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Lu’An Vocational Technical College


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Introduction to Lu’An Vocational Technical College

Lu’An Vocational Technical College (六安职业技术学院, website) is a college-level public full-time general college established in June 2001 with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government. It is located at No. 1, Zhengyang Road, Lu’an City. The school is well-organized, and includes the School of Urban Construction (under the Department of Garden Technology, the Department of Building Technology), the School of Automotive and Mechatronic Engineering (under the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, the Department of Automotive Technology), and the School of Information and Electronic Engineering (under the Department of Electronic Technology) , Department of Information Technology), School of Economics and Management (under the Department of Business Administration, Tourism Management, and Accounting), School of Humanities and Arts (under the Department of Fashion Design, Department of Art Design, and Department of Secretarial), School of Continuing Education, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and There are twelve faculties and three departments in the seven secondary colleges of the Ministry of Ideology, Politics, Basic Education, and Technical Secondary Schools; the teaching and administrative systems are perfect.

The Lu’An Vocational Technical College campus covers an area of 1 million square meters, with a total construction area of 298,200 square meters. Since the establishment of the school, it has invested nearly 320 million yuan to build a landscaping area of more than 280,000 square meters, a natural water scenic area of more than 120,000 square meters, a campus cultural square of more than 24,000 square meters, and a 8000 square meters south gate square. Teaching and administrative room, 14625 square meters of integrated classrooms, 86098 square meters of training places, 9300 square meters of libraries, 15,000 square meters of gymnasiums, 69405 square meters of student apartments, 12173 square meters of student restaurants, 11643 square meters of university student activity centers, 2480 Seat Performing Arts Square, 2 standard sports grounds of 400 meters (one is plastic), car driving training ground, water golf training ground, etc. Various teaching, living, service, and event facilities are complete, presenting the image of a university on a modern campus, a green campus, and an ecological campus, and it is a “national AAA tourist attraction”.

Lu’An Vocational Technical College currently has 461 faculty members (including 362 full-time teachers), 155 senior titles (including 14 professors, 124 associate professors, and 136 doctoral and master degrees), and 1 national model teacher. There are 2 provincial-level model teachers, 7 city-level model teachers, 5 provincial-level teaching teachers, 2 provincial-level outstanding teachers, 8 provincial-level professional leaders, 9 provincial-level rookies and 5 provincial-level teaching teams. More than 8,000 full-time students. The total value of fixed assets is 315 million yuan, and there are 13 training centers (automotive technology training center, electromechanical technology training center, construction technology training center, garden technology training center, business management practice) that support the practical teaching of all professional groups. Training center, tourism management training center, financial management training center, art design training center, fashion design training center, electronic technology training center, information technology training center, sports training management center and English teaching network center), There are 176 various internship training rooms, 3 provincial-level demonstration experimental training centers, 3 national training centers supported by the central government, 119 off-campus training bases, and a total value of 50.142 million yuan in various teaching equipment. The library holds 536,500 books, 8427GB e-books, 6243 kinds of professional periodicals, and has network information resources such as China HowNet, Superstar Digital, and Wanfang Data.

Lu’An Vocational Technical College offers specialties: CNC technology, automotive application and maintenance technology, mold design and manufacturing, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, automotive marketing and service, machinery manufacturing and automation, industrial robotics technology, and construction engineering technology , Engineering cost, building decoration engineering technology, construction engineering supervision, horticulture technology, garden technology, municipal engineering technology, e-commerce, marketing, tourism management, financial management, logistics management, accounting, chain operation management, internet finance, mobile commerce, Exhibition planning and management, secretarial, advertising design and production, environmental art design, animation production technology, clothing and apparel design, computer application technology, software technology, computer system maintenance, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computer communication, applied electronics technology, materials There are 45 network application technologies, smart product development, mobile Internet application technologies, etc. There are 2 professional service industry development capacity building majors supported by the central financial department, 9 provincial specialty specialties, and 6 provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialties.

