Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College

Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College


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Introduction to Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College

Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College (南京师范大学中北学院, website) was established in 1999. It was co-organized by the 100-year-old Nanjing Normal University and the Nanjing Normal University Education Development Foundation. It is the first independent college approved by the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Province Institution Registration Authority. Public welfare institutions.

The college’s organizer, Nanjing Normal University, is a national “double first-class” construction university and a Jiangsu high-level university construction university. It has achieved outstanding results in personnel training, scientific research and social services, and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Adhering to the excellent school tradition and advanced educational concepts of Nanjing Normal University, relying on the quality education and teaching resources of Nanjing Normal University, the school adheres to the school motto of “Zhengde, Shengsheng, Duxueminxing”, and has cultivated the “unity, diligence, simplicity, dedication” The school style focuses on the construction goals of high-level application-oriented universities that are “leading in the region and has distinctive characteristics”, scientifically positioning, strengthening the characteristics of running schools, and focusing on improving the quality of undergraduate talent cultivation, and is committed to training high-quality application-oriented talents with innovative spirit.

Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College has formed four major professional groups: language, management, engineering, and art. The college currently has more than 9,800 students and nearly 400 faculty members. The college has 8 departments, including humanities, foreign languages, economics and management, public management, information science and technology, engineering, fine arts, and music. There are 40 undergraduate majors in economics and law, Literature, science, engineering, management, art and other categories.

Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College adheres to the “student-oriented” mission, actively explores a talent training model suitable for the characteristics of independent colleges, and gradually forms a “broad foundation, complex, and distinctive” talent training pattern. The college conducts classified training for students to meet the diversified development needs of students: actively implementing overseas study programs, and has cooperated with Pace University in the United States, Rennes Business School in France, Coventry University in the United Kingdom, Lincoln University in the United Kingdom, and Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. , Melbourne Polytechnic University in Australia, Udine University in Italy, Kyushu Foreign Language School in Japan and other universities to establish cooperative relationships to create opportunities for students to study abroad; actively carry out vocational qualification training, vigorously build practical teaching bases, and strengthen applied skills education.

Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College adheres to the construction of the teaching staff as the core, and has a high-level teaching staff with noble teacher ethics, exquisite business, reasonable structure, dynamic and full of innovative consciousness and ability. The college actively encourages and supports teachers to carry out teaching reforms, vigorously cultivate “double-teacher” talents, strengthen practical teaching, improve teaching quality, and make teaching work full of vitality. The college has more than 80% of teachers with intermediate and senior titles, and many young teachers have been selected as the training targets for the “333 High-level Talent Training Project” in Jiangsu Province and the outstanding young key teachers training targets for the “Blue Project” in Jiangsu universities.

In order to meet the requirements of medium- and long-term education reform and development planning in Jiangsu Province, and better serve regional economic and social development, the North and North College of Nanjing Normal University was officially launched in September 2017 with the support of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province and the Danyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Launch of Danyang campus. The campus of Danyang Campus is located at No. 8 Zhengde Road, Danyang City, covering a total area of 900 acres, with a planned construction area of 387,500 square meters. Since September 2017, the first-year freshmen recruited by the college each year are studying at the Danyang campus. In September 2020, all new students will be relocated to Danyang to run schools. The Danyang campus has complete infrastructure and excellent teaching and research conditions. It is a brand-new campus of a modern smart campus, ecological campus, humanities campus, low-carbon campus, and open campus.

The career development of Nanjing Normal University and Zhongbei College has opened a whole new chapter. All North and North people will hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, grasp the direction of running socialist schools, take professional and disciplinary construction as the leader, take talent cultivation as the core, support modern university system construction and internal management system reform, and relocate to run schools To seize the opportunity, overcome difficulties and build on the past, work hard to speed up the construction of a high-level application university with “regional leadership and distinctive characteristics”!


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