Lanzhou University of Arts and Science

Lanzhou University of Arts and Science


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Introduction to Lanzhou University of Arts and Science

Lanzhou University of Arts and Science (兰州文理学院, website) is a general undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education in 2013. Its predecessor was the Gansu Institute of Education established in 1950 and the Gansu United University founded in 1985. In 2011, the Gansu Art School was incorporated. The school is one of the first batch of pilot universities in Gansu Province for transformation and development, a training base for non-hereditary groups of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the National “Innovative Experimental Project on the Integration of Production and Education in Higher Education” of the Ministry of Education Planning Center.

The university is located in Lanzhou, an important node city of the Silk Road Economic Belt. The Three Thousand Miles Silk Road, the 8,000-year-old Chinese civilization, Gansu’s strategic location advantage of linking east and west, connecting North and South, and colorful and splendid natural human resources provide unique and rich resources for school education. Huge and vast development space.

Lanzhou University of Arts and Science currently has the Faculty of Arts, the School of Fine Arts and Design, the School of Music and Dance, the Vocational College of Art (Gansu Art School), the School of Tourism, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Media Engineering, the School of Digital Media, Marx School of Education, College of Education, College of Foreign Languages, College of Social Sports, College of Chemical Engineering and other 14 teaching units. There are more than 11,000 students, including more than 7,800 undergraduates and 25 foreign students.

The university has 3 provincial key disciplines such as Chinese language and literature, tourism management, and applied chemistry. There are Chinese language and literature, majors in drama, film and television literature, cultural industry management, environmental design, visual communication design, drama and film art design, music performances, dance performances, tourism management, hotel management, financial management, investment science, asset evaluation, journalism, Radio and television, digital publishing, broadcasting and hosting arts, electronic information engineering, radio and television engineering, communication engineering, digital media technology, digital media art, software engineering, data science and big data technology, ideological and political education, mathematics and applied mathematics, 31 undergraduate majors including preschool education, translation, social sports guidance and management, applied chemistry, materials science and engineering, involving 8 disciplines including literature, engineering, art, management, economics, law, education, science Formed a discipline and professional system focusing on tourism, media, and art majors, and coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as literature, art, management, and engineering.

Lanzhou University of Arts and Science has the Gansu Province Animation Engineering Technology Research Center, the Cooperative Innovation Center for Traditional Chinese Opera Talent Training and Stage Development, the Northwest National Culture and Tourism Development Research Center, the Zhongta Culture Research and Exchange Center, and the Key Laboratory of New Chemical Materials Wait for 5 provincial scientific research platforms, 3 cultural and tourism strategic think tanks, 2 scientific and technological innovation teams, and the Gansu Tourism Think Tank Secretariat is located in the school. In recent years, teachers have completed 231 scientific research projects at or above the department (bureau) level, including 12 projects of the National Art Fund, National Social Science Fund, and National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 58 provincial and ministerial projects. 55 items, 65 patents and software copyrights were authorized, and 1622 papers were published in academic journals above the provincial level, of which 222 papers were published in core journals and above; 5 works won the “Dunhuang Literature and Art Award”, the highest prize of literature and art in Gansu Province.

The university has 822 faculty members, including 562 full-time teachers, 263 teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 46.8% of full-time teachers, and teachers with master’s degree or above account for 75.8% of full-time teachers. The school implements the Yanyuan Talent Project, combining external and internal training, and introducing a group of outstanding talents with high academic qualifications and high professional titles. Hire 12 industry leaders such as national arts and crafts masters, famous book painters, famous writers, and opera “Plum Blossom Award” winners. Experts in the school have hired more than 70 high-level talents in various industries and disciplines as special professors. Select key teachers to visit well-known universities in the country or visit more than 10 countries including the United States, Britain, and Canada to conduct studies and conduct academic exchanges. Among the teachers, two teachers were selected as members of the new Higher Education Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and one teacher received a national model teacher and was cordially received by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Lanzhou University of Arts and Science adheres to the strategy of open development and actively serves the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Carry out strategic cooperation with various cities and prefectures in Gansu Province and multiple prefectures and cities in Xinjiang; sign agreements with Lanzhou University to support the transformation and development of our school, and carry out multi-faceted cooperation and exchanges with schools such as Renmin University of China and Tongji University; with Tajikistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, More than 10 universities in Iran and other countries carry out cooperation and exchanges in such fields as scientific research and personnel training.

Facing the future, Lanzhou University of Arts and Science will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to comprehensively implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu. Adhere to the “education-oriented, moral education first, knowledge and action integration, comprehensive development; adhere to the application-oriented, integration of production and education, apply what they have learned, serve the place; adhere to the demand-oriented, follow the connotative, differentiated, characteristic development path” Ideas for running schools, training high-quality application-oriented talents with comprehensive social development, moral, intellectual, artistic, and practical abilities, with a sense of social responsibility, humanistic sentiment, innovation, and practical ability, and working hard to build the school into a local application-oriented university with distinctive regional influence characteristics .


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