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Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology


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Introduction to Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology

Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology (南京机电职业技术学院, website) was established in April 2006 with the approval of the provincial and municipal governments and was filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a municipal government-owned higher vocational technical college organized by Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical Industry (Group) Company. The college is located in the Kirin Science and Technology Innovation Park. It has a department of mechanical engineering, a department of electronic engineering, a department of information engineering, a department of automation engineering, a department of humanities and social sciences, and a college of continuing education. There are nearly 400 faculty members and more than 10,000 students in the school.

The college now offers 22 majors in ten majors, involving machinery, electronics, computer, art design, communication, Internet of Things, accounting and other professional fields. Among them, the two majors of electrical automation and numerical control technology are promoted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. “Professional service industry capability” focuses on building majors, and the “Machinery Manufacturing Professional Group” is a key construction specialty (group) in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. The mobile commerce major is the first to cooperate with Nanjing’s e-commerce talent training base, and embeddedly trains Google’s cross-border e-commerce higher vocational major. The numerical control technology major has been approved as a “high-level backbone professional in higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province.” In 2015, in order to comply with the development trend of the intelligent manufacturing technology industry, improve the level of professional construction, and enhance the ability to serve the local economy, the college established the Intelligent Manufacturing College, which focuses on the construction of electrical automation technology, mechatronics technology, Internet of things application technology, software technology, 7 intelligent manufacturing related majors including industrial design, cloud computing technology and applications. The “3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) Center”, “Digital Factory”, “Industrial Robot Training Center”, “Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical Lenny Robot Academy”, “Haier Smart Home”, and “ICT Production and Education In-depth Integration Training” “Platform” and 6 smart manufacturing training bases. In 2018, the college’s intelligent manufacturing training base was approved as “Jiangsu Province Industrial Talent Training Base”. At the same time, the academy has cooperated with the Nanjing Academy of Science and Technology, Yuyu Laser Technology Group, China Aerospace Nanjing Shenzhou Aerospace Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and China Aerospace 3D Printing Research Center, Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Nanjing Innovation Center, Nanjing Tesla Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Zhixiang Group, etc. Four units have signed a “Double Innovation Education Strategic Cooperation Agreement” and established a “Collaborative Innovation Alliance” with a “1 + N” (platform + curriculum, project, team, marketing, etc.) cooperation model, and strive to cultivate wealth in in-depth cooperation Innovative entrepreneurs with a spirit of innovation and the courage to devote themselves to practice. Schools and enterprises work together to create a college student innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology took the lead in constructing the first “Maker Campus” in China, and vigorously developed the “Blue Island Maker Space” that integrates creativity, design and manufacturing. The space construction takes “innovation, practice, sharing, growth” as its purpose, relies on the resources of the whole hospital, and uses science and technology innovation activities as a carrier to gather customers, create creative inspiration, share innovation results, and focus on smart manufacturing, 3D printing, etc. Cutting-edge technology, in-depth research on key technologies and maker education theoretical research. At present, the whole hospital has vigorously carried out maker activities, developed maker projects, shared innovation results, actively explored a new talent training model combining maker education and vocational education, and systematically designed a “54333” maker education for vocational education. System, namely “platform + major + course + mentor + activity” 5 basic guarantees, “scholastic performance + comprehensive quality + mental health + maker activity” 4-dimensional comprehensive evaluation, “maker program + maker education special course + “Maker-style curriculum reform course” 3 types of courses teaching, “Maker project + competition project + fund project” level 3 project incubation, “company + business department + studio” 3 types of subject practice, revise talent training plan, formulate maker Curriculum standards, the development of maker project courses, and efforts to cultivate innovative technical skills through innovative thinking training, the use of innovative tools, and the cultivation of innovative capabilities.

Since the construction of Blue Island Maker Space, more than 20 Maker Workshops have been opened, 400 Maker courses have been developed, and “Innovative Thinking Training” has successfully established provincial key teaching materials, produced 2,922 Maker works, and 144 competition projects. , 17 fund projects, published more than 40 maker education papers. Applied for 1,056 patents and authorized 330. In 2018 alone, 771 new patent applications were filed, and the total number of patent applications ranked first in Ningxia Vocational Colleges and third in the province, of which 438 were filed by students, accounting for 56.8%.

The construction of the Maker Campus has attracted widespread social attention, and Nanjing News, the Yangtze Evening News, and the website of the Education Department have made special reports. Blue Island Maker Space is currently a member of China Maker Space Alliance, a member of China Maker Alliance, a member of China Maker Education Base Alliance, a standing member of Nanjing Zhongchuang Space Alliance, a member of Gulou District Chongchuang Space Alliance, an Intel partner, and Haier The members of the Maker Lab have been listed as provincial, municipal and district-level creative space by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Science and Technology Bureau of Gulou District. They are currently applying for national creative space.

Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology strengthened the construction of experimental training bases both inside and outside the school, and completed 178 external training bases including China Post Construction Technology Co., Ltd., ZTE Software Technology Co., Ltd., Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd. 3,1919 students. There are 48 in-school experimental training rooms including IoT technology training room, Huawei Mobile 4G training room, Nanjing SMEs lean production training base, including 5 production training bases and 1 provincial training base. The Lean Production Training Base for SMEs is the “Nanjing SME Public Service Platform”, and the “ICT Industry Production and Education In-depth Integration Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Platform” was approved by Jiangsu Province’s Higher Vocational Education Production and Education In-depth Integration Training Platform. The college has been awarded “Jiangsu Industrial Talent Training Base”, “Jiangsu Province (Mechanical and Electrical Projects) High-skilled Talent Training Base”, and “Nanjing High-skilled Talent Training Base”. “The Twenty-third National Vocational Skills Appraisal Agency” has been rated as “Excellent Appraisal Agency” by Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for two consecutive years. The college now offers appraisal and training for 31 types of work, and the student certification rate is over 95%. In 2018, the college developed three new types of work for the Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: “3D printing technology application”, “industrial robot application”, and “Internet of things smart home technology”. College students carried out 2,883 new job trainings.

Over the years, the Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology has trained and delivered nearly 20,000 adult college graduates for the economic construction of Nanjing and Jiangsu, of which more than 90% of the graduates work for local enterprises in Nanjing; 150,000 person-times; more than 20,000 full-time college graduates in vocational schools, of which more than 50% are employed in local enterprises in Nanjing. The employment rate of graduates has always remained above 98%, ranking the forefront of the province. After six months of graduation, the income of graduates increases year by year, and is always in the first square of vocational colleges in the province.

In 2017-2018, there were 263 awards for teachers and students in the school, 131 teachers, and 132 students. Among them, there are 26 teachers at the national level and above, and 28 students; 40 teachers at the provincial level and above, and 27 students; 1 teacher at the municipal level, and 2 students.

In 2018, Nanjing Institute of Mechatronic Technology was awarded the “2018 Jiangsu Province Industrial Talent Training Base” (29 in the province, including 4 vocational colleges), and was awarded the “Excellent Unit for Online Consulting and Promotion” by There are a total of 20 colleges and universities in the province, of which only 8 are vocational colleges.) Were awarded the “Excellent Organization Award for Career Planning and Planning Contest” by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province. “The party committee of the academy was rated as” the vanguard of the new era by advanced grass-roots party organizations “by the Nanjing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Communist Party of China.


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