Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology

Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology

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Introduction to Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology

Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (南京铁道职业技术学院, website) is a full-time regular college at the provincial public college level established with the approval of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. School construction unit, national high-quality higher vocational college. The school’s predecessor was Nanjing Special Municipal First Vocational High School, which was founded in 1941. It was renamed Nanjing Railway Transportation School in 1955 and has long been under the management of the Ministry of Railways. In 2002, the school was upgraded to a higher vocational and technical college, and was renamed Nanjing Railway Vocational and Technical College. In 2004, the establishment system was transferred from the Ministry of Railways to local management in Jiangsu Province.

After more than 70 years of ups and downs, Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology has always adhered to the historical responsibility of serving the society, worked hard and worked hard, built up a fine tradition of running a school, nurtured a rich campus culture with railway characteristics, cultivated a large number of high-quality technical and skilled personnel, and won Has a good social reputation. Since the establishment of the Institute, the college’s career development has opened a new chapter in history. It has achieved excellent results in the first assessment of the level of talent training of the vocational colleges organized by the Ministry of Education, and has successfully entered the ranks of the provincial model vocational colleges and has been fully opened. Introduced the Pukou New Campus, innovated the school-running system and mechanism, carried out strategic cooperation with industry and regional large enterprises, implemented order training, built high-level comprehensive training bases, collaborated with related universities to innovate and jointly run schools, and jointly established government students and enterprises to build university students’ entrepreneurship Parks, science and technology industrial parks, reforming the talent training model, and continuously improving the quality of talent training. The college has successively won the National Top 50 Contributions to Higher Vocational Colleges for Service Contributions and Top 50 International Influences, the National Top 30 Vocational Schools for Employment Competitiveness Demonstration Schools, the Provincial Advanced Vocational Education Unit, the Provincial Civilized Campus, and the Provincial Graduate Employment Advanced Collective. The honorary title, the admission score line ranked first in Jiangsu higher vocational colleges for 5 consecutive years, graduate employment competitiveness ranked the top three in the province for 6 consecutive years, successfully ranked among the construction units of high-level higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province, and was The Ministry of Education identified it as a national high-quality higher vocational college.

Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology is based in Jiangsu, facing the whole country, based on the railway and urban rail transportation industry, facing the regional economy, emancipating the mind, deepening reforms, and vigorously implementing the five major schools: quality schools, talented schools, innovative schools, distinctive schools, and open schools Development strategy, committed to training first-class high-quality technical and skilled personnel with national feelings, craftsmanship, railway genes, advancing application-based technology research and development and achievement transformation, and railway culture dissemination, making every effort to excel in the new journey of excellence in the construction of the New South Railway A new chapter of the South Railway in the great era.


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