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Introduction to Lijiang Teachers College

Lijiang Teachers College (丽江师范高等专科学校, website) is a provincial public full-time ordinary college approved by the Ministry of Education and is the only public college in northwestern Yunnan. Its predecessor was the Lijiang Education College, which was established in 2001 by Lijiang Education College and Lijiang Teachers’ College for Nationalities. The former Lijiang Education College began in 1978, and the original Lijiang National Normal School began in 1906. After passing on and integrating in different historical periods and different development stages, it was restructured into Lijiang Teachers College in 2006. In 2010, the school was relocated to Xintuan District, Gucheng District, Lijiang City.

Lijiang Teachers College has won the honorary titles of “Civilized School of Yunnan Province”, “Safe Campus of Yunnan Province” and “Advanced Unit of National Defense Education of Yunnan Province”. Since the establishment of the school, a total of more than 40,000 graduates have been cultivated, of which 25,000 have been trained for practical and talented people in various industries in northwestern Yunnan. Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture has set up a school to train nearly 4,000 talents that are urgently needed for economic and social development in Tibetan areas, and has made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Northwestern Yunnan, national unity and progress, and harmonious and stable frontiers. Cradle. ”

Lijiang Teachers College has established a complete teacher education system and a practical skill-based talent training system. The school has 7 secondary colleges and public sports including preschool education college, teacher education college, international tourism and business management college, applied technology college, Dongba art college, football vocational college (college-enterprise co-construction), continuing education college, etc. Teaching Department, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department. There are 47 majors, including 43 specialized majors and 4 undergraduate majors, which cover 7 disciplines including education, literature, management, arts, agriculture, engineering, and science. Since 2010, it has been awarded 2 key majors and 2 characteristic majors in Yunnan Province. The “Tourism Management Major” is a project for the central government to support higher vocational schools to improve the professional service industry development ability; the “Biology Education Major” has been upgraded to higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province. Professional service industry capacity building project. The school has vocational qualification appraisal and non-degree examination centers, and has initially formed a teacher education system with complete disciplines, integrated training and training, and a practical skill-based talent training system. The school recruits students from 18 provinces (cities, districts), and currently has 5,901 full-time college students. In addition, the school has cooperated with a number of universities in and outside the province to launch adult education undergraduate courses for undergraduate studies, which has enrolled more than 1,000 students. Since 2014, it has started joint education with Yunnan University for Nationalities and has enrolled 350 undergraduates in the past three years.

Lijiang Teachers College covers an area of 1083.92 acres with an average birth rate of 122.46 square meters. The building area of the school building is 201891.10 square meters (excluding the building of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center under construction, which has a construction area of 16,107.59 square meters), with an average of 34.21 square meters per student, of which 114,383.86 square meters are for teaching and scientific research, and 19.38 square meters per student. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is RMB 7,344,100, with an average of RMB 12,445.54 per student. The library has 786,600 paper books, with an average of 133.30 students; 300GB of electronic books. There are one affiliated middle school, one affiliated experimental school and one affiliated kindergarten. Established a training center for teaching skills for normal students, a training center for preschool education majors, an English major group Leica training center, a Chinese language and literature major group training center, a sports major group training center, and an art major group training center , Financial and Business Information Professional Group Training Center, Biological Professional Group Training Center, Power Technology Professional Training Center, Teacher Education Development Center, Computer Basic Skills Training Center, Tourism Professional Group Training Center, Electronic Information There are 13 training centers including professional group training centers, and a total of 120 on-campus experimental training rooms (including 4 provincial-level higher vocational colleges for professional practice training and teaching bases). The total area of ??on-site experimental training sites is 27,164.47 square meters. It is 2.08 times the library area of ??13066.35 square meters. There are 130 off-campus internship training and teaching bases (including 2 provincial-level higher vocational colleges for professional internship training and teaching bases). There are also one ethnic art inheritance base in northwestern Yunnan, and one innovation and entrepreneurship platform in Yunnan Province. There are also ethnic-level cultural research centers, basic education research centers, and plateau-specific agricultural research centers.

Lijiang Teachers College currently has 435 faculty members, and attaches great importance to cultivating a team of teachers with excellent teacher morals, teaching and scientific research. There are currently 357 full-time teachers with a student-teacher ratio of 16.53: 1. Among the full-time teachers, 182 are teachers with postgraduate qualifications (including 11 PhDs and 3 PhDs), accounting for 50.98%; 118 are teachers with titles of associate professors or above (including 22 full-time teachers with full professor titles), accounting for 33.05%; 154 dual-teacher teachers, accounting for 43.14%; 94 part-time teachers from industry companies, accounting for 26.33%. The school attaches importance to the construction of teaching teams and scientific research teams, and strengthens the leading role of leading talents such as teaching teachers, young and middle-aged academic leaders, and young and middle-aged backbone teachers. Owns 3 teaching teams in Yunnan universities, 4 teaching teachers in Yunnan universities, 4 teaching teachers in Yunnan universities, 1 model teacher in Yunnan province, 1 outstanding teacher in Yunnan province, and Yunnan Education Merit Award One winner. Teachers teach mechanics diligently, establish themselves, and serve as a model for others. They can meet and adapt to the needs of school construction and development.

