Meishan Pharmaceutical College

Meishan Pharmaceutical College


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Introduction to Meishan Vocational and Technical College

Meishan Pharmaceutical College (眉山药科职业学院, website) is an independent full-time ordinary college set up by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, and supervised by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. The college plans to cover an area of 1,000 acres, and has completed construction area of 150,000 square meters.

The college adheres to the educational concept of “taking students as the center, teachers as the main body, educating people as the root, innovation as the driving force, quality as the life, and development based on characteristics”, and promotes the school spirit of “self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence”, based on ” “Five integration”, promoting “five docking”, strengthening “five major constructions”, achieving “five cooperation”, and focusing on training specialized talents for medical and health enterprises and institutions.

Meishan Pharmaceutical College has established pharmacy, Chinese medicine, nursing, early childhood development and health management, medical nutrition, drug quality and safety, drug operation and management, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation technology, medical device maintenance and management, traditional Chinese health care, food nutrition and health, Twelve specialties such as pharmaceutical production technology have formed a pattern of pharmacy-based and multi-disciplinary coordinated development. The specialties are closely integrated with the market to meet the needs of society for applied medical talents.

The college brings together the talents of medical and health education professionals in the province. It has a strong and experienced teaching team with 48.6% of postgraduate qualifications and 49.2% of academic titles. At the same time, famous experts from Germany, Japan and China were hired as part-time professors. Under the guidance of a large number of experts and scholars represented by Zeng Xiaorong, a first- and second-level candidate of the National Ten Million Talent Project, a well-known cardiac electrophysiology expert, postdoctoral mentor, and a national second-level professor Zeng Xiaorong, the quality of talent training is fully guaranteed.

Meishan Pharmaceutical College aims to serve the development of the medical and health industry, and is oriented towards promoting employment. It adheres to the integration of production and education, the combination of engineering and learning, school-enterprise cooperation, and collaborative education. , Old-age care and health care service groups cooperate to promote the “five dockings” and focus on training high-quality technical, technical and application-oriented professionals.

The college has first-class teaching equipment and a complete infrastructure. At present, the college has built more than 50 multimedia classrooms, and the classrooms support the information-based teaching integrated system. 97 experimental training rooms in various disciplines have been established, with the largest medical function training center and well-equipped pharmacy experiment center, high-performance liquid chromatography training center, and gas chromatography training center in the province’s higher vocational colleges. The nursing practice training center, which is seamlessly connected with the clinic and has advanced facilities and equipment, has an advanced computer center, a voice lab, and a total price of teaching equipment of nearly 30 million yuan. The college has a modern Chinese medicine museum with a collection of more than 2,000 square meters, which integrates teaching, scientific research and foreign exchange. It has a backbone network platform with a gigabit full coverage campus network. The library building covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters, with an electronic reading room with advanced equipment, a collection of 140,000 paper books and 110,000 electronic books. Student dormitories, student cafeterias, academic lecture halls, student activity centers, standard sports fields, etc. have been newly built and fully furnished.

The medical and health industry is a sunrise industry, which is related to the safety and health of the people. Meishan Pharmaceutical College is firmly seizing the major opportunities for the country to accelerate the development of modern vocational education. The industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation serve as a platform to serve medicine. Industry development is the purpose, adhere to the basis of Lideshu people, guided by the promotion of job competence and sustainable development capabilities, and strive to build the college into a national first-class pharmaceutical college with distinctive characteristics, a vibrant humanities, A green, progressive university.


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