Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College

Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College

Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College (六盘水职业技术学院, website) was a public full-time higher vocational college approved by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government for registration in June 2002. The college is located on the banks of Lake Dewu in the beautiful plum blossoms of Liupanshui, the capital of China. The campus is surrounded by mountains and lakes, surrounded by green hills. The air is fresh and the seasons are pleasant. The college covers an area of 537 acres and has more than 8,000 full-time students. It has 8 teaching departments in medicine, nursing, finance, business management, biotechnology, industry, social sciences, and information engineering. It has completed coal mining technology and rehabilitation technology There are 50 majors in 3 key professional groups of accounting computerization. There are 462 faculty members, including 116 teachers with deputy senior titles and above, and 2 provincial vocational teachers. The rate of obtaining professional qualifications or skills of graduates is 99.04%, the initial employment rate of graduates is 90%, the professional counterpart rate is 83.14%, and the employer’s satisfaction with graduates is 96%.

Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College has 36 integrated classrooms such as integrated rehabilitation therapy classrooms, integrated nursing operation classrooms, integrated anatomy classrooms, accounting computerized training rooms, etc .; coal quality laboratory training rooms, and machining training There are 12 production training bases such as training rooms for electronics, electrician and electric trainers, computer network training workshops, multimedia training workshops, mechatronics technology training bases, etc .; school-enterprise cooperation has jointly established automobile testing stations and driving schools, etc. There are 2 “schools and factories” to ensure that each specialty has a corresponding experimental training room, the number of facilities and equipment meets the teaching needs, and the core curriculum experimental training rate is 100%. The college has also been in close contact with industry companies, and has established more than 90 off-campus internship training bases that are compatible with majors, corresponding to major positions, and relatively stable.

Liupanshui Vocational and Technical College has been committed to professional construction and teaching reforms, strengthening the cultivation of students’ professional knowledge, professional skills and comprehensive capabilities, and comprehensively promoting the improvement of talent training quality. Our students won the second prize of the “Big Data Technology and Application” project and the third prize of the “Computer Network Application” project in the 2017 National Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Group), breaking the Guizhou Province’s participation in the six years The project won zero breakthroughs; won the “Big Data Technology and Application”, “Computer Network Application”, and “Sandbox Simulation Enterprise Management” in the Guizhou Provincial Vocational College Skills Contest 2018 (High Vocational Group) all won first prizes; I The accounting students of the School of Economics have won the “four consecutive championships” in the accounting skills competition of Guizhou Vocational College Skills Contest, representing Guizhou Province 3 times to participate in the National Vocational College Skills Contest Accounting Project Competition; in the 2018 National Mechanical Vocational College In the skill competition, he won the first prize of the national first prize.

The college encourages and guides students to participate in the “upgraded college” exam and the self-study exam of the undergraduate connection through different methods, and enters Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University, Guizhou Medical University, Guizhou University for Nationalities, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Zunyi Medical College and other full-time universities for undergraduate studies , Praised by the community. Standing in the new era, facing the new future, and taking advantage of the country’s vigorous development of vocational education, the college adheres to the school motto of “Honesty, Fine Skills, Serving the Society”, actively explores and innovates the training mode of skilled talents, and vigorously promotes to improve the quality of teaching and education. The education and teaching reform with students’ comprehensive quality as the core, and strive to train qualified high-quality technical and skilled personnel for the society.


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