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Introduction to Nanjing Institute of Technology

Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a general undergraduate university in Jiangsu Province with a hundred-year history, profound engineering background and distinctive application characteristics. “It is also a member of the National Committee of Specialized Undergraduate Colleges and Universities of Higher Education, the vice chairman of the National Alliance of Master’s Degree Training Units for Special Needs, and a member of the National Project of Transformation Demonstration Project of Local Universities in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period – the implementation of the project of integration of industry and education. It is also the first pilot university of “CDIO Engineering Education Reform” and “Excellent Engineer Education Training Program” of the Ministry of Education, the national pilot area for innovation of talent training mode of electromechanical control, the national typical university of industry-university-research cooperation, the national typical university of graduate employment experience, and the chairman of Jiangsu Higher Education Society Research Association of Applied Undergraduate Colleges. Jiangsu Province Advanced Teaching University”, “Jiangsu Province Demonstration Base of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, “Jiangsu Province Safe Campus Demonstration School”, “Jiangsu Province Civilized Campus “, “The first grade of comprehensive assessment of local general colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province in 2019” and “The first grade of comprehensive assessment of local general colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province in 2020”.

Located in the scenic area of Fang Mountain in Jiangning, the university covers an area of nearly 3,000 mu and has excellent schooling conditions. There are 19 educational and teaching units with more than 24,000 full-time students, including nearly 600 master students. There are more than 2,100 faculty members, including 273 high-level talents at provincial level or above, such as special government allowance experts of the State Council, special professors of Jiangsu Province, famous teaching teachers of Jiangsu Province, young experts with outstanding contribution of Jiangsu Province, scientific and technological innovation team of Jiangsu Province, excellent innovation team of Jiangsu Province in philosophy and social science, “Youth and Blue Project” of Jiangsu Province There are 11 provincial-level talent teams, such as Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Team, Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Innovation Team of Philosophy and Social Science, Jiangsu Provincial “Youth and Blue Project” Excellent Teaching Team and “Six Talent Summit” Innovation Team, etc. The proportion of teachers with senior professional and technical positions is over 50%. There are 1 national off-campus practical teaching base for college students, 4 national engineering education practice centers, 12 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, more than 80 engineering project teaching bases and project workshops, 231 off-campus practical education bases built in cooperation with the world’s top 500 enterprises, domestic leading enterprises and industry backbone enterprises, etc. The total asset value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is nearly 400 million yuan, which provides a solid foundation for high-level This provides a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-level application-oriented talents.

Nanjing Institute of Technology insists on centering on undergraduate teaching, and there are 70 undergraduate majors, among which, more than 90% of them have distinctive industry, more than 80% of them are highly compatible with the ten strategic emerging industries in Jiangsu Province, and more than 35% of them are national and provincial key or brand specialty majors. There are 8 national first-class undergraduate majors, 3 national specialty majors, 3 engineering education specialty certification majors, 6 national specialty majors under the excellent engineer training program, 2 national specialty comprehensive reform pilot majors, and the first batch of mechanical and electrical majors under the Ministry of Education CDIO engineering education model reform pilot majors; 10 first-class specialty majors in Jiangsu province, 9 provincial specialty majors, 16 key majors in Jiangsu province. It is the experimental base for innovation of talent training mode in Jiangsu Province. The university is actively carrying out the pilot project teaching reform 3.0, making every effort to build the characteristics and highlights of high-level applied talent cultivation, and has won 5 national teaching achievement awards and 26 teaching achievements in Jiangsu Province; it has built 4 national first-class courses, 13 national high-quality courses and provincial excellent high-quality courses, 13 national and provincial online open courses; it has edited and published more than 500 textbooks, including 4 national high-quality textbooks, 74 national planning textbooks, and 3 national teaching materials. The university has published more than 500 textbooks, including 4 national high-quality textbooks, 74 national planning textbooks, and 34 key textbooks for the 13th Five-Year Plan of Jiangsu Province. The university pays attention to strengthening students’ innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation, and students have won the “Internet+” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the “Challenge Cup” National Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, the “Youth Creation” National Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and the “National Student Entrepreneurship Competition”. The National Student Entrepreneurship Competition, National Student Electronic Design Competition, etc.; the national crowdsourcing space “Tianyin Dream Factory” has incubated 186 startups, and successfully ranked among the “Top 10 featured crowdsourcing spaces in Jiangsu Province”. “The university has been selected as one of the “Top 100 National Student Entrepreneurial Heroes” and 12 of them are among the “Top 10”, which has become a national innovation and entrepreneurship education model.

