Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College

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Introduction to Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College (湄洲湾职业技术学院, website) is a full-time engineering-level higher vocational college that is open to public admissions nationwide. The college is located in Putian, the hometown of Mazu. It was founded in 1985. In 2004, it was approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government to be upgraded to a higher vocational college. Chen Zhili, then the vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, personally congratulated Mian, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Yiyu nominated. As the only higher vocational college in Putian, the college carries the glorious mission of revitalizing Putian vocational education.

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College firmly establishes the school running philosophy of “serving local development and serving student development”, adhering to the school motto of “learning for adults”, establishing “adhering to foothold in Putian, facing Fujian, serving the country’s” Belt and Road “initiative, and fostering physical and mental health “High-quality technical and skilled personnel in the new era with excellent morals, superb skills, and good humanistic and innovative qualities”, “adhering to the development of connotative quality, characteristic and innovative development, deepening the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and building a ‘pro-local’ Industry, create industry characteristics, establish the vocational education brand ‘”characteristics of the development of modern vocational colleges, have been evaluated as a model modern Fujian vocational colleges in Fujian Province Class A 2018 Cultivation colleges, Ministry of Education vocational college vocational talent assessment “Excellent” colleges, national “vocational college digital campus experimental schools”, national modern apprenticeship pilot colleges, five national grass-roots customs committees, “advanced collectives”, ten national vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education concerned about the work of the next generation Contact point, National Education Network System Demonstration Unit, Fujian Provincial Civilization Campus, Fujian Provincial High School Excellent colleges for employment evaluation, advanced collectives performing at the opening ceremony of the 14th Sports Meeting in Fujian Province, advanced institutions of safety and stability in Fujian colleges and universities, Putian City “safe units, demonstration schools based on law, exemplary schools of the Red Cross, May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee, advanced unit of landscaping “and other honorary titles.

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College currently has two campuses. Putian City plans to construct a new campus of 2000 acres, with an investment of 2 billion yuan and a construction of more than 900 acres. The main relocation in the fall of 2019 will be realized. The old campus covers an area of more than 400 acres, with a construction area of 155,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipment is 74.354 million yuan. The library has 345,300 paper books and 1872GB of electronic books. The college has three secondary technical schools, Putian Health School, Putian Senior Technical School, and Meizhou Bay Vocational and Technical School, with a total of more than 10,000 students, including 5,736 college students, 201 full-time teachers, and 157 dual-quality teachers. There are 8 teaching units including Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Automation Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Business Administration, College of Arts and Crafts, Department of Architectural Engineering, Medical College, etc. 39 industrial colleges have established 39 higher vocational majors such as electrical automation technology, mechatronics technology, applied chemical technology, precious stone appraisal and processing, nursing, accounting, etc., forming “strengthening engineering, fine craftsmanship, excellent business, Medical specialty “professional structure.

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College adheres to the connotative development path. There are currently 2 professional service industry majors supported by the central financial support, 1 national modern apprenticeship pilot specialty, 4 provincial professional service industry specialty groups, and 2 provincial boutique specialties. , 6 provincial-level demonstration majors, 1 provincial-industry integration demonstration major, 4 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot majors, 10 provincial-level dual-system pilot majors, and 4 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot majors; 1 national vocational education professional teaching resource database candidate library, 1 national teaching achievement award, 4 provincial teaching achievement awards, 4 provincial teaching reform research projects, 1 provincial vocational education professional teaching resource database, 1 Provincial Teaching Team, 2 Provincial Teaching Teachers, 9 Provincial Professional Leaders, 9 Provincial Excellent Courses, 2 Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Courses, and Provincial High-vocational Linking Professional Guiding Talent Training Program 1 development project; 2 national financial support training bases, 2 provincial financial support training bases, 5 provincial productive training bases, and 1 provincial VR / AR training base. The college has been awarded the “National New Vocational Farmer Cultivation Demonstration Base”, the “Fujian Provincial Peasant Workers’“ Learning and Dreaming Action ”Project Training Base, the“ Fujian New Vocational Peasant Cultivation Demonstration Base ”, IT Vocational Technical Education Engineering Designated Universities, Fujian and Taiwan University cooperation and designated universities, Fujian Province high-skilled talent training and training base, Fujian University graduates entrepreneurship training base, Fujian University graduates entrepreneurship incubation base, Fujian university student innovation and entrepreneurship park, Fujian province higher vocational college application technology collaboration Innovation Center, Fujian Province Petrochemical Industry Talent Training and Training Base, Fujian Provincial Self-study Examination Designated Universities, National Vocational Skills Appraisal Station, etc.

Meizhouwan Vocational Technology College adheres to the opening of schools, connects with national strategies such as Made in China 2025, Internet +, mass entrepreneurship, innovation, targeted poverty alleviation, and the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthens the four-way cooperation between government, government, business, and schools, and builds production, learning, research, innovation, competition, and training An integrated school-enterprise cooperation platform, has carried out cooperation and exchanges with more than 10 overseas universities, including Taiwan Mingdao University, Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Medical University, Thailand-Taiwan (BDI) College of Science and Technology, Taiwan Zhongzhou University of Science and Technology, and Taiwan Hongguang University of Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Huajiacai Co., Ltd. Fujian Huafeng Industrial Co., Ltd., Sankeshu Coating Co., Ltd., Jiatong Tire Co., Ltd., Putian (China) Health Industry Association, etc. 180 A number of well-known domestic enterprises have established 161 off-campus training bases, and the employment rate of graduates has reached over 98%.


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