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Introduction to Minnan Science and Technology University

Minnan Science and Technology University (闽南科技学院, website) is located in Nan’an, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road and the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China. It was jointly organized by Fujian Normal University, a hundred-year-old university in 2001, and the patriotic overseas Chinese in the Philippines. School full-time undergraduate education. The school adheres to the direction of socialist schooling and clearly defines it as a non-profit school. In November 2018, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it became an independent undergraduate college.

The university has three campuses, Kangmei, Merrill Lynch, and Jiangbei. It covers an area of nearly 700 acres and has a planned area of more than 1,000 acres. It currently has a School of Computer and Information Technology, a School of Optoelectronic Information, a School of Business, a School of Life Science and Chemistry, and a School of Art Design , Marxism College, College of Humanities, College of Civil Engineering, College of General Education, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and College of International Education, including 31 undergraduate majors covering science, engineering, economics, management, literature, art and other disciplines More than 7,400 undergraduates.

There are more than 400 full-time teachers in the university, including provincial teaching teachers and outstanding teachers. Many teachers have won the Provincial May Day Labor Medal and the honors of provincial teacher ethics. Many teachers have been selected as “Outstanding Youth of Fujian Province Department of Education” Scientific research talent training plan “Fujian Provincial Youth Rookie”, many teachers have been approved as the leaders of disciplines and professions in Quanzhou, and many teachers have been appraised as special commissioners of science and technology in Nan’an. There are more than 200 high-level talents in Quanzhou and Nan’an. people.

Minnan Science and Technology University has more than 330 provincial and municipal scientific research and education reform projects, more than 20 horizontal projects, 92 national invention patents, utility models, and appearance patents; teachers have published more than 1,000 papers in domestic and foreign journals, published teaching materials, 49 monographs and 2 editor-in-chief textbooks have been selected as national “11th Five-Year Plan” textbooks for colleges and universities; 3 provincial outstanding teaching achievement awards have been awarded; school teachers have repeatedly won the first and third prizes of the provincial young teacher teaching competitions The provincial first prize, second prize and third prize for “excellent teaching cases” were selected into the national “excellent teaching cases”. The school has one Fujian University Engineering Research Center, one Fujian Humanities and Social Science Research Base, and one Fujian Province “three comprehensive education” comprehensive reform pilot college. In the national rankings of applied universities, the ranking of entrepreneurial competitiveness, and innovation capabilities of Chinese privately-run universities, schools have been ranked among the top universities in the country and across the province.

Minnan Science and Technology University has been co-constructed with more than 200 well-known enterprises and institutions. It has implemented an “order-style” talent training and excellent engineer training program. It has established more than 20 corporate title classes and jointly established industrial colleges with enterprises. It has successively obtained 2 provincial-level specialty programs, 3 provincial-level talent training model innovation experiment zones, 3 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilots, 6 provincial-level college innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot programs, 3 provincial-level service industry specialty programs, 1 Provincial Application Talent Training Professional Group, 1 Provincial Key Software Training Base, 4 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 1 Provincial Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, 5 Provincial Teaching Teams, 2 Provincial college students ‘off-school practical education base, 11 collaborative education programs of the Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Industry-Academic Cooperation, 6 provincial-level boutique courses, 9 provincial-level boutique resource-sharing courses, national and provincial college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program 200 Multiple. The “Building Dream Space” of the University’s Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Park won the title of “2017 Fujian Province Pioneering Space Demonstration Base”, “Quanzhou Class B Zhongchuang Space Demonstration Base in 2018”, “The First 100 Top Quanzhou Youth Pioneering Bases in 2019” .

Minnan Science and Technology University has won three outstanding employment units for ordinary college graduates in Fujian Province, and the graduate employment rate has reached 98% for many years. The 2008-2016 graduates have two years of work competence, ranking first among independent undergraduate colleges and private universities in Fujian province, and fifth among undergraduate universities in Fujian province.


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