Nanchang Vocational University

Nanchang Vocational University

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Introduction to Nanchang Vocational University

Nanchang Vocational University (南昌职业大学, website) is a full-time undergraduate undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is one of the 15 first batch of undergraduate vocational education pilot schools in the country. The school’s predecessor was Jiangxi Dayu Business School, which was established in 1993; it was renamed as Jiangxi Dayu Vocational and Technical College in April 2003 and approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. College; December 2018 was approved by the Ministry of Education to be upgraded to an undergraduate vocational school-Nanchang Vocational College (undergraduate); May 2019 was approved by the Ministry of Education to be renamed Nanchang Vocational University. Pan Jizhen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Tsinghua University, was hired as a consultant to the college.

Nanchang Vocational University is located in Nanchang, a famous historical and cultural city. Covering an area of ??more than 1,000 acres, the school has more than 10,000 teachers and students, a total building area of ??357,700 square meters, more than 1 million volumes of paper books, 1.23 million e-books, 21 experimental training centers on campus, and off-campus internships There are 118 training bases. A digital campus network has been set up, supporting teaching and living facilities, and a beautiful campus environment.

Nanchang Vocational University currently has 530 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 196 have advanced professional and technical positions (of which 81 are high), 247 have master’s degrees and above, and more than 260 are “double-teacher” teachers. There are more than 100 part-time teachers in industry companies, professional leaders, fully equipped teaching teams, and strong teachers.

Nanchang Vocational University has engineering department, economic management department, information technology department, music and dance department, art design department, humanities and foreign language department, sports health department and entrepreneurship college. The school aims at modern service industry, advanced manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industry and “Internet +” new business formats. It has established 10 vocational undergraduate majors and 37 specialized majors to create key majors in business management, intelligent manufacturing, information technology, artistic creativity, and cultural education. Group, and established a professional system for the coordinated development of new business, new engineering and new liberal arts.

In the 26 years since Nanchang Vocational University was established, the school has fully implemented the party ’s education policy, implemented the fundamental tasks of ethics, adhered to the concept of “educating people first, cultivating morals first, and cultivating skills first”, and practiced “let me be sincere Service, pave the way for your success “service commitment, vigorously promote school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education and exchanges between Gansu and Taiwan, carry forward the core values ??of socialism, carry forward and carry forward the outstanding traditional culture of China, cultivate and carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and model spirit. The country ’s economic and social development has trained more than 80,000 highly qualified technical and technical personnel, and has formed a school running model of “open school running, career guidance, combining moral and technical skills, and learning and doing together” and a school running characteristic of “combination of business and industry with liberal arts and science”. , Highlighting the unique advantages of the Gansu-Taiwan service, was awarded the “Gan-Taiwan Youth Exchange Base” by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi Province.

Nanchang Vocational University runs schools in accordance with laws and regulations. The campus is safe and stable, the campus culture is elegant, the quality of education and teaching is constantly improving, and the society has a good reputation. Construction) Advanced units, Jiangxi province advanced college admissions plan management advanced unit, Jiangxi province advanced recruitment unit, Jiangxi province college graduate employment work outstanding institutions, Jiangxi province people’s satisfaction top ten brand vocational colleges and other honorary titles.

Entering a new era, Nanchang Vocational University has begun a new journey in the construction of high-level vocational undergraduate colleges in the new era, and is moving towards “creating leading vocational education reforms, supporting development, distinctive features, cross-strait influence, and regional first-class undergraduate vocational schools” The goal is moving forward.


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