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Introduction to Maanshan Technical College

Maanshan Technical College (马鞍山职业技术学院, website) is located in Maanshan City, Anhui Province, a civilized city in the country and the city of Chinese poetry. Formerly known as Maanshan United University, it was founded in 1984. In February 2008, with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, it was renamed as “Maanshan Vocational and Technical College”. In December 2011, the college was integrated with Anhui Maanshan Technical College; in May 2015 and April 2019, Maanshan Health School and Maanshan Network University (Maanshan Branch of Anhui Radio and Television University) have been merged. In the past few years, the college has made full use of the advantages of resource integration, used full vocational education development policies, promoted the sharing of school resources, and co-construction of professional teaching. School structure (education) education, social training, and adult and modern distance education.

Maanshan Technical College covers an area of 470,000 square meters with a construction area of 240,000 square meters. It has 7 departments, 2 teaching departments, and 13 management functions. The total value of teaching and training equipment is 130 million yuan. ) More than 100, 180 off-campus practice teaching (practice) bases, 5 provincial-level practical education bases; more than 450 faculty members and more than 290 full-time teachers, including 120 teachers with deputy senior titles or above, and provincial and municipal skill masters 6 studios (faculty workshops); 37 majors in higher vocational education, 21 majors in secondary vocational education (technical education), 6 central finance support construction majors, 8 provincial characteristic construction majors, and provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot major Four and two provincial-level demonstration construction majors, which have a high degree of matching with the development of local industries, have formed three major professional groups of advanced manufacturing, modern services, and electronic information. As of the end of September 2019, there were 9,260 full-time academic (educational) education scales, more than 5,000 adults and distance open education, an average annual social training and skills assessment of more than 10,000 person-times, and the overall scale of running schools exceeded 24,000. The employment rate of graduates is stable at more than 98%, and the satisfaction rate of graduates of employers is stable at more than 95%.

Maanshan Technical College places great emphasis on skills competitions. Actively match the standards of the World Skills Contest, and strive to achieve education through competition, education through competition, and reform through competition. It has won 45 national awards and 323 provincial awards. Among them, the cooking project achieved a “zero” breakthrough in the national gold medal in Maanshan Higher Vocational Colleges. The two projects of baking and graphic design participated in the 45th National Skills Competition, which created Maanshan. The city’s higher vocational colleges are connected with the best results of the World Championship.

The college vigorously develops innovation and entrepreneurship education. Established the first batch of “AA-level college student entrepreneurship incubation bases” in the province, set up the “East China Branch of the Tsinghua University Business Incubation Institute”, and explored an innovative entrepreneurship training model of “a set of curriculum system, three educational carriers, and integrated project incubation” . The college has successively been awarded the title of “National Start-up and Improve Your Enterprise (SYB) Training Advanced Unit”, “Anhui Province University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School”, and the first batch of provincial entrepreneurial colleges. It has won 1 national award and 33 provincial awards, among which the silver prize of the 5th “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has created the best results for Maanshan Vocational Colleges.

Maanshan Technical College actively promotes open and cooperative education. Cooperate with Hexian and Zhengpugang New District to set up teaching sites in Hexian Campus and Zhengpugang New District respectively. Cooperated with Harbin Institute of Technology and NTU to set up Maanshan Learning Center for Modern Distance Education, and won the “National Advanced Learning Center” for NTU Modern Distance Education. Cooperated with Beijing Normal University and other universities to develop online education, and won the “Outstanding Learning Center” of Beijing Normal University online education. Cooperated with German vocational schools to establish “Sino-German cooperation classes” in numerical control; signed contracts with Dongyi University in Korea, Changwon Sung University in Korea, Kyoto University of Information Technology in Japan, and Taiwan’s Southeast University of Science and Technology, Taiwan’s Xiuping University of Science and Technology Cooperation agreements in professional construction, teacher training, and student research.

In the past 35 years, the college has closely followed the local economic and social development needs, adhering to the spirit of “gathering mountains, advancing horses first”, and practicing the school motto of “Leading and Upholding Energy”, promoting the school spirit of “diligent, harmonious, sincere, and inspiring new” and “dedication, The teaching style of “love students, good education, and music group” is based on building people with virtues, taking service development as the purpose, and promoting employment as the direction, deepening the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and continuously improving the strength of school running. In 2012, the college won the “Excellent” level (ranked first) in the evaluation of talent training in provincial vocational colleges. The college has been awarded “National High-skilled Talent Training Demonstration College”, “National High-Skilled Talent Training Base”, “National Secondary Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School” and “National Second Batch of 1 + X Certificate System Pilot Colleges”, The tenth “National Talents Outstanding Contribution Award” and “Anhui Advanced Unit for Employment and Reemployment” and many other honorary titles.

Maanshan Technical College adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively implements the party’s education policy, comprehensively implements the fundamental tasks of cultivating people, adheres to school-enterprise cooperation, deepens reform and innovation, and focuses on the construction of a “charm college and harmonious campus” , Implementing the strategy of “characterizing schools”, “strong talent schools”, “management innovation”, “opening up” strategies, promoting “creation of teaching characteristics, professionalism, first-class work, and competition for upstream”, and strive to build the province’s first-class, well-known modern vocational college To cultivate more high-quality technical and technical talents for the construction of “an ecological blessed land and an intelligent city” in Maanshan and regional economic and social development.


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