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Introduction to Minbei Vocational and Technical College

Fujian Minbei Vocational and Technical College (闽北职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public general higher vocational college hosted by the People’s Government of Nanping City, established in 2004 with the approval of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is located in the Vocational Education Park in Jiangnan New District, Nanping City. The college plans to occupy a total area of 500 acres, a total construction area of 152,069 square meters, and a total investment of 300 million yuan. The new campus has a scientific planning, reasonable layout, complete functions, beautiful environment, and fresh air. The college has convenient transportation and is opposite the Heping High-speed Rail Nanpingbei Station. It is less than half an hour’s drive from Fuzhou and Wuyishan. It is an ideal place to study, study, and live. The college adheres to the school positioning of “building a national green development demonstration zone for Nanping to cultivate high-quality skilled talents”, actively integrates into the construction of the Haixi Free Trade Zone, serves the industrial development in northern Fujian, and strives to build the college into a regionally distinctive and prominent advantage. Vocational colleges.

Minbei Vocational and Technical College insists on cultivating high-end technical and skilled talents for the construction of Haixi. It has 1 department: education, management, design, information, food, and ideological and political departments. It has formed modern manufacturing, basic education, The four major professional groups of creative design and modern service include 23 specialties such as food nutrition and testing, mechanical design and manufacturing, preschool education, and primary education. Possessing 2 provincial-level demonstration majors of higher vocational education, 2 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot projects, and 2 provincial-level colleges and universities’ innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilots In our school, the food nutrition and testing, interior design technology, clothing design, news editing and other professional rankings rank among the top 10 in the province, of which: food nutrition and testing is ranked 3rd in the province. The college has established two provincial teaching teams, including two provincial-level professional leaders, two provincial-level teaching teachers, and five outstanding talents who enjoy city government subsidies. In December 2010, the college passed the first round of evaluation of higher vocational talent training work by the Ministry of Education; in April 2019, it successfully passed the second round of evaluation of higher vocational talent training work by the Ministry of Education.

Minbei Vocational and Technical College has a national vocational skills appraisal station, and the graduates’ professional qualification certification rate has reached 100%. Many students and teams have won national and provincial skills competition awards. Possess public nutritionist, western-style pastry teacher, Putonghua proficiency test training, accounting professional qualification training, e-commerce training, training for institutions and institutions, preschool teacher recruitment training, domestic service training, etiquette moderator training, computer high-tech module examination, Food inspectors, chemical inspectors, maintenance electricians, CNC lathes, interior decorators, assembly fitters, decorative artists, tour guide training and other professional skills training and qualification qualifications for each occupation. Attach importance to the construction of practical teaching system. It has two productive training bases supported by the central government, one training base supported by the provincial finance, and two training bases supported by the municipal finance. There are 74 experimental training rooms and teaching instruments. The total value of the equipment is more than 50 million yuan. Cooperated with Shengnong Group, Opden, Nanfang, South Aluminum, Yuanli Activated Carbon and other enterprises to develop modern apprenticeship education cooperation, and established 98 stable off-campus internship training bases. Actively provide a good environment for college students’ employment and entrepreneurship, establish college entrepreneurship incubation parks, and provide college students with start-up capital. In the past three years, the employment rate has been above 95%, and the employer’s satisfaction with graduates has reached over 98%.

Minbei Vocational and Technical College students have smooth access to further education, and can obtain bachelor’s degrees and degrees through various channels. The first is a full-time undergraduate diploma: in accordance with relevant national regulations and in accordance with the principle of voluntary enrollment, in the second semester of junior year, participate in the Fujian Provincial College Entrance Examination and continue to study in undergraduate colleges. In recent years, our college’s college admission rates have exceeded 75%. The second is the undergraduate diploma for self-study: our college cooperates with Jimei University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, and Fujian South Normal University to conduct the junior college self-study exam. Freshmen can enroll in the college entrance examination after entering the college. You can obtain a self-study undergraduate certificate while graduating from college, and those who meet the requirements can apply for a bachelor’s degree. The self-study college entrance examination has the advantages of no entry threshold, high pass rate, short time, low cost, and high reputation. The state recognizes academic qualifications and can participate in civil service and public institution recruitment. At the same time, the college actively expands foreign exchanges and cooperation, and sends outstanding students to Taiwan Jianguo University of Science and Technology and Zhongzhou Institute of Technology to exchange and study each year.


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