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Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology


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Introduction to Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology (南京工业职业技术学院, website) is adjacent to the famous Zhongshan Scenic Area. It is a century-old school with a long history and rich heritage. The predecessor was the Chinese Vocational School founded in 1918 by Mr. Huang Yanpei, a modern democratic revolutionary, social activist and educator in China. In 1952, Huang Yanpei became the Deputy Prime Minister and the first Minister of Light Industry of the State Council, leaving the school to be managed by the Ministry of Light Industry; in 1954, it was renamed Shanghai Mechanical School; in 1960, it was relocated to Nanjing and renamed as Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical School of the Ministry of Light Industry; in 1998, It was placed under the management of Jiangsu Province by the Ministry of Light Industry; in 1999, it was upgraded to a higher vocational college and renamed Nanjing Industrial Vocational Technical College.

Nanjing Instituteute of Industry Technology became the first “Excellent” school in Jiangsu Province in 2004 to evaluate the level of talents training; in 2006, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology became the first batch of national model higher vocational college construction units; In 2012, it became the first batch of higher vocational colleges to be allowed to jointly host higher vocational undergraduate majors with applied undergraduates. It has successively trained undergraduates with Nanjing Engineering College and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. The demonstration base has become a high-level vocational college construction unit in Jiangsu Province. According to the “2018-2019 Competitiveness of Higher Vocational Colleges in China” released by the China Scientific Evaluation Research Center, our university ranks first in Jiangsu and second in the country.

The school has three campuses of Xianlin, Zhongshan and Heaven, covering an area of 1361 acres and a building area of 465,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is about 1.16 billion yuan, of which teaching equipment is about 260 million yuan; 1.13 million books; There are 14 teaching units with 17 major groups and 48 majors; more than 13,600 full-time students, including 571 undergraduates, 12,824 college students, and 208 foreign students. There are nearly 900 faculty and staff, and more than 700 full-time teachers. The proportion of teachers with titles of associate senior or higher is 39.5%, the proportion of masters and doctors is 82.2%, and the ratio of “double teachers” is more than 90%.

Nanjing Instituteute of Industry Technology has 3 national vocational education professional teaching resource library projects, 3 national higher vocational education training bases, 10 national excellent courses, excellent resource sharing courses and 10 open online courses, and national excellent higher education teaching materials 12 planning textbooks and 32 national planning textbooks of the “Twelfth Five-Year” vocational education; won 3 national teaching achievement awards (1 first prize, 2 second prizes), and 1 national vocational college information teaching competition 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 2 third prizes; 29 first prizes, 23 second prizes, and 15 third prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition; 1st prize in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition 10 prizes and 15 second prizes; 9 first prizes and 6 second prizes in the National University Electronic Design Competition. China’s “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has 2 gold awards, 3 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, and 1 special recommendation award from experts. One second prize in the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition; one second prize in the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition; two “Special Prize” in the “Challenging Cup” national vocational school innovation and entrepreneurship competition 2 first prizes, 1 second prize, 1 third prize; 1 gold prize in the national competition of the Chinese Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; 145 first prizes in the “Invention Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of the National Higher Vocational Colleges; There were 227 second prizes and 246 third prizes.

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology has presided over 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 project of the National Social Science Fund, 4 projects of the Ministry of Education, and 163 authorized invention patents by teachers and students. 1 planning project, 1 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center (Engineering Technology Center of Higher Vocational Colleges), 1 Provincial Higher Vocational Education Deep Integration Training Platform Project, 1 Provincial University Science Park; and 30 world universities Fortune 500 companies have established in-depth cooperative relationships and established 15 cooperation platforms with leading companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Siemens, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Rockwell. In 2016, 2017, and 2019, it was awarded the top 50 service contribution nationwide.

The school has been engaged in international cooperation and exchanges for more than 30 years. It has led high-standard international exchange platforms such as the China Education International Exchange Association’s Vocational and Technical Education International Exchange Branch, China-ASEAN Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance, and the World Federation of Vocational Education Colleges (WFCP). Waiting for more than 90 overseas organizations and institutions in more than 40 countries and regions to maintain a solid connection, and won the highest honor in the global vocational education community-the Gold Award of “Applied Research and Innovation” of the World Vocational Education Alliance Excellence Award. Our school’s international exploration achievement “Exploration and Practice of Higher Vocational International Cooperative Education Paradigm” won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award and the special prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award. From 2016 to 2018, our school won the top 50 international influences in vocational colleges in China for three consecutive years. In 2018, our school’s Sino-foreign cooperative education project in logistics management won a high-level demonstration project of Sino-foreign cooperative education in universities in Jiangsu Province; the Thai e-commerce talent project won a special cooperation project between China and ASEAN higher vocational colleges. On May 24, 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan visited our school for investigation and expressed his appreciation for the Zambia School of Mechatronics and South African Vocational University projects.

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology established 5 national platforms including the National Higher Vocational Colleges Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, China Education International Exchange Association Vocational Education Branch, Higher Vocational Research Association of China Light Industry Federation, National Mechanical Industry Modern Mechanical and Electrical Technology Vocational Education Group , And led nine provincial platforms such as Jiangsu Light Industry Association and Jiangsu Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group. In addition, the school ’s Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Thought Exhibition Hall is a demonstration site for party members in Jiangsu Province and a patriotic education base built by the Central Committee of the People ’s Republic of China. The Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Thought Research Institute Academic Center was approved as the 2018 Jiangsu University Philosophy and Social Science Key Research Base.


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