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Introduction to Liming Vocational University

Liming Vocational University (黎明职业大学, website) is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. In 2016, the university ranked first in the province and was selected as a key construction institution in the national high-quality vocational colleges and Fujian province’s exemplary modern vocational college construction project.

Liming Vocational University’s running conditions continue to be optimized. In the second phase of the expansion project, the Liming Vocational University Applied Engineering Comprehensive Training Base consisting of three secondary college teaching and training buildings of civil engineering, intelligent manufacturing, and materialization was selected into the National Development and Reform Commission’s vocational education production-education integration development project. Planning a project. Continuously optimize the school-enterprise cooperation management model of “school co-ordination, expert consultation, college entity, professional collaboration”, build a “four-chain integration” model of the industrial chain, innovation chain, education chain, and talent chain, and strive to improve the “cooperative schooling, cooperative education” , Co-employment, and cooperative development “, a long-term mechanism for the deep integration of government, government, business and schools. Take the lead in setting up 2 Fujian Provincial Industry Vocational Education Steering Committees in the construction industry and petrochemical industry, Quanzhou Vocational Colleges Alliance, and provincial multi-investment subject construction vocational education groups. They mainly participate in 6 vocational education groups and work in 4 high-quality secondary vocational schools. The school has set up branch campuses, and jointly trained technical R & D personnel with Central China Numerical Control, and piloted mixed ownership cooperation with Quanzhou Vocational College of Light Industry and other schools. Together with government departments, it has established the Quanzhou Trademark Museum and the University Lida Campus Experience Center. “Beidou Navigation Technology Application and Promotion Platform”, jointly established “Information and Network Technology College” with Huawei, and Anta Sports Industry College with Anta Group, becoming the first SAIC GM ASEP school-enterprise cooperation project college in Fujian Province.

Liming Vocational University has a school of civil engineering, a business school, a school of intelligent manufacturing engineering, a school of cultural communication, a school of tourism, a school of information and electronic engineering, a school of materials and chemical engineering, a school of textile and footwear engineering, a college of Marxism, a school of general education, 13 colleges and 43 majors, including the College of Continuing Education, the College of International Exchange, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, have formed a professional layout focusing on applied engineering and modern productive services. Passed 3 international certification majors, 2 national key majors, 5 backbone majors, 3 productive training bases, 1 “double teacher” teacher training base, 1 collaborative innovation center, and participated in higher vocational education 14 professional teaching resource banks, 1 presiding candidate library, 9 provincial demonstration majors, 7 provincial boutique majors, 5 provincial service industry specialty groups, 1 national modern apprenticeship pilot project, and provincial modern Five apprenticeship pilot projects, 18 “dual system” technical and technical personnel training reform pilot projects, 20 provincial-level excellent online open courses, 2 provincial professional teaching resource banks, 4 professional group training bases, and production education Integrating 4 professional demonstration sites, 4 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilots, 6 innovative and innovative education resource sharing courses, 1 national teaching achievement award, 12 provincial teaching achievement awards, and professional guidance for middle and senior vocational education There are 5 development projects for training programs for sexual talents, and 1 construction project for cultivating multi-investment subject vocational education groups. There are skill appraisal stations, which can carry out skills appraisal for 25 types of work. Docking “Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025”, opening “industrial robotics” and other majors, it has become a vocational education cooperation project college of the Ministry of Education and China Airlines VISA, ABB, and Xinshida in the field of industrial robotics.

The school has 674 faculty and staff, including 233 senior title teachers (including 23 with high professional titles), 418 masters and masters, more than 14,000 students in academic education, and dual-quality teachers account for 92.6%. Has 2 National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education “Outstanding Principal Award”, 1 National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education “Outstanding Teacher Award”, 2 National Outstanding Teachers, 2 Ministry of Education National Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee 2 and National Petrochemical Industry Outstanding Teaching Team 1 There are 1 teaching teacher, 7 outstanding teachers in Fujian Province, 4 provincial excellent teaching teams, 10 teaching teachers, 14 professional leaders, 3 “Jie Qing” colleges, and 23 provincial education evaluation experts. Innovatively establish the “Lida Think Tank”, strengthen research on provincial, city, and school conditions, and make batches of scientific research and consultation results into decision-making and teaching. Teachers rank first in the province in obtaining more than 10 key indicators such as the number of scientific research projects, the number of scientific research platforms, the number of technical services income, the number of patents granted, and the social services.

Liming Vocational University vigorously promotes the spirit of craftsmen and forges professional elites. It insists on cultivating professional quality and abilities as the focus of talent training. It is close to the needs of modernization in Fujian and Quanzhou, especially the needs of industrial development. The construction of the province has sent a batch of qualified professional and technical personnel for the prosperity and development of the Bamin region, especially Quanzhou, with more than 60,000 graduates. Over the past three years, more than 71% of the graduates who have worked in Quanzhou have a good reputation. Social reputation and expertise. The school has a high admission score for all majors. The employment rate of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 graduates is 100%. In the past three years, students have accumulated 832 provincial or higher awards in various competitions at various levels, including 328 at the national level; China Skills Competition 2018-The first National Gemstone Polishing and Craftsman Professional Skills Competition, Fujian Vocational College Skills Competition, Fujian Province’s First Industrial Robot Technology Application Competition, “Challenge Cup-Rainbow Life” Fujian Vocational School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition , “He Vocational Education Cup”, the second Fujian Provincial Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and more than 30 provincial events, won 26 best organization awards, 16 contribution awards.

Key indicators such as the school’s talent training, graduate employment rate, and the proportion of graduates who have obtained advanced certificates rank first in the province’s vocational colleges, and the “most beautiful students” in Fujian Province, the top ten webmasters of the Easy Class in the country, and the entrepreneurship in Fujian Province have emerged. A large number of landmark educational achievements such as star standard soldiers, outstanding teachers in Fujian Province, and moral models of Quanzhou City. The strength of Lida University, the vitality of Lida University, and the charm of Lida University continue to be stronger and brighter, and the brand effect of exemplary modern vocational colleges is becoming increasingly prominent. They are moving towards “strengthening Fujian Model Schools, becoming a national double college, and competing for higher vocational undergraduate schools.” Stride forward.

(Data as of 2019.10)


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