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Lanzhou Vocational Technical College


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Introduction to Lanzhou Vocational Technical College

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College (兰州职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general higher vocational college affiliated to the Lanzhou Municipal Government. There are 3 campuses, including the main campus, Yan’er Bay campus and Taolin campus, covering an area of 462 mu. There are 11 departments and 3 teaching departments. There are more than 10,000 students, 746 faculty members, and 261 teachers with deputy or higher titles, including 285 doctoral and graduate students. With the approval of the Gansu Provincial Government, the Gansu Institute of Industry and Commerce Technicians was established on the college. In June 2019, with the college as the lead unit, the “Gansu Preschool Education Vocational Education Group” was established, and the College and the Gansu Cultural Property Exchange Center were the joint lead units to form the “Gansu Cultural Industry Vocational Education Group”.

The college party committee attaches great importance to party building, holds up the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guides Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and implements the national vocational education reform implementation plan. The college adheres to party leadership and connotative development, attaches importance to ideological work and the construction of a clean and honest government, builds a standardized grass-roots party organization, and implements the teacher’s party branch secretary “double leader” training project. There are currently 14 party branches and 49 party branches. .

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College professional construction is closely integrated with the market and corporate development needs. CNC technology, preschool education is a national backbone specialty; CNC technology, preschool education, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, animation design and production technology, and logistics management are five majors Provincial backbone majors; 3 majors such as mold design and manufacturing, e-commerce, animation design and production are provincial education reform pilot majors; 3 majors in numerical control technology, animation design and production, and automobile inspection and maintenance technology are provincial specialty majors; There are 7 provincial-level teaching teams including photovoltaic power generation technology and application teams, automotive inspection and maintenance technology teams, and CAD / CAM application technology teams. 7 provincial-level excellent courses such as “Automotive Electronic Control Technology” have been completed, and 4 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses such as automobile engine structure and principle have been completed. Comprehensive logistics training, courseware production 2 provincial online courses. Won 12 provincial teaching achievement awards such as “Relying on the school-enterprise-university-research cooperation platform to build a photovoltaic specialty model”. The college has 9 pilot disciplines of “1 + X certificate” such as logistics management, with the number among the top in the province. The college also established the first intangible cultural heritage college in the province to focus on cultivating non-hereditary inheritors with a new era of craftsmanship and innovation and entrepreneurship.


Lanzhou Vocational Technical College currently has more than 100 on-campus training centers including mechanical engineering, automotive technology, biopharmaceuticals, animation design, logistics technology, pre-school education, electronic information, solar photovoltaic, etc. A training building of nearly 30,000 square meters has been completed. The mechanical engineering training center, the automobile sheet spray training center, and the food engineering training center are three national training centers for productive training. The solar photovoltaic building application demonstration project has been identified by the International Solar Energy Research Institute as a solar technology demonstration and international training practice base.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College has cooperated with well-known companies such as BOSCH (Germany), Matt Pentium, Festo (China), BASF, Mercedes-Benz, Lukested and other well-known companies. The construction of automobile majors and the training and training of talents, and the information security and management majors have become the first majors under the first-level cyberspace security discipline set up by Gansu Province in higher vocational colleges. In November 2019, Lanzhou Cyber Security College settled in the college.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College explores the talent training model of school-enterprise cooperation and work-study integration, implements the “first-in-charge” responsibility system for student employment, and advocates “decent employment” for students. Group, Shenzhen Ensmaier, Federal Pharmaceuticals, Gansu Zijin and more than 100 companies cooperated to establish off-campus training and employment bases and order classes, which promoted the development of students’ professional quality and vocational ability, and maintained high employment rates for students.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College attaches great importance to practical teaching, focusing on the cultivation and improvement of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. The Digital Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology Collaborative Innovation Center is a national-level application technology collaborative innovation center; Digital Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology collaborative innovation center, and nutrition and health The food R & D and production application technology collaborative innovation center is the provincial application technology collaborative innovation center. The college actively organizes students to participate in professional skills competitions to promote teaching, competition to promote learning, and competition to promote reform. In the past three years, more than 500 students have competed in national vocational college skills competitions, national skills competitions for world skills competitions, and national college student electronics. National, provincial and other professional skills competitions such as competitions, national numerical control skills competitions, national university student robotics competitions, national 3D competitions, national university students’ advertising art competitions, and “challenge cup” university student skills competitions. “People’s Daily”, Xinhuanet, People’s Network, “China Education News”, China Education Television and other media from more than 10 national, provincial and municipal levels reported more than 180 times. The college won the first prize of the higher vocational group in the province’s vocational college teacher skills competition in 2019. The 5th China “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition won the gold medal in the national finals. This is the first time that Gansu universities have won the gold medal in the national finals of the competition.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College tightly seizes the development opportunities of higher vocational education, and according to the economic and social development in the west, makes full use of the advantages of resources such as teachers, majors, and teaching conditions to actively integrate into the society, enhance social service capabilities, and improve the college’s social reputation. Teachers of the college have participated in technical innovation projects of school-enterprise cooperative enterprises for many times, processing high-precision parts for China Aerospace 510, China Aviation Lanfei General Factory, Lanzhou Ruide Electromechanical Company, and Lanzhou Shenyu Precision Instrument Company. Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has set up a college student entrepreneurial incubation park in the college, and the college has established a college student maker salon and a provincial public creation space to provide a broad platform for students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

The college is the first batch of “education informatization construction pilot units” by the Ministry of Education. The college’s informatization construction and digital campus construction have achieved staged results. The “Wisdom Orchid” has been put into operation, realizing efficient, fast people, finances, things and things management.

The college attaches great importance to talent team construction. Based on the construction of teacher ethics, we vigorously promote the construction of a “double-skilled” teacher team, focus on training professional leaders and backbone teachers, and actively build a scientific and reasonable teaching echelon. With the promotion of professional quality and professional skills as the core, promoting the spirit of great country craftsmen, 9 “Master Studios” have been established. More than 70 teachers of the college have won the “May 1st” Labor Medal, Model Workers, Gardener Teachers, Excellent Teachers, Excellent Educators, Jincheng Cultural Masters, “Chief Experts” and “Young Experts” in Lanzhou. In the past three years, the college has undertaken 6 provincial research projects, 64 prefecture-level research projects, carried out 95 research projects at the college level, and published 113 academic books. Published 583 papers in provincial academic journals.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College attaches great importance to the construction of campus culture and spiritual civilization. Persist in integrating campus culture and spiritual civilization construction into the overall work, integrate it into the education and teaching reform and development, combine the long-term planning of civilization construction with staged goals, carry out healthy personality education, and build a moral education system with Lanzhou characteristics. Build the campus culture brand of the “Lanzhe Lecture Hall”, implement the “Double Hundred Project” of campus culture, continuously carry out university student personality education activities such as “college students’ anti-frustration education” and “filial piety culture education”, a series of publicity activities on socialist core values, and the “Chinese dream” Series of activities, “Campus Culture Festival”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Month”, College Students’ Mental Health Festival, College Student Community Culture Festival, Dormitory Culture Month, Volunteer Service Lanzhou International Marathon, Protection of Mother River Charity Activities and other colorful campus culture and spirit Civilization construction activities, focusing on building a civilized campus. The college also closely follows the ideological reality of college students, and cooperates with a certain reserve in Gansu to establish a car company and an industrial chemical company to innovate and build a “military culture cultural integration” education model.

Lanzhou Vocational Technical College is a provincial high-quality higher vocational college, and has won honorary titles such as “National Civilized Unit” and “National Advanced Unit in Vocational Education”.


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