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Introduction to Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学南方学院, website) is an independent college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006 and co-founded by Sun Yat-Sen University and Guangdong Zhujiang Investment Group. General undergraduate transformation pilot universities.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University is located in Conghua District, Guangzhou, known as the “Pearl of the Tropic of Cancer” and “Guangzhou Back Garden”. The campus covers an area of 1,000 acres. After more than ten years of construction and development, it now has complete teaching life and cultural and sports facilities. The campus is well-organized, beautiful and peaceful, and it is a winning place for cultivating sentiments and studying.

The Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University library covers an area of 29,100 square meters, with a collection of 2.06 million volumes. It shares 68,375 Chinese electronic journals in the Sun Yat-sen University Library; 52,123 foreign electronic journals; 1,543,700 Chinese electronic books; and 559,800 foreign books Volume, as well as China Knowledge Network Periodical Database, Chaoxing Mobile Library, Bokan Best-selling Periodical Database and Linked Book CD-ROM Retrieval Platform, which has been initially built into a digital library, and has also created a 24-hour open management model for Guangdong University Library To fully meet the needs of readers.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University has 10 departments and 40 majors. It has formed a discipline system focusing on management, economics, and literature, coordinated development of engineering, science, medicine, and art, with a reasonable structure and complementary advantages. There are 19590 undergraduates and 2,300 continuing education students.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University currently has 2 Guangdong Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 4 Provincial Characteristic Majors, 6 Provincial College Student Practice Teaching Bases, 3 Provincial Teaching Teams, and 7 Provincial Excellent Resources Shared lessons, 1 professional project with provincial strategic emerging industries characteristics, 7 provincial comprehensive reform pilot professional projects, 6 provincial talent training model innovation experimental zones, 1 provincial applied talent training demonstration major, 1 provincial Key majors, 2 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial talent training plan, 4 school-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 5 school-level key disciplines, 14 school-level teaching teams, 6 school-level key professional construction projects And 10 school-level specialty construction projects, 21 professional applied courses, 20 school-level excellent courses, and a number of high-quality college-level university students practical teaching base. In addition, 22 university-level, department-level research institutions and 1 university-level research team have been established, including the Financial Market and Momentum Strategy Research Center.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University undertakes 3 national projects, 132 provincial and ministerial projects, 63 horizontal projects, and a total project funding of 27.135 million yuan. Since 2013, the faculty and staff of the school have published a total of 1,345 academic papers, and 280 high-level papers have been indexed by SCI, SSCI, EI, TSSCI and other international authoritative journals, ranking the forefront of independent colleges nationwide. Students actively participate in various professional-related competitions and have won nearly a thousand provincial and ministerial awards.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University vigorously implements the strategy of “Strengthening Talents with Strong Talents”. Its teachers are mainly from “double first-class” universities such as Sun Yat-sen University and masters and doctoral students from Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the United States, Britain, France, Sweden, and Japan. Excellent teachers from foreign countries such as Korea and South Korea. At the same time, it has recruited senior managers and professional technical backbones who have overseas study experience and relevant industries and companies with practical experience. They have established a high-quality teacher team with an international perspective and a reasonable structure. .

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University currently has 646 full-time teachers, and employs more than 500 external teachers of various types, including 13 doctoral tutors, 2 new century outstanding talents from the Ministry of Education, and 1 Guangdong famous teaching teacher , 1 teaching teacher in Guangdong colleges and universities, 4 outstanding teachers in Nanyue, 1 winner of Guangdong Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award, 1 training object of outstanding young teacher training plan in Guangdong universities, 34 middle and young teachers domestic visiting scholars, There are 2 outstanding educators for private education in Guangdong Province and 4 excellent teachers for private education in Guangdong Province.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University has continuously improved and innovated the talent introduction mechanism. Since 2014, it has successively introduced 123 doctors from well-known universities at home and abroad, including Oxford University, The State University of New York, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tsinghua University. 57 doctors from Taiwan have set a precedent for universities to introduce doctors from Taiwan in batches, and have established a first-class and distinctive undergraduate teaching team and scientific research team.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University insists on cultivating and transporting high-quality, practical and innovative application-oriented talents for local economic construction and social development. It continues to deepen teaching reforms in accordance with “wide caliber, thick foundation “High-quality, professional, strong, employment-oriented” talent training model, to build a high-quality application-oriented talent training system.

The school has implemented a free transfer program in 2013, and since 2015 has implemented a full credit system, and has been a pilot university in Guangdong Province implementing a full credit system. The school upholds the “student-oriented” educational philosophy and the principle of teaching based on aptitude, and implements a flexible academic system, which enables the allocation of school teaching resources to change from school plan control to student self-selection, and builds respect for students’ individual development and adaptation. Educational platform for social development.

The school continuously strengthens the connotative development and implements the fundamental tasks of Lide Shuren. Combining the positioning of schools, teachers, and students, through reforming the logical starting point, curriculum system, and credit structure of professional training programs, a “three-dimensional” talent training program that adapts to its own characteristics has been constructed. The “professional education, ideological and political education, general education, The four educations of “growth education” are fully integrated, creatively implement the “three-in-one” education mode of “thinking politics, general knowledge, and academic work”, forming a multi-dimensional education system to train students “adults”, and promote the comprehensive development of students’ moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic education. .

In order to meet the needs of the society and to meet the characteristics of students, Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University has successively opened the “Political and Commercial Research Institute”, “ACCA, CGA Experimental Class”, “Economic Professional Application Talent Innovation Experimental Class” and “Pearl River Excellent Engineer Talent training special classes “and other elite training programs. Through the model of experimental class learning, personalized guidance, international education, etc., a “outstanding application-oriented talents” training platform will be established, and a unique application-oriented talents training system will be gradually formed from the point of view.

Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University insists on opening schools, is committed to integrating education into the international higher education environment, implements a diversified joint training model, and actively carries out international education cooperation and introduces foreign high-quality education resources. Through exchange programs, winter and summer study tours, internships, dual degrees, and a combination of undergraduate and master’s programs, our school has successively cooperated with the University of Washington, the University of New Mexico, the University of Philadelphia, the University of Oxford, the University of Oxford, and the University of Hull. More than 20 well-known foreign universities, such as the University of Edinburgh, Longbbia University, Swiss Hotel Management School, and Tokyo University of Tokyo, have conducted international educational exchanges and cooperation. So far, more than 300 students have gone abroad to study.

In the past 13 years, Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University has continuously improved its schooling level, with a student employment rate of more than 93%. Graduates have been well received by employers and have high social recognition. The school has won the Guangdong Private Education Outstanding Contribution Award, China’s Independent Institute of Social Impact, and China’s Most Independent School with Independent Schools. Won the title of “2019 China Six-Star Independent College” and “China’s Top Independent College” in the “2019 China University Evaluation Research Report-China College Entrance Examination Voluntary Reporting Guide (Alumni Association Edition)” by AiShen China Alumni Association website Ranked fourth, the country ranked eighth. Won the “2019 Independent Institute of Brand Impact” at the Central Guangwang Education Summit.


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