Nanjing City Vocational College

Nanjing City Vocational College


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Introduction to Nanjing City Vocational College

Nanjing City Vocational College (南京城市职业学院, website) is located in the ancient capital of Nanjing. It is an independent institution of higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and registered with the Ministry of Education.

Nanjing City Vocational College focuses on the modern service industry, and trains application-oriented technical and talented personnel as its main task. It conscientiously implements the spirit of “cultivation and ethics”, vigorously promotes the spirit of “aggressive and innovative”, and the teaching of “dedication and wealth”. And the style of “study with a sense of diligence”, actively exploring the school-running mode and talent training mode of higher vocational education, continuously deepening the reform of education and teaching, comprehensively promoting comprehensive quality education, seeking survival with teaching quality, seeking development with professional characteristics, and accelerating the pursuit of first-class Higher Vocational Colleges.

Nanjing City Vocational College has 340 faculty members and about 4,500 students. It has five secondary colleges including the School of Finance and Business, the School of Engineering and Information, the School of Social Management, the School of Culture, Arts, and Tourism Management, and the Ministry of Public Education , Opening international economy and trade, logistics management, cross-border e-commerce, computer application technology, intelligent control technology, electronic information engineering technology, elderly service and management, community management and service, child development and health management, visual communication art, product modeling Design, tourism management, flight attendant services and other 30 majors. The college has advanced teaching equipment, a beautiful campus environment, and complete living facilities. It has track and field stadiums, football fields, multifunctional halls and other facilities, as well as supporting student apartments to provide a good learning and living platform for students. The college has established a vocational training base for higher vocational talents supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, and has established a solid relationship with more than 200 enterprises and institutions. Under the guidance of the department in charge of education, the college established the “Nanjing Health Industry Vocational Education Group” to create an intelligent information-based, internationalized production-education integration platform with the characteristics of full life health care.

Nanjing City Vocational College regards service as its purpose, employment as its guidance, and its competence as the basis. It highlights the professional orientation of talent training, and comprehensively implements the “diploma certificate, vocational skill certificate” dual certificate system, thereby enhancing students’ employment competitiveness and career Post adaptability. The student employment rate has remained above 98% in recent years.

The college has a strong team of teachers, rich teaching experience and strong scientific research ability. The college adopts the policy of combining foreign introduction and on-the-job training. While continuously introducing high-level talents, it has vigorously cultivated outstanding young and middle-aged key teachers. It has formed a higher level of education, a more reasonable professional structure, a stepwise distribution of age, and a strong Full-time faculty with academic research and teaching ability, dual-professional teachers accounting for a certain proportion, and adapting to the needs of higher vocational education integrated with production, teaching and research.


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