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Introduction to Leshan Normal University

Leshan Normal University (乐山师范学院, website) is located in Leshan City, where the world’s natural and cultural heritage is located, the best tourist destination in China, and the hometown of the world’s cultural celebrity Guo Moruo. , Dadu River in the south, Mount Emei in the west, and Green Heart in the north. From 1938 to 1946, the National Wuhan University had operated here for eight years.

Leshan Normal University was founded in 1978. With the approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2000, it was merged and upgraded from the former Leshan Teachers College and Leshan Education College to Sichuan Province’s ordinary undergraduate colleges. In 2006, he passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education and obtained a good grade. In 2012, it was included in the “East University Counterparts Supporting Western Universities Program” by the Ministry of Education, and was supported by Wuhan University.

Leshan Normal University covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres, with a construction area of 433,000 square meters. The library has 18.435 million paper books (publications) and 9.21 million electronic books (publications). It has 48 databases. 170 million yuan. At present, there are more than 18,000 full-time regular college students, more than 120 students with academic qualifications, more than 1,380 faculty members, nearly 500 senior titles, more than 280 doctoral degrees, one national excellent teacher, two provincial teachers and teachers, and provincial teaching 4 famous teachers, 6 experts enjoying government subsidies of the State Council, 2 middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions in Sichuan, 5 academic and technical leaders in Sichuan, 15 academic and technical leaders in Sichuan, and various candidates in Leshan 50 top-notch talents. More than 80 teachers work as part-time doctoral and master tutors in Wuhan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan Normal University, and Southwest University.

Leshan Normal University has 18 teaching colleges and 60 undergraduate majors, covering liberal arts, science, engineering, teaching, economics, management, law, agriculture, and arts. It has built a national-level professional comprehensive reform project, a national-level teacher education resource sharing course, a national-level college student off-campus practical education base, and more than 350 national-level university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training projects. 10 provincial-level education system and mechanism reform pilot projects, 12 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform projects have been approved, and 6 provincial-level application-oriented demonstration majors, 6 provincial-level “first-class majors”, 7 provincial-level specialty majors, 22 provincial quality courses, 21 provincial quality resource sharing courses, 8 provincial quality online open courses, 10 provincial application demonstration courses, 4 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration courses, 2 provincial teaching teams , 5 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center projects, 2 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental areas, and 11 provincial-level “excellent plan” projects.

Leshan Normal University currently has 2 provincial key research bases in philosophy and social sciences, 1 provincial social science popularization base, and 1 provincial key laboratory. There are 3 provincial key laboratories, 2 key provincial humanities and social science research bases, 1 provincial heritage tourism key research base, and 2 provincial university engineering research centers. There are 25 school-level research institutions and 2 school-level key laboratories. Hosted academic journals such as “Journal of Leshan Teachers College”, “Guo Moruo Academic Journal” and “Basic Education Forum”. He has won more than 50 national philosophy, social science and natural science fund projects and more than 300 provincial, ministerial, and municipal scientific research awards since his graduation, including 30 awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Sichuan and 4 awards for scientific and technological progress in Sichuan. It has prominent features in Guo Moruo’s research, Su Shi’s research, tourism research, world heritage protection, and enzyme-like catalytic research.

Leshan Normal University has won the National Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards for four consecutive years, including one national special award, one first award, and two second awards, and it has won 32 provincial teaching awards since its promotion. The Moruo Art Troupe of the school won the first prize of the National College Student Art Exhibition for three consecutive years. The school is included in the “Special Education School Construction Planning (Phase 2)” project unit of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, and has a national special education teacher training and training base. There are provincial-level training institutions such as the Sichuan Province Primary and Secondary School Teachers Continuing Education Training Center, Sichuan Special Education Teachers Continuing Education Training Center, and so on. The school has a national postgraduate entrance examination.

Leshan Normal University connects and serves the transformation and upgrading of local economic and social development, with the goal of achieving resource sharing, complementary advantages, and seeking common development, and strengthening school-land cooperation. Carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Leshan Municipal People’s Government and Leshan High-tech Zone, and work closely with the municipal districts (cities and counties) and relevant municipal departments to provide intellectual support for local industries. Proactively build scientific research institutions and resources that reflect Leshan’s characteristics, and focus on the transformation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements. In recent years, it has obtained 491 nationally-authorized patents and 53 copyrights. Remarkable achievements have been made in research and technological transformation of agricultural science and technology such as recycling.

Leshan Normal University adheres to the needs of society and strives to improve the quality of applied and innovative talents. In recent years, the quality of student resources has been steadily improved. Students in the school have achieved outstanding results in national university student mathematical modeling, electronic design, smart cars, teaching skills of normal students, extracurricular academic science and technology works, and college student art performances. Build Leshan (young) college students ‘entrepreneurship incubation base and Leshan college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club. In 2019, the nation’s universities ranked 266 in the evaluation of innovative talent training and discipline competitions.

Leshan Normal University focuses on international exchanges and cooperation in education. Established friendly and cooperative relations with 42 universities (foreign) higher education or research institutions, such as Stockholm University of Sweden, University of Czech Republic, Palatsky University, Swansea University, etc. And other activities.

Leshan Normal University always adheres to the concept of love education, implements the school motto of “honesty, self-reliance and dedication,” and promotes the musician spirit of “being the first and being perfect”. Graduates trained by the school are active in the frontline of basic education, and a large number of well-known teachers and experts have emerged, including the national “10,000 People Program” teaching masters, the “Ma Yun Village Teacher Award”, outstanding principals and special teachers of primary and secondary schools. Virtue and outstanding achievements, continue to expand and deepen the cultural foundation and spiritual blood of “musicians.”

Leshan Normal University has a good social reputation and extensive social influence both inside and outside the province. It has successively won “National Model Schools for the Standardization of Languages and Letters”, “National Advanced School for Art Education”, “National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”, “Provincial Civilization Unit”, “Sichuan Provincial Advanced Unit “,” May 1 Labor Award of Sichuan Province “and other honors, was awarded” Sichuan Province Rural Tourism Practical Talent Development Demonstration Unit “,” National Western Tourism Specialized Personnel Training Demonstration Unit “” Sichuan Province Governing School Demonstration School “” Sichuan Province Advanced collective for graduates of ordinary colleges and universities. ”

Facing the future, Leshan Normal University strives to build the school into a “provincial first-class university” during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, with high-level, multidisciplinary, and application-oriented universities with distinctive teacher education characteristics.


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