Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies

Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies

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Introduction to Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies

Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies (兰州外语职业学院, website), established in 1998, is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education for national admissions. The total number of students in the school is more than 7,997, and the school conditions are excellent.

Based on extensive and in-depth investigations, Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies has formulated a number of special plans such as the “Longzhou Foreign Language Vocational College Professional Construction Mid- and Long-Term Development Plan (2015-2025)”, teachers, and school conditions, and launched the Lanzhou New District. Significant results have been achieved in the construction of the new campus, the “dual teacher” teacher cultivation project, the teaching quality improvement project, the graduate employment protection project, the college information construction project, and the campus safety and logistics service quality project. In June 2009, it passed the evaluation of talent training by the Ministry of Education; in May 2012, it obtained a 5A level in the standardized assessment of social organizations in the Gansu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs; in December 2015, it passed the professional spot checks of the Gansu Provincial Department of Education.

Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies has 7 teaching units, offering applied English, applied Arabic, financial management, computerized accounting, legal affairs, hotel management, dance performances, international business, computer application technology, animation design and production, etc. There are more than 80 professional teaching bases and internship training bases for each major (direction). According to the college’s professional construction development plan (2015-2025), the college will have eight secondary colleges in the future: namely the college of education, the college of arts, the college of business administration, the college of accounting and finance, the college of public management, the college of information technology, and the college of health management and service School of Transportation and Transportation; there are 7 major categories: education and sports, culture and arts, finance and commerce, public administration and services, electronic information, medicine and health, and transportation, with a total of 42 majors (directions).

Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies continues to cultivate school characteristics, and the quality of talent training continues to improve. In major foreign affairs and economic and trade activities such as the “Gansu Lanzhou Asian Cooperation Dialogue · Silk Road Pragmatic Cooperation Forum”, the college sent students to undertake services such as reception of foreign guests, which was highly appraised by the event organizers and all walks of life. It has won more than 30 important awards in the National Oral English Contest and other competitions for many consecutive years, and its achievements have been recognized by the society.


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