Lijiang Teachers College adheres to teaching as the center, continuously deepens the reform of talent training models, strengthens school-school cooperation, campus cooperation, actively promotes teacher education reform, focuses on improving the teaching skills of normal students, and trains high-quality teachers; Vigorously promote transformation and development, focus on improving students’ professional ability, and cultivate practical skills. In the past three years, students have won 326 person-times (including 119 national-level awards) in national and provincial normal student skills, sports competitions, spoken English, innovation and entrepreneurship. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the school won 2 national-level teaching quality engineering projects and 47 provincial-level teaching quality engineering projects. It has won the Yunnan Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award for three consecutive sessions, including 1 first prize and 4 second prizes. In the past three years, the overall employment rate of students has been above 98%. For five consecutive years, the university has won the “First Prize of Graduates’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Target Responsibility Assessment” for five consecutive years. The school also continues to broaden the channels for students to enter employment and encourage students to take college entrance examinations. The proportion of colleges and universities admitted to the university has increased year by year. The admission rates from 2014 to 2017 were 30.16%, 49.86%, 55.59%, and 71.35%. The employer’s satisfaction with graduates reached 97.2%. In January 2017, China Science Evaluation Research Center, Wuhan University China Education Quality Evaluation Center, and China Science and Education Evaluation Network carried out a comprehensive evaluation of 1,346 vocational colleges and universities in the country, and jointly released the 2017 China Higher Vocational Colleges. School Competitiveness Ranking> Top 600. The school ranks 382th in the country and 6th in Yunnan Province.

Lijiang Teachers College presides over 251 scientific research projects at various levels, including 3 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 1 project of the National Art Fund, 8 projects of the Yunnan Province Applied Basic Research Project, 10 projects of the Yunnan Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, and the National 1 item of Sports Philosophy and Social Science Research Project of the General Administration of Sport, and 1 item of Special Tasks of Ideological and Political Theory Course of Humanities and Social Sciences Colleges of the Ministry of Education The national and provincial scientific research projects awarded by the school are among the top universities in the province. He has published 150 textbooks and monographs, published 2366 academic papers, won 51 scientific research awards above the municipal department level, and obtained 6 patents. In addition, school teachers provided 99 consulting reports for industry and enterprise technology application and technology innovation, reaching 1.68% of the school’s student size, and the adoption rate was 100%. Launched the “Lijiang Teachers College Academic Forum”, opened a branch venue of “Yunling Grand Forum”, and invited well-known domestic experts to enter the school for nearly 100 academic lectures.

Lijiang Teachers College conducts international exchanges and campus cooperation. Focusing on international exchanges and cooperation, it has hired two foreign teachers all year round, and has always recruited foreign language students from Europe, America and Asia. Establish cooperative relationships with universities and educational institutions in the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and jointly carry out academic exchanges, mutual employment of teachers, and cross-cultural learning exchange activities for students. Give full play to the school’s advantages in personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, and keep close contact with local government departments, enterprises, and scientific research institutions, and carry out all-round cooperation in education, science and technology, economics, culture, and tourism. At the same time as actively expanding the resources for running schools, we will continue to increase the school’s contribution to local economic and social development. Co-established the “Alpine Resource Plants Joint Research Laboratory” and “Lijiang Alpine Herbarium” with the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences; approved the establishment of the Yunnan-Chinese bilingual teacher training base by the Provincial Department of Education; approved by the relevant departments of the municipal party committee and government Established Lijiang Economic Development Research Center, Lijiang New University Think Tank, Lijiang Teacher Development Center; cooperated with InterContinental Hotels Group to build a “talent training college”; and cooperated with Wuhan Weichuang Juying Co., Ltd. to build an “Internet College” .

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the school will adhere to the school orientation of “based on Lijiang, serve northwestern Yunnan, and face Yunnan”, adhere to the development strategy of “misplaced competition, connotative development, and characteristic school development,” and serve regional economic and social development as its mission , Insist on teacher education reform and innovation, take improving the quality of running a school as the core, comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform of education, optimize the discipline structure, strengthen the talent team, vigorously implement the project of innovation and strengthening the school, continuously improve the level of running schools and the quality of education, and strive to become a feature A distinctive and influential local applied normal undergraduate college.


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