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Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology (洛阳理工学院, website) is a provincial full-time undergraduate college located in Luoyang, the first batch of national historical and cultural cities, known as the “Millennium Emperor Capital and Peony Flower City”.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology has trained more than 170,000 senior professionals for the national building materials industry and local economic and social development. In 2013, the school was established as one of the first five pilot universities for transformation and development in Henan Province. In 2014, it passed the Ministry of Education ’s undergraduate teaching qualification assessment with excellent results. In 2016, the school was identified as a model university of applied technology in Henan Province. . In July 2019, he was approved by Henan Province to grant a master’s degree to the project construction unit.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology covers an area of 2229 acres. It has three campuses: Wangcheng, Kaiyuan and Jiudu. The total building area is 93,350 square meters. The total value of the school’s teaching and scientific research equipment is 280 million yuan. There are 54 experimental centers of various types and 239 off-site practice training bases. The library has 2.15 million printed books, 1.78 million electronic books, 781 Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals, and 32 full-text databases. There are themed exhibition halls such as Mr. Li Yan Memorial Hall, Li Jinxue Art Museum, and Education Museum. The school management standard is the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, the home of model workers, and the provincial civilized unit. The school has been awarded the honorary title of “advanced unit of school conduct construction” in Henan Province for 7 consecutive years.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology currently has 28,800 full-time undergraduate students, mainly in engineering, with a coordinated development of science, management, literature, economics, law, education, and art. The University insists on the priority of teaching and the integration of production and education. There are 14 colleges, 2 basic teaching departments, 5 specialized education and industry colleges. There are currently 55 undergraduate majors, 5 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial specialty specialty construction sites, 3 provincial outstanding engineer project majors, 8 provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilot majors, and 6 provincial first-class specialty construction sites. , 2 national-level boutique courses, 4 provincial-level boutique courses, 10 provincial-level boutique online courses, 6 construction sites of Henan Province experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 Henan province demonstration virtual simulation experimental teaching projects, 3 Provincial teaching team, 8 provincial excellent grass-roots teaching organizations.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology currently has 1,750 faculty members, including 110 senior titles, 458 associate senior titles, 262 doctoral degree teachers, 843 master’s degree teachers, and 801 “double teacher” teachers. 2 experts with special allowances from the State Council, 2 experts with special allowances from the Henan Provincial Government, 1 advanced worker from the national education system, 2 outstanding experts from Henan Province, 1 leader from Henan Province in cross-century academic technology, and 4 leader from Henan Province academic technology There are 94 provincial-level talents, such as the academic and technological leader of Henan Provincial Department of Education, and outstanding experts in Luoyang. There are nearly 40 postgraduate tutors. It employs more than 200 part-time professors and visiting professors, including academicians of the two academies, Zhongyuan scholars, doctoral supervisors, and foreign experts. It also employs 26 application-oriented professional leaders, 702 outstanding professional and technical personnel, and management personnel.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology has 17 provincial scientific research platforms including Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base, “Henan Provincial Prefabricated Building Structure Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Henan Provincial Tunnel and Underground Engineering Academician Workstation”, and Zhengzhou University, Luoyang The Luoyang Research Institute of Zhengzhou University was jointly established by the Municipal People’s Government. Undertook or participated in the preparation of “Henan Educational Modernization 2035”, “Outline of the Five-Year Plan for the Central City of the Central Plains Economic Zone (2015-2020)”, and so on. Carry out government-industry-university-research cooperation with more than 70 local governments, industrial agglomerations, and enterprise units, including Luoyang City, Suzhou Sinoma Construction Co., Ltd. and Gu Hi-Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Luoyang Branch of Henan Academy of Social Sciences, Henan Development Research Center of Henan Province, Zhengzhou University Press Luoyang Branch and other institutions settled in the school. In the past 5 years, the school has undertaken 326 scientific research projects above the provincial level, won 23 scientific research awards above the provincial and ministerial levels, and obtained 1,469 national patent authorizations.

The Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology actively responded to the “Belt and Road” initiative, and was successively elected as the vice chairman unit of the China-ASEAN Building Materials Cooperation Committee, the vice chairman unit of the China Building Materials International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance, and the China University of Applied Technology (College) Alliance New Materials Professional Cooperative Association. Chairman unit. In 2018, the school was named the national “building materials ‘going out’ development advanced unit. The school has China Building Materials Federation, China Machinery and Metallurgical Building Materials Union Training Base, China Building Materials International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance Training Professional Committee. The school is the first batch of“ “Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Production and Education Integration Innovation Base”, the first batch of Ministry of Education data of China’s “100 School Project” project colleges, Hewlett-Packard-Luoyang International Software Talents and Industrial Base Project cooperation colleges.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology cooperates with Zhengzhou University, Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories Research Institute and other units to train graduate students. “Thousands of Maker Space” is “National Crowd Space”. The university science and technology park has formed a strategic layout of “one park and three districts, Beijing offshore innovation center, and two radiating points of Yiyang accelerator”, and is a “Henan Province science and technology business incubator” and “Henan University Science and Technology Park”. Successfully incubated more than 130 technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises, and granted more than 150 patents, with a cumulative income of 120 million yuan.

For the past six years, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology has participated in the “Challenge Cup” National Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, “Creating Youth” National University Student Entrepreneurship Competition, China “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National University Student Electronic Design Competition, National University Students Mathematical modeling contests and other competitions won 2,891 provincial or higher awards, of which 374 were national awards. He has won the “Challenge Cup” National University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition “Excellent Organization Award” and won the “Outstanding Cup” of Henan Province for three consecutive years. The comprehensive quality of graduates has been well received by employers, and the employment rate has remained above 95% for three consecutive years. In the “Cultivation of Innovative Talents and Discipline Competition Evaluation in Chinese Universities” released by the Chinese Higher Education Association, 2017-2019 ranked among the top 300 undergraduate groups in ordinary universities in the country for the third consecutive year, and the top 10 in Henan Province.

Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology has conducted in-depth cooperation with high-level application universities at home and abroad. In-depth implementation of Henan-Shanghai Education Cooperation Project, and comprehensive strategic cooperation with Shanghai University of Applied Sciences; co-construction of “China-Finland University of Applied Technology Demonstration School” with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Carry out teaching and research cooperation with more than 10 foreign universities such as Hooverhamton University in the United Kingdom and Imaging University in Korea. Established a materials research center with the Turin University of Technology in Italy. The university holds 3 cooperative education programs and accepts international students from Russia, South Korea and other countries.


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