Meishan Vocational and Technical College

Meishan Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Meishan Vocational and Technical College

Meishan Vocational and Technical College (眉山职业技术学院, website) is a long-time full-time public general college. The predecessor of the college was the Sichuan Meishan National Normal School founded in 1927 and the Agricultural School of Leshan Prefecture in Sichuan in 1958. Meishan National Normal School changed its name in the course of running a school. It was named Meishan Normal School in the spring of 1953. It is an excellent normal school of standardized construction by the Ministry of Education. Characteristics, has trained a large number of outstanding teachers, and a large number of education management talents have emerged from previous alumni. Leshan Agricultural School was renamed Leshan Regional Agricultural School in the summer of 1972, renamed Leshan Agricultural School in May 1985, and renamed Meishan Agricultural School in September 1997. It is a provincial and ministerial key secondary technical school. In the 60-year course of running agricultural vocational education, we have always adhered to the direction of serving the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, focused on the training of practical abilities, and trained and delivered a large number of outstanding agricultural technical talents for Meishan and Leshan. A large number of party and government management talents and outstanding entrepreneurs. In 2002, with the approval of the provincial government, it was reported to the Ministry of Education for the record, and the two universities merged to form Meishan Vocational and Technical College. The school is based on two high-quality technical secondary schools, and is rooted in the profound cultural heritage of Dongpo’s hometown.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College is only more than 60 kilometers north of the provincial capital Chengdu. It is convenient and fast to get to and from the Chengdu high-speed rail. There are three buses at the entrance of the school. Surrounded by surrounding parks, Dongpo Wetland Park, Suzhe Park, Dongpo Bamboo Garden are across the river from the school, and Binjiang Park is bordered by the school’s south, west, and north, as if it were a university in a park. The school’s geographical location is eye-catching. It is located at No. 5 East Section of Meizhou Avenue on the east bank of Minjiang Second Bridge. Come from the outside and go straight to Minjiang Second Bridge. When you see the bridge, you will see the school. The school building is built on the mountain. Qijiang Second Bridge, so the school has the title of “See Bridge University”.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College covers an area of ??more than 500 acres, with a building area of ??more than 120,000 square meters. The campus environment is clean and beautiful. There are 134 experimental training rooms on campus, including 6 training bases, including 2 training bases supported by the central government and 219 off-campus training bases. The total assets of teaching and scientific research equipment are more than RMB 43.06 million, and the collection of paper books is more than 467,100.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College currently has 404 on-the-job faculty members, including 242 full-time teachers, 149 with doctoral and master degrees (degrees), 92 with senior titles, and 136 with intermediate titles. There is a provincial excellent teaching team. In recent years, school teachers have won the first prize in Sichuan Province’s first Craftsman Cup Skills Competition, and a team of teachers has represented Sichuan Province in winning 7 awards in the National Information Technology Teaching Competition.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College currently has 8 teaching and research units including the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Culture and Arts, the Department of Agricultural Technology, the Department of Commerce and Tourism, the Department of Engineering Technology, the Department of Ideology and Politics, the Department of Secondary Education and the Department of Continuing Education. In terms of professional construction, it has formed distinctive professional characteristics and advantages, mainly focusing on education and agriculture, and the coordinated development of commerce and tourism, mechanical and electrical construction, and culture and art. There are currently 23 enrollment majors, including 4 majors supported by the central government and 2 major provincial majors. The school currently has more than 7,000 full-time students.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College aims at cultivating high-quality technical and skilled personnel who have both morals and talents and meet the needs of industries and enterprises, and adhere to the connotative development path. In recent years, the school has constructed 12 high-quality online courses (excellent courses), resource-sharing courses, and open online courses. The school adheres to the combination of work and study, school-enterprise cooperation, integration of knowledge and action, integration of production and education, innovative talent training models, and strives to cultivate students’ ability to seek employment and entrepreneurship. Graduates are well received by employers, and the one-time employment rate of graduates is stable at more than 95%. The unit’s comprehensive evaluation rate of graduates is over 90%. In recent years, students have won 72 national and provincial skills competitions, 11 national and provincial innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and won hundreds of provincial and municipal honors and awards. As a member of the Tea Art Troupe of the Chinese University Students of the Milan Expo 2015, the students entered the stage of the Milan Expo and were awarded the title of Promotion Ambassador of the 100th Expo China Tea Culture Week.

The school vigorously promotes the combination of production, teaching, and research, and continuously strengthens its ability to innovate in science and technology. He presided over the research and development of 9 new varieties of hybrid rice and fruit trees with a promotion area of ??more than 30 million mu. In recent years, 59 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects have been established, and 23 projects have won provincial and municipal scientific research awards. Faculty and staff have published more than 700 papers, edited 36 textbooks and monographs, and obtained 2 patents.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College is a model higher vocational college in Sichuan Province, a model school for running schools according to law in Sichuan Province, a high-skilled talent training base in Sichuan Province, a modern apprenticeship pilot school in the Ministry of Education, a modern agricultural training base in Sichuan Province, Demonstration base for cultivating professional farmers, international exchange base for China Tea Culture Week during the 100-year Expo, co-construction unit of Meishan Branch of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, chairman of Meishan Vocational Education Group, director of Meishan Dongpo Taste Food Industry College and Dongpo Culinary College Unit, Meishan City Preschool Teacher Training Base, Meishan Tourism Hotel Service Training Base, Meishan Mechanical and Electrical Technology Training Base, Meishan Vocational Technical Appraisal Training Center, Meishan High-skilled Talent Training Base, Meishan Family Education Research Guidance Center.

Meishan Vocational and Technical College is oriented towards development needs, technology innovation, and education reform. It is rooted in Meishan and radiates the whole Sichuan. The college focus on talent training, take the responsibility of inheriting the culture as the mission, and create a century-old school as the vision.


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