Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry


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Introduction to Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry

Fashionable Dalian, a romantic city-Dalian is an important economic, trade, port, industrial and tourist city along the eastern coast of China. It is a Northeast Asia international shipping center, international logistics center, and regional financial center, tourist city and livable city, were rated as “international garden city”, “China’s best tourist city”, “national model city for environmental protection”.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry (辽宁轻工职业学院) with a history of 50 years of vocational education, and Jinpu New District of Dalian, where economic development is changing rapidly. Her predecessor was the Vocational and Technical College of Dalian University of Technology. In August 2012, with the approval of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, the college was set up independently, and the Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry was established. It is the only light vocational college in Liaoning and the Northeast region, and the only provincial-owned public college in Dalian. Vocational colleges. In 2015, the college entered the ranks of provincial demonstration schools.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry belongs to the Education Department of Liaoning Province. It covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters, with a total construction area of nearly 140,000 square meters. There are currently more than 6,600 full-time students. There are 100 professional studios and 100 teaching and training rooms. There are 200 professional out-of-school internship training bases and graduate post training bases. The library has more than 400,000 paper books and a total value of more than 53 million yuan for various teaching instruments and equipment.

After many years of teaching reform and practice, the Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry has gradually formed a school running philosophy of “appropriate scale, distinctive features, outstanding advantages, and first-class quality”. 2. The strategy for the development and opening of the Liaoning coastal economic belt, according to the regional economic development and urban development characteristics of Liaoning Province and Dalian City, targeted adjustment of professional structure, clear training direction, bold education and teaching reform, and cultivated a large number of high-quality technical skills for the country Talents have become a training base for advanced vocational talents in the light industry and consumer industries in Liaoning Province.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry currently has six departments and two departments. That is, the Department of Textiles and Clothing, the Department of Art Design, the Department of Economics and Trade Management, the Department of Aviation Services, the Department of Computers, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Basic Education and the Department of Physical Education. Established clothing and apparel design, fashion design and craftsmanship, character design, marketing (garment brand management), fashion show, textile inspection and trade, environmental art design, digital media art design, visual communication design and production, art design, architecture Interior Design, Business English, Business Japanese, Travel Management, Hotel Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Leisure Services and Management, Customs Declaration and International Freight, Chain Management, Mobile Commerce, Flight Attendance, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Electrical Automation Technology, Electronics Information engineering technology, numerical control technology, mold design and manufacturing, mechatronics technology, industrial robotics technology, digital media application technology, computer network technology, software technology, Internet of things application technology, mobile internet application technology, etc. There are 34 majors in the four major categories, and five major professional groups have been formed in the fields of textiles and garments, artistic creativity, modern services, electronic information, and advanced manufacturing. Among them, the major of fashion design and technology has been rated as a national advanced higher vocational education pilot major, fashion and apparel design, fashion design and technology, digital media art design, environmental art design, digital media application technology, computer network technology, numerical control technology, hotel Eight majors such as management were rated as higher vocational education demonstration or brand (characteristic) majors in Liaoning Province. These majors are in a leading position among similar institutions in the province and have a high influence.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry currently has 373 faculty members and 296 full-time teachers, including 71 professors and associate professors. At present, there are 3 provincial teaching teachers, 5 provincial professional leaders, 2 provincial young backbone teachers, 2 provincial young education and scientific research backbone teachers, 2 provincial outstanding teaching teams, and the top 10 national costume pattern makers. Person, 1 national young fashion designer, 12 top 10 fashion designers and 10 best typists in Liaoning Province, 2 top 10 fashion designers in Dalian, and 4 top 10 clothing design achievement awards in Dalian. The college has 1 training base construction project supported by central finance, 3 innovative training base construction projects financed by Liaoning Province, 1 training base construction project supported by Liaoning Development and Reform Commission, and quality improvement plan of modern vocational education in Liaoning Province. 3 projects; 12 provincial-level excellent courses; 32 provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards; presided over 83 education reform projects above the provincial level; 4 garment consumption unit consumption standards passed the appraisal by the General Administration of Customs and the National Development and Reform Commission; Liaoning 1 third prize for scientific and technological progress in quality and technical supervision; 1 third prize for economic research achievements of the China Textile Industry Federation; 1 scientific research project participated in the second prize of the Ministry of Education’s technological invention award, 1 first prize of science and technology in Liaoning Province 137 product research and development, design and technical service projects for enterprises; 14 patents of various types; 20 national quality teaching materials, provincial quality teaching materials and national planning textbooks edited by teachers; 89 coursewares produced by teachers and students Winners of provincial-level courseware competitions, including 1 national first prize, 11 second prizes, and 10 third prizes.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry has 403 students who have won prizes at provincial level or above. Among them, they have won the first prize of the national competition and 30 gold prizes. Our clothing students have won the team championship for 7 consecutive years in the provincial and municipal clothing college competitions held by the Dalian Fashion Festival, achieving “seven consecutive championships”. It has obtained nearly 40 vocational skill competition group awards at various levels, including the “National Information Technology Application Level Competition Special Organization Award” and “Liaoning Vocational College Skills Competition Special Contribution Award”.

Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry’s school characteristics and overall strength have been widely recognized by the society. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has averaged over 96%, and has been awarded the National Youth Entrepreneurship Education 2010 Advanced Collective and National College Student Volunteers. Summer “Three Going to the Countryside” Social Practice Advanced Unit, Liaoning Civilized Campus, Liaoning Province Safe Campus, Environmentally Friendly School, Liaoning Province Garden-style Unit, Liaoning Province University Graduate Advanced Employment Work Group, Liaoning Province Outstanding Talent Training College awards, civilized cafeterias in colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, advanced grassroots units in ideological and political education for college students, etc.


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