Nanjing Institute of Technology insists on taking discipline construction as the leader, and has built a discipline system with engineering as the main subject, and economics, management, literature, law, art, science and other collaborative development. There are two key disciplines cultivated in Jiangsu Province in the 13th Five-Year Plan, five key disciplines under construction, and two professional master’s degree programs serving special needs of the country, and the discipline of engineering has entered the top 1% of the global ESI ranking, which is the only one of its kind in the province. The enrollment scale of master’s degree students has continued to grow rapidly, and the cultivation mode has been effective, with one national model base for joint cultivation of engineering professional degree students, four excellent postgraduate workstations in Jiangsu Province, two excellent postgraduate courses in Jiangsu Province, three awards for postgraduate education reform in Jiangsu Province, and four postgraduates awarded with “National Excellent Achievements in Engineering Master Practice “The number of postgraduates is the first among similar institutions in China. The university has built 5 national discipline research platforms such as national power simulation and control center, national postdoctoral research station, national technology transfer demonstration institution, national enterprise technology center, national crowdsourcing space, etc., and Jiangsu Province Distribution Grid Intelligent Technology and Equipment Collaborative Innovation Center, Jiangsu Province Robotics and System Integration Military-Civil Integration Innovation Platform, Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Engineering Laboratory, Jiangsu Province Hydrogen In 2020, the university was awarded 133 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, 22 science and technology awards at the provincial and national levels, and the “Top 100” science and technology service industry in Jiangsu Province. The university has been awarded the “Top 100” institutions in science and technology service industry and the Innovation Award for Technology Transfer.

NJIT insists on opening up the school, and adheres to the path of diversified collaboration and integration of education and industry. It has established long-term cooperation and exchange relations with Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and other countries; it has also conducted joint studies with foreign universities such as the University of Slaughter in the United Kingdom, the Magdeburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the United States, the Saxon University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and the University of Oulu in Finland; it has also conducted joint studies with the Northumbria University in the United Kingdom and the University of Oulu in Finland. The university has two Sino-foreign cooperative programs approved by the Ministry of Education with Northumbria University in the UK and Oulu University in Finland, opening up new ways of international cooperation and training of applied talents. Relying on the characteristic disciplines and industry advantages, the university actively serves the industry and regional economic and social development, actively explores and innovates diversified science and technology incubation mechanism, and continuously strengthens cooperation with local governments, large institutes and famous universities and enterprises, realizing the development of the positive interaction between applied research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In recent years, it has cooperated with Jiangning to build the “Science and Innovation Demonstration Zone around Tianyin Lake” for the development of strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, smart grid, new materials, etc., joined hands with many leading enterprises and local governments to build Tencent Cloud Artificial Intelligence Industry College and Yixing Industry College, signed strategic cooperation agreements with Huawei, Tencent Cloud, Zhongtian Technology and other leading enterprises in the industry, and cooperated with China Machinery Federation. It has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading industry enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent Cloud and Zhongtian Technology, and cooperated with CEMU, CEC, China Electric Power Research Institute, China General Research Institute of Machinery and Yanshan University to build 10 industrial technology institutes such as Smart Grid, Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, Intelligent Equipment, Connie Mechatronics, Advanced Industrial Technology, etc., and continuously improve its independent innovation capability.

Throughout the century, Nanjing Institute of Technology has always adhered to the orientation of running school with the focus on cultivating application-oriented talents, and formed the distinctive characteristics of “close school-enterprise cooperation, focusing on engineering practice, cultivating application talents”, and cultivated more than 250,000 engineering and management talents represented by Academician Shen Guorong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering for national and economic and social development. It has a high influence in the fields of machinery, electric power, energy power and nuclear industry. Since the merger, the university has firmly established the philosophy of “application of learning”, carried forward the campus spirit of “unity of knowledge and action, entrepreneurship and innovation”, and taken the lead in the country in proposing “cultivating application-oriented talents” and carrying out “application-oriented training”. “The reputation and influence of application-oriented schooling have continued to increase.

In the current and future period, NJIT will study and implement the socialist thought of Xi Jinping in the new era and the spirit of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Jiangsu Province, conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work of Universities, adhere to the general keynote of “seeking truth and creating first”, focus on internal development, focus on characteristic development, and effectively promote the university. Focus on the development of characteristics, effectively promote the “three-step” strategic plan defined by the Third Party Congress of the university, fully deepen the “three major reforms”, and comprehensively promote the “six high-quality development”. We will continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the university and its operation level, and strive to build the university into a high-level applied engineering university with distinctive features.


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