual teacher quality” of 92 %, 35% of teachers have overseas study experience. At present, there are 6 national vocational teachers in chemical engineering, 3 university teachers in Jiangsu Province, and 21 university teachers. Since 2007, 10 projects have been funded by the “Six Talents Summit”, Jiangsu has 15 “333 high-level talent training projects”, 31 “blue-blue projects” outstanding young backbone teacher training objects, and Jiangsu Province’s outstanding scientific and technological innovation teams One, four leaders in the technical disciplines of young and middle-aged professionals in Nanjing, and two “321 talents” in Nanjing. Five levels of teacher development have been established, including leading science and technology talents, teaching masters, professional leaders, backbone teachers, and new teachers. At the same time, we hired 552 part-time teachers from the front line of the enterprise, forming a structure of teacher team construction with reasonable structure, stable scale and optimized resource allocation.

The school steadily recruits around 4,000 students each year. The enrollment scope has expanded to more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions) such as Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hainan, and Inner Mongolia. In the 60 years since the school was founded, a total of nearly 80,000 professionals have been trained and delivered. It has made positive contributions to local economic and social development. In recent years, the average employment rate of school graduates has been above 98%, and the quality of employment has steadily improved. According to the results of the survey report of the company in recent years, the employment rate of chemical graduates in schools is 100%, and the professional counterpart rate is more than 85%, which is higher than the average professional counterpart rate of higher vocational colleges in China by more than 20%. Graduate satisfaction is over 90%.

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute is the only full member of the European Union of Vocational Education Institutions (EVBB), one of the three Chinese member units of the American Community College International Development Alliance (CCID), and relies on “National Petroleum and Chemical Vocational Education International Exchange and Training Base” And “South China Academy of Sciences-German Magdeburg Overseas Training Center” two platforms, actively provide international exchange and training services for the national petroleum and chemical vocational colleges, and Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, Indonesia and 17 countries More than 40 universities or institutions have established stable exchanges and cooperation. It enrolled overseas students for the first time in 2013, and currently has 540 international students, ranking among the top in the province. Since 2013, the school and Canada’s Dawson College have jointly held the China-Canada Numerical Control Competition, which is the first of its kind in the country’s vocational colleges to host an international skills competition. In 2013, the school was awarded the “Advanced Jiangsu International School for International Cooperation and Exchange” and the “Advanced Collective of Education for International Students in China” for the first time. In 2016, it was approved as the “Target School for Studying in Jiangsu”. On March 31, 2018, President Hagg Gengob of Namibia, who was invited to China for a state visit by President Xi Jinping, visited his school with his wife Monica Gengus.


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