Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics


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Introduction to Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics (兰州财经大学陇桥学院, website) was established in March 2000 with the approval of the People’s Government of Gansu Province. Enrollment is included in the national general college admissions plan, and students who graduate and get employment enjoy the same qualifications and treatment as public college students.

The college has more than 12,000 full-time undergraduates and 835 faculty members. There are 9 departments including accounting department, finance department, business administration department, economics and trade department, law department, information engineering department, civil engineering department, foreign language and literature department, art design department, etc. There are two teaching departments in the teaching department; one is the Key Laboratory of Regional Circular Economy in Gansu Province, one is the Gansu Provincial Economic Management Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and one is the provincial creative space. There are currently 6 disciplines and 40 undergraduate majors (including professional orientations), forming a professional structure focusing on economics and management, with mutual support and coordinated development of economics, management, literature, law, engineering, and art.

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics is located in the Peace Development Zone of Lanzhou, with a campus area of 625 acres and a building area of 200,000 square meters. The college has modernized teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, libraries, academic lecture halls, gymnasiums, student apartments, etc. There are 44 laboratories including large business comprehensive simulation training center, civil engineering comprehensive experimental center, and economic management professional laboratory. The library has 1.56 million paper and electronic books. The campus is full of trees, beautiful flowers, and elegant environment. It is an ideal place for students to stand up, aspire, and learn.

The college specially hires a group of well-known university professors, experts and scholars as the teaching directors of various disciplines. It has set up a college teaching steering committee composed of 12 members. Through their rich teaching and management experience and rigorous academic attitude, it provides the college with great efforts to improve the teaching level. It has provided strong intellectual support and talent guarantee, which has effectively promoted the standardization of teaching and the improvement of teaching quality.

In the past five years, the college has approved 134 research projects of various types at the provincial, municipal (department) level and other levels. CNKI has collected more than 700 papers and has about 70 intellectual property rights (utility model patents, design and software copyright). The “Longqiao Grand Lecture Hall” of the college invites experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures at the school, so that young students can listen to the frontiers of science and experience the style of masters from a distance.

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics is student-oriented. The year-end employment rate has exceeded 92% in the past three years. Many students have worked in government departments, state-owned enterprises and banking, securities, and education industries. Graduates are well-received by employers. Welcome and affirmation. The college comprehensively promotes the internship and employment linkage mechanism, continuously strengthens school-enterprise cooperation, comprehensively cultivates application-oriented talents, and makes every effort to promote student employment. The college encourages outstanding students to further their studies and create a good atmosphere and conditions for graduate students. In recent years, the number of students admitted to the graduate school has continued to increase. Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Southwest Petroleum University, and other well-known colleges and universities in the province.

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics has established cooperative relationships with many universities at home and abroad, and sends outstanding students to the partner colleges for study and exchange every year. Since 2015, our college has signed a “2 + 1 + 1” joint school running agreement with Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, Guangdong University of Finance, and Chongqing Technology and Business University; with Central Plains University in Taiwan, UCSI University in Malaysia, University of Central Oklahoma, and American International The University of Science and Technology (ITU), Ford Hayes State University, New Zealand Business School, Lincoln University of New Zealand, Wisla University of Poland, and other overseas universities have established cooperative relationships, signed cooperation memoranda, and conducted student exchanges, undergraduate programs, Cooperation in areas such as teacher visits and academic exchanges. 182 people from our college have participated in domestic and overseas inter-university exchange student programs, and another 10 have successfully obtained master’s degree acceptance books from overseas cooperative colleges and universities and successfully attended overseas colleges and universities through the “Ben-Sheng Express” project.

The college implements an education plan for innovation and entrepreneurship, and establishes special institutions for conducting and guiding undergraduate discipline competitions, scientific and technological innovation, and entrepreneurial practices, with the aim of fostering students’ innovative awareness, entrepreneurial spirit, and entrepreneurial ability. In the past three years, it has won a total of 647 awards in various discipline competitions and sports competitions at the provincial level or above. Among them, 28 national and provincial awards have been won in the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, ranking No. 1 among universities in the province. Five; 26 entries won prizes in the “Challenge Cup” competition for extra-curricular academic science and technology works. In 2018, the College Creative Space was rated as “Good” by the Gansu Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics has a variety of cultural and sports activities with unique characteristics. “Longqiao Cup” campus grand debate contest, “Longqiao Cup” basketball game, football match, reading culture festival, “One Two Nine” chorus, etc. have become the college’s brand cultural activities. In the 12th Jincheng College Debate, the college student debate team won the championship. The college takes students as the center, implements counselor talks, counselors go to the student apartment to carry out work, student academic warnings, and other systems. It focuses on the cultivation of students and the education of daily behavior norms. It has now formed a relatively mature student management service system .

Longqiao College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics has made some landmark development achievements: it was approved as a bachelor’s degree awarding unit in 2012; it was rated as a 5A provincial social organization by the Gansu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs; The Food and Drug Administration was awarded the honorary titles of the Canteen of Gansu Food Safety Demonstration School, and the Demonstration Standardization of Student Canteens of Gansu Provincial Universities; in 2015, it was named “Provincial Civilized Unit” by the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the People’s Government of Gansu Province. The college has been selected as one of the top 100 independent colleges in the country for 10 consecutive years. In 2018, it ranked 47th in the nation’s independent colleges, and was hailed as “China’s High-level Independent College”.

After 18 years of construction and development, the comprehensive reputation and social influence of the college have been continuously improved. Standing at a new historical starting point, the college will fully seize the favorable opportunity of the country to vigorously develop private education, conscientiously implement the party’s education policy, adhere to the ethics, and adhere to “a solid foundation, strong professionalism, strong practical ability, and comprehensive quality. The training goal of “high” is based on Gansu, facing the west, and offering people satisfactory education.


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