Nanchang University College of Science and Technology

Nanchang University College of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Nanchang University College of Science and Technology

Nanchang University College of Science and Technology (南昌大学科学技术学院, website) was established in August 2001. It is jointly organized by Nanchang University and Jiangxi Changda Enterprise Group (hereinafter referred to as Changda Group). An undergraduate comprehensive independent college recognized. Through more than 10 years of construction and development, with the strong support and support of the Provincial Department of Education and Nanchang University Headquarters, the scale of our school’s school has been expanding, the level of school running has been increasing, the school’s characteristics and good school reputation have become increasingly prominent.

Nanchang University College of Science and Technology recruits students from 26 provinces (cities) across the country. It has 42 undergraduate majors and currently has more than 13,000 students. It has independently awarded diplomas since the 2007 graduates and independent bachelors from the 2012 graduates. diploma. In addition to the school’s headquarters to select a small number of management backbones to work in the college, teachers and management personnel are all personnel agents, and implement a full appointment system. The college campus covers an area of 571.3 acres and has two campuses, Qingshan Hunan Campus and Qingyuan Campus. The total value of the college’s fixed assets is 80.4 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is 41 million yuan. The total area of the school building is 198,000 square meters, including 126,000 square meters of teaching and administrative space and 65,000 square meters of student dormitory. It has one national sports field, one national standard gymnasium, and one library with a building area of over 10,000 square meters. It has 105 teaching laboratories, and has 820,000 books and materials of various types.

Nanchang University College of Science and Technology has independent legal person status, implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, and has independent finance; the college has a party committee with 6 general party branches and 41 party branches; the organization is set up at three levels There are two levels of management, that is, three levels of college, discipline department and department, and two levels of management of college and discipline department, the department has no administrative functions. The college has 5 university departments, 14 party and government agencies, and 5 business units (see Annex I for details).

Nanchang University College of Science and Technology has been established for more than ten years, and has delivered a total of 15,057 graduates to the eighth session of the society, with a one-time employment rate of more than 84%. From 2005 to 2010, the college’s employment rate ranked first in the province’s independent colleges for six consecutive years, and the quality of talent training was well received by the society. The college has won 850 awards in various contests including the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the CCTV Cup National College Student English Contest, and the National Electronic Design Contest, among which: 356 national awards and 494 provincial awards. China’s Top Ten Independent Colleges in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up “,” Top Ten Independent Colleges in China “and” Advanced Unit of Jiangxi Provincial Standard Management Year “,” Advanced Collective of Jiangxi Provincial Innovation and Development Year “,” Advanced Collective of College Students’ Ideological and Political Work “,” Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit of Employment Work from 2007 to 2009 “,” Provincial Advanced Group of Personnel and Talent Work in the Education System “and many other honors. The school’s deeds have been propagated and reported by many media such as “Looking Out”, “China Education News”, and Jiangxi Education TV Station. The school’s good social image and brand effect have been formed.


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