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Introduction to Linyi Vocational College

Linyi Vocational College (临沂职业学院) was established in 2008. It is a full-time public general higher school sponsored by the People’s Government of Shandong Province and approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province. The merger of three national key secondary professional schools, including the technical secondary school and Linyi Economic School, has provided more than 200,000 outstanding talents to the society for more than 60 years. The school is the third batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units of the Ministry of Education, Shandong Province ’s independent enrollment qualification colleges, Shandong Province ’s modern apprenticeship pilot project construction units, Shandong Province ’s “3 + 2” sub-graduate pilot colleges, and Shandong Province. The first batch of pilot institutions for credit system reform, Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Crowd Training School, Shandong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute. In recent years, it has been rated as a civilized unit in Shandong Province, a grass-roots party organization in Shandong Province that promotes science and education, an advanced collective of ideological and political work in Shandong universities, an advanced unit for comprehensive logistics work in Shandong universities, a demonstration unit for campus greening in Shandong universities, and national employees. Educational training demonstration site.


The main campus of Linyi Vocational College is located in Luozhuang District, adjacent to the Linyi National High-tech Development Zone. The second campus is located in the national-level Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone. 460 million yuan, more than 470,000 books in the collection, 150,000 electronic books, and a total value of 98 million yuan in equipment.

Linyi Vocational College has 6 secondary colleges of accounting and finance, commerce and logistics, construction engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, information engineering, modern services, 3 teaching departments of basic department, ideological and political department, sports department, social training center, and open education center , 3 training institutions of Aopeng Education Center, 3 professional skills appraisal institutions of machinery, construction, e-commerce. Established 33 higher vocational majors in 8 categories, 4 five-year consistent majors, 15 triple-secondary higher vocational majors, 2 central financial major support construction majors, 2 provincial brand majors (groups), 4 Provincial specialty specialty, 6 school-level brand specialty group and 12 specialty specialty. There are 8 major training centers including commerce and logistics, accounting and finance, construction engineering, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, arts and education, health care for the elderly, catering and tourism, 123 experimental training rooms on campus, five-axis linkage machining center, CNC Milling machines, aviation simulation warehouses and other advanced training equipment of 5,143 sets of sets, can carry out 257 internship training projects and 36 occupational skills training and identification. It has advanced teaching facilities such as advanced multimedia classrooms, audio-visual reading rooms, multi-functional voice rooms, and webcast classrooms. It also has modern sports facilities such as standard plastic runways, football fields, tennis courts, badminton courts, and gymnasiums. The school is surrounded by trees, elegant environment, various cultural and sports activities, and a strong atmosphere for talents. It is an ideal place for students to seek knowledge and talents.

Linyi Vocational College has a teaching and research team with national and provincial academic leaders and teaching experts as its backbone. There are currently 594 faculty members, including 172 professors and associate professors, 198 graduate students with a master’s degree or higher, “There are more than 200 teachers, 93 off-campus part-time teachers, more than 40 national, provincial and municipal outstanding teachers and teaching masters, more than 50 technical experts, chief technicians, labor models, and 4 outstanding teaching teams. There are 26 experts in various fields, including 3 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government, and 8 masters of intangible cultural heritage skills.

Linyi Vocational College actively explores the modern apprenticeship education model, and cooperates with Shandong Linong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Huasheng Zhongtian Machinery Group, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group, China Aerospace Educational Technology Group, Linyi International Travel Co., Ltd., Shandong Linyi Yuantong Group, Linyi Small Loan and People’s Finance Institution Association, Qilu Transportation Co., Ltd., Tianyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Binhai Xunteng Technology Group, Hangzhou Time Coordinate Television Media Co., Ltd., Qingdao SAIC Wuling, More than 300 large and medium-sized enterprises such as Lunan Pharmaceutical, Hengbang Culture, 361 ° Group and more than ten universities including Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Linyi University, Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, Beijing Vocational College of Information Technology, Taiwan Normal University, Longhua University of Science and Technology, etc. School-enterprise and inter-school cooperation agreements implement in-depth cooperation in professional construction, curriculum development, teacher training, talent training, recruitment and employment, and resource sharing. The school attaches great importance to culture and education. It has 8 non-heritage master studios, 57 teacher studios, and 96 student associations. It has formed a campus science, technology, sports, and art festival, a skills culture festival, and excellent traditional culture on campus and intangible cultural heritage. Campus cultural brands such as the Expo have built a “five-in-one” moral education system of ideological and political education, professional education, practical education, cultural education, and environmental education, and have created a full-fledged, whole-process, and comprehensive education structure. In the past three years, he has achieved more than 70 provincial-level achievements in the fields of professional and curriculum construction, teaching achievement research, scientific research topics, cultural education and inheritance, and innovation and entrepreneurship education. Teachers and students have won 264 provincial-level or higher awards in skills competitions. Among them, there are 12 national first prizes. Every year more than 20,000 social trainings are conducted. Created “5 + 3”, “3 + 2” multi-talented talent training features, “O2O” online theoretical learning combined with offline skills and practice teaching features, “medium-high-base” system talent training features, The characteristics of “five sons to graduate” education, and “red culture + craftsman spirit” campus culture characteristics, significantly improved the level of connotation construction and comprehensive schooling strength, the number of students and the quality of student resources have steadily improved. At present, there are 10,950 full-time students and adult college education students. 15,000 people, the student employment rate has remained above 98%.


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