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Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College

Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College (柳州职业技术学院, website) is the first batch of full-time comprehensive higher vocational colleges approved by the country in 1998. It is one of the 100 national model higher vocational colleges, the national high-quality colleges, and the national “double high The “planning” construction unit is a national top 50 vocational college teaching resource, a national top 50 vocational college teaching management, a top 50 national vocational college student management, and a national top 50 innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration school.

The school has two campuses, Shewan Campus and Guantang Campus, covering a total area of 1,500 acres, with a total fixed asset value of about 950 million yuan and 820,000 books. Has 1 national skill master studio, 1 national collaborative innovation center, 2 national productive training bases, 10 national demonstration training bases, 5 autonomous regions demonstration specialty and training bases, autonomous region demonstrations There are 14 training bases for higher vocational education, 2 training bases for demonstration higher vocational education in the autonomous region, 2 training bases at the level of 10 million yuan in Liuzhou City, and a total of 142 training bases inside and outside the school, which are the training conditions for the whole district. The most advanced and fully functional vocational college.

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Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College currently has more than 13,000 full-time vocational students, nearly 800 faculty and staff, 60% of full-time teachers have overseas learning experience, and nearly 70% of dual-qualified full-time teachers. It has one advanced collective in the national education system, one national teaching team, one first national vocational education teacher teaching innovation team, eight autonomous region teaching teams, one national teaching teacher, one national outstanding teacher, and one national model teacher. There are 2 national outstanding educators, 8 autonomous region-level teaching teachers, and 1 autonomous region outstanding teacher. It is the vocational college with the largest number of national and autonomous region teaching teams and teaching teachers in Guangxi.

The school has 9 secondary schools including the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Electronic Information Engineering, the School of Environmental and Food Engineering, the School of Finance and Logistics Management, the School of Trade and Tourism Management, the School of Art, the School of General Education, and the School of Marxism Colleges and schools offer 56 majors. Among them, there are 6 national key majors, 10 national key majors, 1 national professional demonstration site, 15 autonomous region-level specialty specialty, 3 autonomous region-level advantageous specialty specialty, and 5 autonomous region demonstration specialty specialty and training base. There are 1 high-quality specialty at the autonomous region level and 14 high-quality majors at the autonomous region level. There are 6 national excellent courses, 5 national excellent resource sharing courses, 1 national education reform pilot specialty, 27 autonomous regional excellent courses, presiding over the construction of a national teaching resource bank (alternative database), and participating in national level majors. There are 5 teaching resource banks, 3 prefecture-level professional teaching resource banks, and 7 national teaching achievements. It is the vocational college in Guangxi that has the most national teaching achievement awards.

Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College has a vocational skills appraisal office that conducts junior, intermediate and advanced vocational qualification appraisal training for 40 types of work including mechanical and electrical, automotive, computer, economics, and art, and actively provides “order-style” talent training services for enterprises. , Technology research and development services, etc., each year nearly 20,000 training and skills appraisal.

The school has deepened the level of international education and introduced international talent training standards. Carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation with 18 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Actively apply international advanced occupations such as the German Industry and Commerce Conference (AHK) and Handicraft Industry Association (HWK) skills certification standards, British professional qualification standards, European sommelier qualification standards, construction machinery industry (Liugong) standards, and communications industry (ZTE) standards Advanced standards such as ability standards are internalized into school-based students’ professional ability standards, curriculum standards, teacher standards, and training base construction standards. The Ministry of Education-DMG MS numerical control professional field cooperation project, FANUC CNC system application technology center project, German Siemens advanced automation technology joint demonstration training center project, Ministry of Education-Sino-German Vocational Education Automotive Electromechanical (SGAVE) project, British modern apprentice System project, German dual system project, Liuzhou German AHK vocational training center project, European sommelier school China project. The school has joined forces with the world’s top 500 Liugong Group to build a global customer experience center. It is the only vocational college in the country where the global training system for construction machinery companies is integrated. The school, together with Saudi Catania Group and Liugong Group, jointly established Saudi Catania Academy to jointly create “Chinese standard” artisan talents, becoming the first vocational college in the country to achieve the international standard of engineering machinery professional resources and resources.

Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College led the joint establishment of Guangxi Automobile Industry Vocational Education Group with local colleges, enterprises and industry associations, becoming the first batch of exemplary vocational education groups in Guangxi. Established a “Young Innovation Practice Base” with Guangxi Automobile Group, and established a “New Energy Vehicle Talent Training Base” and “New Energy Vehicle Training Center” with SAIC-GM-Wuling to provide enterprises with technical and technical talent reserves. The Liuzhou Collaborative Innovation Research Institute has been jointly established with the Liudong New District of Guangxi Automobile City, the Liuzhou Caiheyu Robot Academician Work Station, and the Guangxi Autonomous Region-level Technology Transfer Demonstration Institution; the Guangxi Automobile City Liudong New District, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and the World 500 Enterprises The top 500 domestic enterprises jointly established the Liuzhou Industrial Robot Industrial Cluster Cultivation Base and the ABB Industrial Robot Training Center. Actively cooperate with well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad to build an autonomous region-level engineering technology center, an academician workstation, and five Liuzhou engineering technology centers to provide high-end technological support and core technical services for the development of local enterprises.

The school actively develops a dual-subject school. Jointly build ZTE College of Information and Communication, Huayu AVIC College, Hengqi School of Management and Accounting, Baijie Internet College and Shangyunke Software Engineering College with enterprises to promote the integration of school-enterprise education, promote the in-depth integration of schools and enterprises, and jointly improve the quality of talent training.

Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College took the lead in introducing the “Outstanding Performance Evaluation Standards” in the United States, and took the lead in formulating the vocational education version of the Outstanding Performance Quality Evaluation Standards, greatly improving the quality of modern management. With the core goal of improving the quality of talent training, the satisfaction of customers (students, employers, parents, governments, etc.) and the quality of education and teaching as the core goals, forming a quality culture of full participation, quality first, and the pursuit of excellence, the school was evaluated The 6th Liuzhou Mayor Quality Award in 2019.

The school set up a “one-stop” comprehensive service center for the first time in Guangxi universities to achieve 24-hour response and comprehensive coverage. Introduce CRP digital campus information platform, establish cloud computing center and smart campus, and realize full coverage of campus wireless network.

More than 75% of school graduates are employed in Guangxi, and more than 60% are employed locally in Liuzhou, providing strong technical and skilled personnel support for the high-quality development of local industries. The school has been rated as the advanced unit for graduate employment in Guangxi universities for 19 consecutive years, and has trained representatives of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, national outstanding youth post masters, Qiu Liubin, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, China May 4th Youth Medal, and national government A group of outstanding graduates, such as Yuan Yin, the winner of Jiangong’s pacesetter, Liang Hua and Fang Jiulin, winners of the “Guangxi May 1st Labor Medal”, many graduates have now become the backbone of corporate technology and won a good reputation for the school.

With the strong support of governments at all levels and the high attention of all sectors of society, the construction and development of the school has achieved fruitful results: the national advanced unit of vocational education, the national advanced unit of innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher vocational colleges, and the national youth worker skills appraisal demonstration Unit (the only university in Guangxi), the first batch of demonstration units for conservation-oriented public institutions in the country, the first batch of outstanding pilot units for education informatization in China, the first batch of national vocational education teacher teaching innovation team project construction units, the Guangxi electronics industry professional skills appraisal advanced unit, Guangxi high-skilled talent cultivation outstanding contribution award unit (only in Guangxi universities), Guangxi outstanding poor village labor transfer employment training base (only in Guangxi universities), Guangxi advanced vocational education advanced units, Guangxi higher education teaching and management advanced collectives, autonomous regions civilization units, Safe and civilized campuses of Guangxi universities.


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