Lu’An Vocational Technical College takes the combination of work and study as the starting point, continuously innovates the talent training model, cultivates high-quality technical and skilled personnel for local social and economic development, and builds Lu’an Vocational and Technical College into a “‘high-level, distinctive, provincial The first-ranking and national advanced ‘higher vocational education colleges’ guiding ideology; builds “the campus culture as the background, the ‘3 + 3′ curriculum module as the main body, the college student quality development system as an extension, and cultivates the existing Scientific and humanistic literacy, professional job skills, high-quality technical and skilled personnel with sound personality and good professional ethics “, and gradually formed the” sowing seeds of innovative spirit, setting entrepreneurship genetic code, cultural infiltration, personality New thinking of the talent training model of “cultivation, ability to solid foundation, and quality to cast the soul”; the goal of talent training is to cultivate the needs for the frontline of production, construction, management, and service, both scientific and cultural literacy and sound personality. Professional post skills, technology application ability, innovative entrepreneurship and good professional spirit, high-quality technical skills The professional construction positioning is: actively adapt to local economic and social development, closely follow the strategic planning of the industrial transfer demonstration zone in the Wanjiang City Belt, Dabie Mountain Area, poverty alleviation and development, etc., to connect the profession with the industry, with machinery manufacturing, modern services Focusing on the construction of professional groups in electronics, information, and construction, and driving other professional constructions, highlighting professional characteristics, and building professional brands; gradually condensing and forming the Lu’an professional technology of “self-improvement, ambitious, hard-working dedication, and solidarity” The spirit of the college, “loyalty, love students, rigorous study, strict teaching” and “loyalty, integrity, diligence, good learning, courage to take on” work style.

Lu’An Vocational Technical College is a demonstration base for labor transfer training in poverty-stricken areas approved by the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office, a cross-regional employment training base for rural surplus labor, a vocational education branch center of the Provincial Teachers Training Center, a director unit of Anhui Dabieshan Vocational Education Group, and Lu’an The Executive Dean Unit of the Peasant College and the base for continuing education of professional and technical personnel in Lu’an City make the school integrate general higher education and advanced skills training, forming a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, multi-form, and adapted to market economic and social development needs Talent training system.

Lu’An Vocational Technical College has comprehensively promoted the “3 + 3” curriculum module teaching, vigorously carried out curriculum construction and mixed teaching reform in the learning field, and continuously improved the quality of talent training; the construction of the teaching staff has gradually improved and implemented the teacher access system and established the Teachers’ long-term training mechanism has been awarded “Advanced Collective of Anhui University Teacher Training Work”; in terms of employment work, it is “Advanced Collective of Graduate Employment Work of Anhui Province”, “Anhui University Graduate Job Settlement Model”, ” Provincial Advanced Unit for Employment Work “; in logistics, won” Provincial Garden Units “,” Provincial Green Model Units “,” Anhui Provincial Water-Saving Units “,” Anhui Province Economical Public Institution Demonstration Units “and” Advanced Collective of Catering Industry in Anhui Universities “; the school is an” excellent unit for the evaluation of students’ livelihood projects of the people’s livelihood engineering colleges “,” Luan’s directly supported advanced units “,” the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth Anshi Civilized Unit “and” The First Batch of Intangible Cultural Education Bases in Lu’an “; the Dandelion Mission was awarded the” Tenth China Youth League ” Volunteer Outstanding Organization Award. In 2010, based on the “excellent” performance, the school passed the evaluation of talents training in higher vocational colleges in Anhui Province, and was also named as “Anhui Demonstration Higher Vocational College” construction unit, achieving the province’s first-class school goals. In 2014, it was approved as a “National AAA Grade Tourist Attraction”. In 2015, it passed the provincial model vocational college construction project acceptance and talent training work level assessment, and became a provincial model vocational college. In the same year, it became a local skill-based high-level university construction project unit and a national high-quality college demonstration vocational college. Institution building units.


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