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Nanchang Normal University

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Introduction to Nanchang Normal University

Nanchang Normal University is located in the “Hero City”, a national historical and cultural city, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Provincial primary and secondary school teacher remote training center, provincial tourism applied talent training (training) base. There are two campuses in Changbei and Qingshan Lake, covering an area of ??853.97 mu.

The predecessor of Nanchang Normal University was the Jiangxi Provincial Teachers Training School, which was established in 1952. It has undergone development stages such as Nanchang Teachers College (1956) and Jiangxi Education College (1958). In April 2013, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the system was renamed Nanchang Teachers College. Over the past 67 years, the school has “started” with teacher training and “prospered” with teacher education. It has undertaken the social responsibility of cultivating qualified teachers in elementary and middle schools in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The mission of teacher education to revitalize and develop, starting from the small auditorium of Yuzhang Middle School in Nanchang, the school name of Liuyi School, the relocation of ten school sites, and several institutions, has gone through a difficult and fruitful course of running a school, and has nurtured a “red heart, innovative innovation” The school-running spirit has formed a school-running tradition of “focusing on teachers, rooting in places, and highlighting applications”.

Nanchang Normal University has 12 secondary colleges (departments) and 25 general undergraduate majors, covering 7 disciplines including education, art, management, science, arts, engineering, and law. There are 8,652 full-time students (6,736 undergraduates and 1,916 college students), and the students come from 19 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions). There are 2 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial first-class major, 32 provincial teaching quality engineering projects, 6 provincial teaching achievement awards, 88 provincial teaching reform projects, and the Ministry of Education’s production-study-research collaboration education program. 14. Since 2013, students have won 1,726 national, provincial and ministerial awards and 13 patents in disciplines and skills competitions such as the National Normal Student Skills Competition and the First Prize of the China Robotics Competition. Nomination award, “the most beautiful college student in Jiangxi Province” and other honors. Luo Xiaoqing’s “Front-line Chicken, Golden Phoenix, and Dream” college student poverty alleviation and agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship project, as the only project in Jiangxi colleges and universities, appeared in the 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, and was highly praised by Li Keqiang, Wan Gang and other party and national leaders; 11 The “Golden Jiangxi” Jiangxi Car Show, edited, led and starred by famous teachers and students, represented more than 46 million people in Jiangxi at the 70th anniversary of National Day, and won the “Gorgeous Award”, the highest prize for the local parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People ’s Republic of China. . Liu Qi, secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, and Shi Xiaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, came to the school to carry out the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping’s “3.18” and strengthen the construction of ideological and political lessons.

Nanchang Normal University currently has 695 faculty members, including 567 teachers (438 full-time teachers). There are 68 teachers with high professional titles and 82 doctors (plus 25 PhD candidates). National and provincial talent engineering candidates and honorees are 7 and 69, respectively, 31 part-time doctoral and master tutors, and 91 experts and scholars such as Academician Ouyang Ziyuan are invited as honorary (guest, part-time) professors. Since the establishment of the school, a number of nationally renowned experts and scholars such as Zhou Wenying and Li Caidong have emerged in the fields of history of logic and academy of history.

Nanchang Normal University currently has platforms such as the Provincial Key Research Base for Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Provincial Key Research Base for Culture and the Arts, the Provincial Key Laboratory, and the Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base, etc .; and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has jointly established a joint laboratory for poultry molecular breeding technology. Jiangxi Provincial Mental Health Association and other eight provincial-level societies are linked to schools. Since 2013, teachers have undertaken 10 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 4 projects of National Educational Planning, 6 projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, and 90 provincial projects. He has given positive approval 18 times at the provincial, ministerial and ministerial levels; published 1925 papers (196 included in SCI, EI, etc.); published 110 books and 92 textbooks; 125 patents were obtained. Undertake tasks such as drafting the “Opinions of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting the Construction of a Strong Province through Education” and interpreting the “Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Strong Province through Tourism”

The Nanchang Normal University and Indonesia’s Udayana University jointly built a Confucius Institute. Signed friendly cooperation agreements with 13 universities and educational institutions outside the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand and other countries (overseas); established exchange student cooperative relationships with universities such as Northern University of Malaysia and Korean Shepherd University. Since 2013, teachers and students have traveled to Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries (foreign countries) to carry out educational cooperation and exchange visits, inter-school exchanges, cultural exchanges, volunteer Chinese teachers, and overseas study abroad.

Nanchang Normal University relies on the Jiangxi Provincial Primary and Middle School (Kindergarten) Teacher Training Credit Management Office and other centers and platforms that are linked to the school to implement the National Education Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Education and Provincial Education, Commissioning, and Aid Education Projects. The trainees are located in 17 provinces across the country, covering 100 counties (cities, districts) of 11 districts and cities in Jiangxi have been praised by the Ministry of Education, students and experts. Of the 2,446 provincial-level super teachers, provincial primary and secondary school subject leaders, and primary and middle school senior teachers in Jiangxi, 749 have participated in concentrated training in schools, accounting for 30.6%, and 100% have participated in remote school training. The school has made important contributions to the professional development and lifelong learning of teachers in primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) in Jiangxi.

Nanchang Normal University has trained more than 141,000 undergraduate and junior college students, trained more than 112,000 primary and secondary school (kindergarten) teachers, principals (principals), and education management cadres, and remotely trained teachers and principals (principals) ) More than 3 million person-times, a group of well-known personalities working in basic education, enterprises (employees), party and government agencies, including more than 180 national excellent teachers, national model teachers, and advanced workers in the national education system. More than 8,000 famous teachers, including teachers, have become the “master machine” of Jiangxi’s educational cause. The school was awarded the May 1st Labor Award in Jiangxi Province, and was rated as an outstanding school and advanced unit for employment of ordinary college graduates in Jiangxi Province. It has been awarded the Advanced Unit of Comprehensive Management in Jiangxi Province for 5 consecutive years, and the Civilized Unit of Jiangxi Province directly for 2 consecutive years. Party building work model branch cultivation and creation unit, national college student volunteer summer “three go to the countryside” outstanding unit, China Science Popularization Union Science Popularization Base School, International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Annual Innovation Award Award. Since 2016, it has received 1,040 (times) reports from mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency and CCTV. (Data as of October 2019)


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